Раней у гэтым годзе, даўні член KaM супольнасць Цёмны Лорд інтэрв'ю нам пра КАМ Remake для артыкула аб KaM.net. Сёння было апублікавана інтэрв'ю вы можаце прачытаць тут:


Гэты сайт таксама змяшчае цікавую інфармацыю аб развіцці Кам Remake, так што чытайце раздзел Гісторыя развіцця, калі вы зацікаўленыя.

P.S. Валанцёры цяпер абнаўлення пераклады маючым адбыцца выпуску KaM Remake, і мы мацавання апошнія некалькі памылак. Абнаўленне плануецца выпусціць на працягу 2 тыдняў. Просім прабачэння за затрымку, амерыканскія распрацоўшчыкі былі занятыя сваёй асабістай жыцця і не быў у стане не прысвяціць шмат часу на праект да гэтага часу.

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  1. Hi guys,

    the advantage of your project is that it is so well established already. Previous versions run very smoothly (at least for me …^^) so waiting for the new release is not a such heavy burden. What I like to know is, if the upcoming version will be some kind of ‘patch’ or if it has to be a delete and reinstall of the programm. Aside of that, keep up the good work you are doing here.

    • Thanks for asking!

      Upcoming version will be a usual “big” version. Meaning that it is a whole build, not a patch.


  2. Thanks for the efforts you all put into this project!

  3. I love how dedicated you guys are to this project. Hopefully we will some some newer stuff in the future, but besides that, I can’t wait for this newer version, finally sit back and relax and enjoy some time against the AI. Is there any other things listed that might be coming out? new houses, units etc? Just asking, I was told before that you guys want to keep to the original and follow a lot of TSK version. But it doesn’t hurt to ask lol.

    • Hi Martin,
      There are not many gameplay changes, as you said we are trying to keep it similar to the original game and improve aspects like multiplayer and modding/mapping.

      Multiplayer improvements include spectators, file transfers and voting to return to the lobby (to allow replacement players to join). Singleplayer improvements include new maps and new campaigns. There’s also some general improvements like a rally point for the barracks.

  4. I read the article and was thinking about the townhall and this chest-spamming. Is it possible for you to make the costs for every unit from there to 6 (so theese units are not producable with only putting 5 chests max into it, right?) except the barbarian who is put to 5 chests. With that the player still is forced to produce leather or iron for ranged units but the barbarian would be available to be produced. And maybe a new house, where the barbarian (at that point fresh from townhall still no army unit, maybe a farmer-like unit appearance) would collect his 2 axes (for one two-bladed axe) he needs. In theory quite interesting I think, but is that doable?

    • Balance is only one part of the problem. As we said in the interview, we don’t think the townhall fits well into the KaM economy/gameplay, and we like barbarians being “special” warriors which cannot be produced by the player.

      • Do you at least consider to give peasant allies in general the ability to recrut a barbarian once in a while instead of only militia, like it is done (scripted?) in Vas’ campaign ‘The federation of Neryn’ in Mission 5.

  5. Jest nareszcie nowa wersja! Jupi!

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