Рыцары правінцыі - Alpha 8

Я рады паведаміць, што рыцары правінцыі Альфа 8 была выпушчаная сёння, і даступны для загрузкі з вэб-сайта гульні - knightsprovince.com

Альфа-8 Скрыншот

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  1. Hi. Just letting you know that for a while as I clicked on this website’s link through google it redirected to some shady PDF reader altenrative. Upon clicking on the secondary link “KaM Remake Development Blog” it all went away and never appeared again. This was a week ago.

    The website may have been compromised?

    • Thanks for reporting!

      Could you please describe exact steps to reproduce the problem? It seems to be working right now and without knowing the steps it would be impossible to reproduce/lookup/solve.

      • I cant reproduce it, I have done nothing but click on the google link “KaM Remake – Knights and Merchants Remake”. This no longer causes issues though.

  2. NightKnight_CZ

    Same problem as Fingrapyro

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