Currently active servers

Germany [GER/EU] GNet KaM88.198.51.122
Netherlands Official KaM Remake Server145.131.4.2481
Russia [RUS/EU] XEON_CPU_SERVER95.31.33.591
China CN SERVER Server unreachable124.220.229.140
Czech Republic Jihlava Server213.226.225.1090
Poland KaM Remake Server83.6.167.50
Russia KaM Remake Server Server unreachable83.246.244.1690
China KaM Remake Server Server unreachable1.15.151.870
France [FR] [Mix]
Poland [PL] [Hard]
France [PL] [Noob]
Brazil [BR] Low Ping-South America189.18.23.2220
United States [BR] Pomerode KaM Remake Server168.138.140.1220
Germany [DE] IchbinkeinRehs KaM Server89.58.6.170
Germany [GER] SH4Y Server KaM [GER]
France [EU] HollisHost82.66.28.1030
United States [FRA] Shadow's Server129.151.234.100
United States [USA] Shadow's Server150.136.58.1300
Russia [RUS] Shadow's Server185.209.29.1990

This list refreshes automatically every 30 seconds.

Server unreachable

Servers which show the icon next to the IP address could not be queried. This usually means the firewall for the server is not set up correctly. You must forward the port (56789 by default) through your router to your computer running the server and allow the server through any firewalls running on your computer. For more information and instructions visit

Statistics for past 24 hours

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Daily average for past 30 days

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Daily average for past year

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Daily average for past four years

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Top 20 maps in the current release

This feature has been exploited by certain map authors to make their maps appear more popular than they actually are by sending fake statistics. So unfortunately we have been forced to disable this feature.

Acknowledgements: The graph was created using RGraph. The server flags are from famfamfam and the IP to country conversion uses the free IP to Country database by Webnet77.