New release: KaM Remake r6720

After rigorous testing and bugfixing, numerous nightly versions and 5 release candidate versions, the long awaited update to KaM Remake is now available! You can find it on the downloads page.

Blue AI

From this version on we have dropped the “Demo” tag from the title. Now it’s KaM Remake rSomething. The project has matured beyond a demo and into a fully-fledged game which no longer needs “Demo” in the title.

There are too many changes in the new version to list all of them, but here are some of the most significant:


  • Standalone AI significantly improved: now a worthy opponent for moderately skilled players in singleplayer and multiplayer (the screenshot above is a village built by the standalone AI)
  • Unicode support (for Chinese, Japanese and Korean alphabets)
  • File transfers in multiplayer lobby (maps and saves)
  • “Return to lobby” in multiplayer (for rehosting or replacing players who quit)
  • Spectators in multiplayer
  • New languages: Korean, Serbian and Slovenian
  • Two new singleplayer campaigns An Empire Destroyed (by Dicsoupcan) and On Foreign Lands (by Grayter)
  • Many new singleplayer and multiplayer maps


  • Rally point for the barracks (right click)
  • Network system messages are translated
  • More accurate unit selection
  • LAN servers are now automatically detected
  • More dynamic scripts commands
  • Improved performance

And as usual – a host of other smaller improvements and bugfixes. There are also many new heavily scripted missions including RPG adventures, multiplayer co-operative sieges, and even a Snake clone.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to please consider donating to support the future development of the project:

Donate to KaM Remake

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this update through beta testing, map making, scripting, programming, bug reporting, translating or donating. And thanks to the entire Knights and Merchants community for keeping the game alive and strong after all these years.

We hope you enjoy the update! 🙂
Lewin and Krom

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