Q: Is KaM Remake still in active development?

For the latest news about KaM Remake, you can join our Discord. We’ve made quite a progress since our last stable release. If you are interested in all the new features, you can see this video, or download the latest beta from the #new_versions channel.

Q: When is KaM Remake going to be released?

KaM Remake is an ongoing project with many major versions released since 2008. Due to the hobby nature of the development, we don’t have a schedule. The best way to keep up with the newest features is to keep an eye on our Discord, where you’ll be able to find the latest news, specifically in #new_versions channel.

Q: Do you have the source code for KaM TSK or KaM TPR?

No, we don’t have it. Original source code was never released. We have rewritten the entire game from scratch.

Q: Do I need the original KaM to play KaM Remake?

Yes, the installer checks if KaM TPR is currently installed on your machine. If you don’t have it, you can use your CD, or buy the game from GOG or Steam.

Q: Why does KaM Remake not detect the Steam version of KaM?

For KaM Remake to be able to detect the Steam version of KaM, it’s necessary for you to run the game from Steam at least once before you try installing KaM Remake.

Q: Is this a remake of KaM TSK or KaM TPR?

KaM Remake is based on KaM TSK. With the original in mind we also rebalanced and implemented some of the features and new buildings from KaM TPR, which we deemed as working well with the spirit and gameplay of KaM TSK.

Q: Is there a list of changes between KaM Remake and KaM TSK?

Despite our best efforts to keep KaM Remake as close as possible to KaM TSK, the list of changes is huge. Keeping track of all the changes is not possible at this point, but you can check out the #new_versions channel on Discord to see the latest changes.

Q: Where is the Siege Workshop?

Siege weapons are basically a one-shot-kill ranged unit. Players can change the tide of battle with just a couple of them. Because of this balancing issue, we are currently not planning on including siege weapons back to the game.

Q: Where is the Town Hall?

Town Hall was added to the game in the beta. Some tweaks were done to make it more balanced. Not only have the prices changed, but also the amount of gold you can store there has been increased to 999 along with the units being created instantly.

Q: What is the Marketplace?

It’s a building where you can trade one resource for another for a set price based on the value of the resource. The sprites were borrowed and remixed from leaked Alpha of KaM a long time ago.

Q: Why doesn’t fish self-replenish?

Fish is very quick and easy to get. To balance it with other types of food, it was made finite. Because of this, the player has a meaningful choice between different food combinations and can’t exploit fish for an easy and sustainable source of food.

Q: Why isn’t there a button to kill your people?

A button to dismiss your people has been added to the game in the beta. Simply select your unit and click the “Dismiss” button next to the unit’s condition. Dismissed unit will return to school and disappear with no gold refund.

Q: Where can I download more maps for the game?

You can find many maps and even campaigns on Knights Tavern, a website made by our community. Another source of maps is #mapmaking channel on our Discord.

Q: Will you include my map in the game?

If it is a good quality and the community likes it, then we will consider it. You can always share your map with the community on our Discord in the #mapmaking channel or upload it to Knights Tavern.

Q: How do the difficulty settings work and why are they missing from some maps?

Difficulty settings must be implemented into every map by hand, using dynamic scripts. Every author approaches difficulty differently, but most of the time they modify the amount and speed at which the AI recruits soldiers.

Q: What is classic AI?

Classic AI roughly mimics the behavior of the AI from the original game. It is not very smart when building its village and depends entirely on its settings in Map Editor. It is mostly used for taking care of a pre-built city in scenario maps.

Q: What is advanced AI?

Advanced AI is coded by hand, but tuned by genetic algorithm and thousands of simulations. It can’t be influenced by settings in Map Editor much. It’s best used as an opponent for multiplayer games, where it builds a village and launches attacks on enemies.

Q: Will you add an account system for multiplayer?

We have announced some progress on this in our post here. It is being worked on, but such a big feature takes time to think about, write and polish. We expect it will take us time before we finish it.

Q: Will you add Fog of War?

Implementing it would be very hard to balance. KaM wasn’t designed with Fog of War in mind, so it doesn’t fit well with the gameplay. We might add it eventually, but it isn’t something we want to focus on right now.

Q: Will you add constructible walls?

No. In KaM you have to work with the provided terrain and find suitable places to defend. Especially in multiplayer matches this would cause stalemates, where players would not be able to breach into each other’s cities.

Q: Will you add tower limit in multiplayer to stop tower spam?

No. If you play a reasonably long game then the player is unable to make both high quality army and spam towers. Good strategy to counter tower spam is rush it with your militia, it will deplete the towers very quickly and create an entry point for your army.

Q: How can I contribute to KaM Remake development?

You can read all about contributing on our GitHub wiki.

Q: I Have an idea for something you can add!

You can post your ideas on our Discord in the #ideas channel. The community will discuss your idea and present their point of view. The intent of the KaM Remake is to keep the game spirit and gameplay as close as possible to the original, so think carefully about how your idea fits in.

Q: Can I fork the KaM Remake and implement my ideas into it by myself?

Of course, our engine is open-source and you can fork at any time from Github.

Q: What engine do you use for the Remake?

Our custom made engine. We wrote it from scratch specifically and only for KaM Remake. It is made with Delphi and OpenGL.

Q: Can I play KaM Remake on Linux?

KaM Remake works very well with Wine. There should not be any issues when running it, however if there are any, you can always ask around for help on our Discord. If you are not experienced with using Wine, you can also use GUI helper software, such as Lutris or PlayOnLinux.

Q: Can I play KaM Remake on Mac?

Follow the procedure below – it was tested with WS11WineCX64Bit version 22.0.1 and Wineskin, on ARM (M1) Mac.
1. Install the Wineskin Winery
2. Install the WS11WineCX64Bit engine and the Wineskin engine
3. Make a Wineskin named KAMRemake
4. When it starts, first install the Creative OpenAL library from https://www.openal.org/downloads/
5. Install the original KaM
6. Install KaM Remake

Q: Can I play KaM Remake on a smartphone?

We are not planning to add smartphone support, because of the huge UX and UI challenges. Even big studios struggle to make real time strategies work on handheld touch devices. The best way to play on a smartphone right now is to use RDP.

Q: What is next after KaM Remake?

Knights Province is a game written on the same engine as KaM Remake, but in 3D. The project was started around September 2013 and has been in active development ever since. You can download the free Alpha and have a discussion about it on Discord.

Lords of Solgrund is another KaM-inspired project. It’s in active development since 2019. You can check it out on Steam, or join its Discord.