There are many ways you can contribute to this project.

Find and report bugs: If you see any errors or mistakes while playing please report it to us. If the game asks you to send us a crash report, please do so. This helps us find and fix bugs.

Beta testing: We need players to test new releases before we make them publicly available and report any crashes or mistakes they find. If you want to help us beta test please send us an email.

Host a multiplayer server: For online multiplayer to work we require servers around the world for games to be played on. The dedicated server binaries are available for Windows and Linux. (32/64 bit) If you have access to a server that is running 24/7 then please consider running a KaM Remake server.

Improve the website translations: Our website translations come from Google Translate by default, but can be corrected by users. If you would like to improve your native translation please contact us!

Create a new translation: If your language is not available in the KaM Remake yet you can create the translation yourself and have it included in the official releases! Please email us about this before you start so we can send you proper instructions and make sure there are not two people creating the same translation.

Give us feedback: We’d love to know what you think about the project and any suggestions you might have.

Donate: Visit our donations page

NOTE: For a more detailed and up to date list of things needing to be done, please check out our Contributions Wiki Page on GitHub.

Join the team

The KaM Remake was built by enthusiasts and we are always looking for motivated people to join our team. If you think you fit one of the descriptions below, or if you think you can help us in another way, please contact us.

Delphi or Lazarus programmers who are interesting in joining the development team.

Sound artists to create new sound effects for the game, or to find royalty free sounds we can use.

Graphical artists to create new sprites for the game, menus, website, etc.