Штомесячны архіў: Жнівень 2013 года

Памылка ў місіі тск 18

We have received a number of bugreports since release about mission 18 being impossible to win because AI would send swarms of soldiers to players base. We have checked the mission and indeed there’s a bug. I’ve just sent everyone who has reported the bug in past month a fixed script, if the fix will be accepted we will upload it to the public.

Тэхнічная інфармацыя для картографаў:
The bug appeared since prior to r4179 AI attacks would copy missing properties from previous attack, but after r4179 the attacks are initialized with zeroes each time. This means that in order to be working properly the attacks need to have all fields listed explicitly. The most affected field is the attack delay – it will be set to 0 instead of copying previous attack value.