New release: KaM Remake r6720

After rigorous testing and bugfixing, numerous nightly versions and 5 release candidate versions, the long awaited update to KaM Remake is now available! You can find it on the downloads page.

Blue AI

From this version on we have dropped the “Demo” tag from the title. Now it’s KaM Remake rSomething. The project has matured beyond a demo and into a fully-fledged game which no longer needs “Demo” in the title.

There are too many changes in the new version to list all of them, but here are some of the most significant:


  • Standalone AI significantly improved: now a worthy opponent for moderately skilled players in singleplayer and multiplayer (the screenshot above is a village built by the standalone AI)
  • Unicode support (for Chinese, Japanese and Korean alphabets)
  • File transfers in multiplayer lobby (maps and saves)
  • “Return to lobby” in multiplayer (for rehosting or replacing players who quit)
  • Spectators in multiplayer
  • New languages: Korean, Serbian and Slovenian
  • Two new singleplayer campaigns An Empire Destroyed (by Dicsoupcan) and On Foreign Lands (by Grayter)
  • Many new singleplayer and multiplayer maps


  • Rally point for the barracks (right click)
  • Network system messages are translated
  • More accurate unit selection
  • LAN servers are now automatically detected
  • More dynamic scripts commands
  • Improved performance

And as usual – a host of other smaller improvements and bugfixes. There are also many new heavily scripted missions including RPG adventures, multiplayer co-operative sieges, and even a Snake clone.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to please consider donating to support the future development of the project:

Donate to KaM Remake

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this update through beta testing, map making, scripting, programming, bug reporting, translating or donating. And thanks to the entire Knights and Merchants community for keeping the game alive and strong after all these years.

We hope you enjoy the update! 🙂
Lewin and Krom

94 responses to “New release: KaM Remake r6720

  1. Thank you Lewin and Krom for all the time and effort put into this.

  2. Good stuff,

    are there any servers up for the update? Or doesnt that matter.

  3. Thanks !!!

  4. Thank You guys for your work! I was waiting for it for so so long…

  5. thanks you guys, keep going good work !

  6. Thanks for your great work on this great game!

  7. Heel mooi werk jongens, geweldig! Een vraag: Is het mogelijk om geregistreerd verder te gaan met namen? Nu kunnen bijv trolls oneindig door irritant doen.

  8. Pietro Franchesco

    NICE JOB !!! Amazing !!!!! I LOVE THIS GUYS !!!

  9. Nice one!! Appreciated!

  10. Ich werde die Version gleich mal ausprobieren.

    Ich hätte da noch ein Vorschlag zu machen.
    Die Steinwege kann man die auch irgendwie löschen oder ersetzen falls man zb. dort umbauen will und eine Getreidefarm, oder anderes machen will?

    • Sry… i must translate in Englisch:

      Original Text German:
      Ich werde die Version gleich mal ausprobieren.

      Ich hätte da noch ein Vorschlag zu machen.
      Die Steinwege kann man die auch irgendwie löschen oder ersetzen falls man zb. dort umbauen will und eine Getreidefarm, oder anderes machen will?

      Translate Text Englisch:
      I’ll be the version out for a spin.

      I would have still to make a suggestion.
      The stone paths, you can also delete or replace if you for example anyway. wants to rebuild there and wants to make a grain farm, or else?

  11. On screen enemy got army in village, will he build army and attack us with it?

    • Yes, the standalone AI will build an army and attack 🙂 A few AIs should now be a strong opponent for moderately skilled players.

      Try one of the singleplayer missions from the original game like Across the Desert, Wilderness or Border Rivers.

      Or add some AIs to a multiplayer lobby and select a building map.

  12. There have been so many improvements to the AI since r5503 that I look forward to see how quickly I can beat missions in the TSK campaign in this version! Krom and Lewin, I hope that you guys will benefit from taking on this project even more than you currently anticipate!

  13. Thank you very much!!!

  14. Friggin’ awesome release guys! Always loved the gameplay, but the subsequent adding of more and more options, made this game go from great to brilliant. You guys are GODS! 😀

  15. tx man 🙂

  16. Het dudes, Thanx for all improvements!!! Keep going i love this game very much. The game has a new life… i hope a immortal live 😉


  17. Hi,
    thanks a lot, but i have problem with it. After update to R6720, in my campain, i have all missions locked. I want to continue in campains, not to start from begining.

    Can somebody help me, how to unlock it?

    • Campaign progress is stored in Saves\campaign.dat if I remember correctly. You need to carry over that file from your previous installation path to the new one.

      • Hey! Thx for the great work on this game!
        Unfortunately, moving campaign.dat from the previous patch didn’t work. Also old saves are incompatible 🙁
        I was stuck on TSK20 due to bug in the initial fight and was hoping to continue after this patch but now I have to start over 🙁

        • Savegames are incompatible, that’s right. Campaign.dat should have worked. Maybe you have used a different path? Try searching for campaign.dat on your disk C: – Win could have placed it into a different folder under your user name path.

          • Thx for your reply! Nope, didn’t work for me. It worked before patch, when I would move Campaign.dat and see if the progress disappeared and then moved back again, it would reappear. But not with the last patch. Oh well, gonna play new campaigns instead for now 🙂 Happy New year btw!)

          • Unfortunately that’s a bug in r6720: Campaign progress was not taken from r5503, it was reset 🙁

            You can use cheats to skip past missions though. Press F11 on the keyboard, then Debug -> Debug Cheats. Now you can press “V” to win the current mission. Use that to skip to the mission you were up to. When you finished turn off debug cheats and press F11 to hide the overlay so you don’t accidentally press one of the cheat shortcuts while playing.

  18. I accidentally found this fantastic patch. Thank you.

  19. Very nice work guys, thank you very much for the time that you spend to do this new relase!

  20. Lodewijk Mispelon

    Hi guys,
    I cannot install kam remake, I get the message that the peasants’ rebellion is not installed although it is installed, can you help me?
    All previous releases of kam remake worked…

    • Nothing has changed. KaM Remake verifies you have license copy of TPR installed as it was before. Maybe reinstalling your copy of TPR will help, in case it’s credentials got corrupt/lost.

  21. Lodewijk Mispelon

    It worked, tx!

  22. Hi there!
    Great game I must say, but in this release I have some problems I didn’t encounter in r5503.
    First: When I start game I have visible taskbar at bottom of the screen, and it prevents me to scrool map by putting mouse at edges of screen. I can either change in resolution form “fullscreen” to “window” and back to “fullscreen”, or I can go to the list of authors and click on links, to activate my browser and then activate KaM Remake, and it finally works in true fullscreen, but this is bothersome.
    The second problem was when I tried to load game from main menu saves weren’t showing but instead error appeared. But I changed my WineHQ options from Windows 7 to Windows XP and now it works ok! – If anyone has this second problem of mine try doing as I did. (However in r5503 there was no such problem).
    I have Linux Mint 17 with WineHQ 1.6.2.

    • I’m not sure why that error might be occurring, it’s hard to tell with Wine. Alt-Tab might be enough to fix the taskbar. My only other suggestion is to keep changing the Wine settings to see if that improves it.

  23. Ohh! This is really amazing! Thank you so much!!

  24. Hello Krom and Lewin,

    Since i first played Kam Remake you have made so much development!

    I’m verry proud on you guys moderating this game, and the fact that you still spend your time on this.

    Thank you both for this and who knows What this effort wil bring you in the future:)


  25. I have an issue with campaign Na cizích zemí (O Grayter, Foreign lands?), in the 2nd mission I have killed all enemies, yet I did not win, the game was still on, with nothing left to kill, there is no objective (unless I was supposed to defend myself only, without attacking enemy?)I have spent 3 hours in that mission, not really eager to play it again:S

  26. Hey i have a Problem with the new update… When i downloaded and installed the new update i can not start KAM REMAKE ..

    RUNTIME ERROR 216 at 00409996

    Please help me fast xD

    • Try reinstalling the game and make sure you have latest antivirus software installed and check your PC for viruses. Google search for Error 216 says it could be a trojan.

  27. The update is great! Thanks!


    I am really going to enjoy playing this game without getting out of sink every minute.

  29. Great update! Especially, I enjoy the improved AI player. Hope to see further improvements in later versions…

    Thank you very much for your time and effort! I hope my little donation will help covering your expenses 😉

  30. That’s great update.. multiplayer with friends against AI’s is simply fantastic.
    However can you please take a look at TSK’s mission 5? I think it’s way harder than before. You mustn’t lost at least one ally’s lancer but even first enemy’s attack knocks their quantity to let’s say 2 or 3 and even if i support them with my bowmans, i managed to survive second attack but the third one in about 29:00(before i even managed to buid weapon buildings) finally kicked all my remaining troops and then killed the rest of ally’s troops.. and i tried it more times with different tactics.. on youtube ally kills first wave without any noticeable casualties

  31. WHAT TO DO, when i killed ALL ENEMIES IN 1ST MISSION OF CAMPAIGN ”BROKEN KINGDOM”?? Does anybody have the same problem that he killed that ”unkilledable” wave of enemies?

    • BTW TY for these awesome updates

    • Which campaign are you referring to? The original campaign “The Shattered Kingdom” or the new fan-made campaign “An Empire Destroyed?”. With An Empire Destroyed, you are supposed to be defeated in the first battle in order to progress.

  32. Witam,
    zaktualizowałem wersję Remake z r5503 do r6720. Nie działają mi żadne save`y (niewspierana wersja r5503). Da radę je uruchomić na tej nowej wersji?

    • Saves are not compatible between updates, sorry. You can reinstall the old version (from Download Archives) to a different folder and copy the “Saves” folder there to continue playing them in the old version.

  33. Dear, Levin, help me, new release “War and Peace”, it only needs to buy? and then I downloaded Mirrors and copies of the new release and during installation, it was necessary to have release: peasant uprising, I would sradostyu prioprel, because very hunt to play this wonderful game, but now strained with the money and can not buy. And without release: peasant uprising, vozmozhno whether to install a new release of “War and Peace” Kam Remak r6720? Thanks in advance. Happy New Year to you and all the best to you.

  34. Hi guys, first of all, your work is really amazing! This last update was the one I was waiting more eager!! AI updates are fantastic, and I see many other people were waiting for this too!

    I have some points (TSK campaign), nothing special but:
    – Mission 8 was reeeeeally hard, the first atack was almost impossible to defend. I searched around the foruns and found about distracting some units with an archer. I don’t think abusing AI should be the right way to win, however. I did it, but from there it became so easy I couldn’t believe.
    – Mission 9 was very easy, my biggest problem was space to build, but they almost didn’t atack me. Also I could destroy most towers/buildings with xbows without they coming to defend, unless I atacked some serfs and units in the city.
    – I also found old posts about market in campaign, u saying that it could be added from mission around 7-9. I’m at 11 now, did u implement it on any campaign?

    thats it, thanks for all ur patience, and also sry for my english. I have something to ask but this post is already big enough 🙂

  35. Missions are too hard.. and he gives every time a error if Im playing a mission..
    fix it!

  36. I think mission 20 in TSK is too hard. i tried at least 20 times, but I lose every time. some advice?

  37. How can i download new maps and campaings for KaM Remake?

  38. Hello administrator
    How do I add Traditional Chinese language?
    I can help you translate

  39. Świetna gra! Szkoda że nie ma na Google Play lub APP Store.
    Polecam grę 🙂

  40. thank you all for giving me the chance to enjoy the game again

  41. In the newest release, the script of the 7th mission of Vas’ campaign Federation of Nehryn isn’t working correctly. The initial attack should attempt simultaneously but instead, the west side was attacked and the east side wasn’t. The enemy kept attacking the allied village. And the allied barbarians went on suicide mission at a certain point. The base can’t be defended as a group of horsemen (from the not working assault on the east side at the beginning, I assume) storm it right after and slaughter the xbowmen.

    As I do’t know if the fault has to be fixed by the remake creators or by the campaign builder, please inform whoever feels able to fix it. Thank you.

  42. I don’t know if the remake made it worse, but the light brown enemy (in the north) in the 8. TSK mission is even more stuck than in the basic game. Can you optimise his city a bit. In the last playthroughs some of his units died because of being unable to reach the taverne or the storehouse and they have 2 of each. Described in one word: Chaos.

  43. i love this game

    Hi i wanna say that you should place back that building where you were able to buy troops for gold like barbarians and btw very good game

  44. Спасибо

  45. Can i play fast forwarded in the KAM Remake? Or if i use the fast forward function will it ruin the game like in the previous versions?

    • Fast-Forward never ruined the KaM Remake like it did with TPR. The difference is that in TPR FF function broke the games logic by skipping ticks. But KaM Remake FF function is “honest”, it never skips a game logic tick.

      You can use F5-F6-F7-F8 to change the game speed to x1-x3-x6-x10 accordingly.

  46. Awesome! thanks for making this. I really miss the building where you can buy those barbarians. Is there a possibility of placing this back in some difficult missions like TPR mission 7? 😉


  47. ok guys, i love this game, and i love what your doing with the remake.
    however, i have 1 small issue.
    i have a copy of KaM historical version from steam.
    however, when i try to runt he remake installer, it insists that i do not hav a copy of Kam PR. PR is included in the historical version. so either im doing something wrong, or your installer dosent recignize the steam verson….

  48. yes. even tried running the launcher from the K&M folder. still no dice.
    i have noticed though, at 1 time i had a regulart copy of K&M TPR and it had 2 separate launchers, 1 for SK and 1 for TPR, steam however, has 1 launcher labled TPR which you can access SK and TPR from. not sure if this would make a difference though.
    and ty for the Quick responce.

    • See if you can uninstall everything KaM related and try it once again from scratch by the guide. I don’t have other ideas for – never met such a bug yet.

  49. Still will not work. i even tried renameing the shortcut so that is says ‘knights and merchants the peasants rebellion. that didnt work either.

  50. well, i still cannot get the installer to recognize the steam version.

    • That’s strange, nobody else has reported this problem. I have the Steam version of KaM and the KaM Remake installer detects it correctly. Just to check you have the same version: When you launch KaM from steam does it give you this option to choose which version?

      Please try the following:
      – Verify the game cache of Knights and Merchants in Steam (right click on KaM in your games list, properties, local files, verify integrity of game cache)
      – Next, launch Knights and Merchants from inside Steam (select “Play Knights and Merchants” not “HD Version”, and exit once you reach the menu.
      – Now try running the KaM Remake installer

      I tried that here and it created the correct files and registry entries for KaM Remake to detect it. If it still doesn’t work for you I have some other ideas to try.

  51. ok so, i always play the reg version on steem, not the HD version. ive redownloaded the installer for remake everytime i tried. iv tried uninstalling and reinstalling K&M on steam, ive launched the game, and verified files. and i still get the same notice. i think perhaps this evening i will try reinstalling the game to my main partition and see if that helps. it shoulsne be an issues as steam is indexed corectly but w/e.

  52. ok so.. the issue was that i had steam installed in a separate partition. due to that, the launcher couldnt detect the game. so i uninstalled the game, and reinstalled it to the main partition, launched the game, also installed a shortcut to desktop for good measure, and the installer for remake started working. go figure lol.

    so for w/e reason it wouldnt detect it on a separate partiton on the same harddrive, even though its indexed. which is odd, as thats the first time ive ever had an issue with an installer not being able to detect something in a separate partition.

    • Glad to hear you got it working 🙂

      That’s strange, I have Steam installed on different drive and it works fine for me, so I guess it’s only a problem for different partitions on the same drive. I’ll keep that suggestion in mind in case somebody else has the same problem.

      Enjoy KaM Remake!

  53. Hi guys, my wife loves the game and is trying to play the multiplayer mode but is having some difficulty. I have tried installing the remake however it does not seem to recognise that the original game is installed via steam. I have launched the game a couple of times and also tried the solution that has previously been given – verifying the game cache. It still doesn’t recognise that the original game is installed. I was wondering if we have installed the wrong version of the original game? When I launch the game I am not given the option between ‘Play Knights and Merchants’ or ‘HD version’ the game just launches without asking any questions.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble installing KaM Remake. It sounds like you have a different version of KaM on Steam, my one still offers HD/normal.

      Do you have your steam games installed on a secondary partition/drive? That fixed it for griede (see the comments above) although I’m not sure why.

  54. Hi Lewin,

    Unfortunately not, everything is installed on the same hard drive. Are there any other solutions you could suggest?


    you can make building two gate. because building busy as many slave..kkeee
    fish is grow.

  56. I really like KaM since i was a kid. This remake is awesome!

    Will there be a bigger update in the near future ?
    Maybe the Townhall could make a return ? 🙂

  57. Hi,

    Just wanna say that the AI is now a real challenge, love it because I have to think about new strategies and that is what I like so much.

    By the way, was playing TSK campagne mission 8, can’t manage to survive the wave of barbarians in the beginning, started to think that they might be overpowered against my armies of Axefighters (15 and 12) and Bowmen (20). Or my strategy doesn’t work, that’s an option too.

    Any suggestion about this anyone?

  58. I have a problem since TSK mission 13.. (Kam remake 6720) Namely, the blackSmith workshop doesnt appear after making the Iron mine.. After i finish constructing mines, both armor and weapon workshop icons are still “?”, So i cant build them.. Any clue??

  59. Ima check if smelter is avaible. If it is, then meh, silly me

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