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KaM Remake history. Part 3. Early Days

This chapter describes problems we had to solve early in development of KaM Remake. The project was a closely guarded secret for the first few months, we had to make sure we could solve problems before we would announce the … Continue reading

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How simple can be better than well-engineered?

Recent post about undo/redo in Map Editor attracted several comments along the lines “there’s a way to make it more efficient, why don’t you do it that way?” I’ll try to reply in detail inside.

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Adding Unicode support

This is an open-ended article about Unicode in KaM Remake. Easy at it sounds, Unicode is better to have than not. However there are few complications that need to be sorted out and YOUR opinion might help.

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How to design simple undo/redo functionality?

When working with a map editor undo and redo are one of the most useful tools. They allow to correct sudden mistakes and revert wrong decisions. But how hard is it to design a proper undo/redo solution? Let’s see inside:

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