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KaM Remake history. Part 2. Founding

This is the second part of KaM Remake history. The project was founded in March 2008, however there’s no exact date know. How did it happen? Proceed for details inside:

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Unit picking #2

There was a factual mistake in the previous Unit Picking article. Thanks to Lewin for pointing at it. Original KaM did NOT used pixel-perfect unit picking, but what did it used instead?

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Unit picking

In this article I’ll try to explain how the object picking works in KaM Remake, why is it worse than in classic KaM and how it is going to get better in next release. Proceed inside if you are interested … Continue reading

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KaM Remake history. Part 1. Background

How did KaM Remake appeared? I’m going to write a series of articles on that topic. Here’s the first one – about the background. To write this I had to actually dig up some old forum archives and ask few friends … Continue reading

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