KaM Remake repository is planned to move to GitHub in near future

A few days ago Google announced that Google Code (GC) project hosting is going to be closed (just like many other services Google has closed in the past, like Reader, Wave, Labs, etc..). GC will function as normal till 25 August, after that it becomes read-only and somewhere around December it’s planned to close. That means that KaM Remake needs to migrate to a new project hosting ground. Best one I know of so far is GitHub (GH).

– Migrate repository from GC to GH. Doable. Thanks to automatic import. However there are problems.
– First ~1600 commits revision history is lost, they all are merged into one.
– We loose revision numbers in general, since Git does not rely on commits numbering, every commit is marked with a small hash. We can sort of rely on total commits count instead (should be the same thing?).
– It is yet unclear how project committers info is linked, since after import GH does not show project members in web interface. Should be doable.
– Git is generally more complicated than SVN. I’m not experienced with it, so it might need some time to get used to.

On the brighter side:
– It is easier to suggest code/resource changes through GH web interface. Creating a Pull Request is a matter of minutes.
– Integrated issue tracking seems to be more advanced and handy

New test repo is available at: https://github.com/Kromster80/kam_remake
For now my plan is to play around, look into more possible issues and see if above “issues” can be solved. That means that the repo is in test mode and there’s a fat chance that I will delete and recreate it once again (or maybe even few times).

Said that, everyone is welcome to test the TestKaMRemakeRepositoryOnGitHub (TKROGH for short), and leave their opinions!

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    • Krom says:

      Thanks for the hint Sendi, I have already spent a few days on that and it seems to be almost working. Just have to wait for the cloning now. See the next article! – Perils of converting from SVN to Git

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