Monthly Archives: October 2012

TeamSpeak Server

UPDATE 23 September 2013: There is a new server address:

Communicating with your allies in multiplayer KaM games is essential. The only problem is that often there is no time to type out a message, you really need to shout out to your ally: “Look out! Move your soldiers!” or something similar, but you are unable to. Well, now there is a solution to this problem! A kind fan by the name of TieSTo has allowed us to use some channels on a TeamSpeak server. TeamSpeak is a program that allows you to enter a channel and talk with everyone in that room at once, either by pressing a key to activate your microphone or having your microphone activate automatically when it detects sound. It’s like Skype in a chat room.
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New release: r4001 5th Multiplayer Demo

The popularity of the KaM Remake continues to grow. In the last release (r3392) we reached over 18,000 downloads, and the number of players online every day is steadily increasing. This is great news and gives us extra motivation to continue development. This latest release includes many exciting new features and we look forward to bringing you more updates after this one. You can get the release from the download page.
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