Update Server r4186

Am găsit un bug în serverul dedicat Linux, care a fost cauza unele probleme cu jocuri in retea la ultima versiune noastre, inclusiv jocuri pentru faptul că nu a începe.

We have released an update to the server, r4186, which can be found on our Pagina de descărcare. As this bug only effects Linux servers you will only need to update your server if you are running it on Linux. Players who do not host a server will not need to do anything, the bug was only on the server side. Linux servers running the old version will no longer be listed on our server list to prevent players from using servers that have not been updated.

If you are having any issues hosting a server we would like to hear from you! 🙂 Send us your server log files so we can investigate any problems you are having. It is difficult for us developers to test the server application thoroughly ourselves because bugs will sometimes only occur after the server has been running for many days straight, so we rely on bug reports and logs files sent to us from server administrators. Similarly, if you are a player and are experiencing problems with network games please contactati-ne so we can investigate.

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  1. I can’t connect to any server, never had this problem until now

  2. it was just a temporary problem

  3. Can you tell us how did you fix that problem, i also can’t see any servers but i can go to ‘Find Server’ and then join some ip from listed servers from your website, then it’s like i “created” that server and other players can join me , so they can obviously see it.

    • That’s a strange issue. Make sure you don’t have a firewall blocking the Remake, and that there’s no content filtering that could be blocking it. The server list is downloaded like a webpage (over HTTP) so if the Remake is being blocked that could be the problem. Is there anything unusual in your network setup? (e.g. a proxy server?)

  4. Yes, it is really weird firewall is disabled, also in router. I don’t know much about that, but i have played many games like this, just i can’t see any servers and other clients in my network also can’t see any servers. My router gives the same ip address to all clients, but changes after reset, so my IP address is not static. Is it maybe problem because i didn’t set Static ip address? Or, can you tell me if it’s possible is there maybe html file(listed servers) downloaded from Kam Remake on my computer so I can check for it in files, before it is represented in game?

    • Static IP or not doesn’t matter. Make sure NAT is enabled on your router. It could be overflowing your router’s NAT tables if it has a very low capacity, although I doubt that’s the problem. The server list file is:
      It won’t look nice in the browser, but if you view the source you should see 1 server per line in comma separated form. By the way, do the announcements load in game? (above the server list). They come from the same place as the server list so if they load the server list is probably also loading (meaning querying each server is failing).

  5. The announcements also don’t show up in the game … “Loading announcements”, uPnP is enabled . I reinstalled game, but it didn’t help.

  6. It is an error 404, we can’t resolve that host.

    • Sounds like a problem with your DNS server if it can’t resolve the host. Try changing your DNS server to (Google’s public DNS server). By default your router will usually be using your ISP’s DNS servers, maybe they’re having some problems at the moment? Another possibility is that something is blocking your access to our server, for example if you have a filtering service on your internet connection and our server was blocked by mistake.

  7. We have tried to ping your web site, but request time out. We set DNS , but it seems not to be the problem. It is not only our case, i have asked few people from Croatia to ping that site, they also coudn’t open it.

    • That’s odd, I (and presumably everyone else playing) can ping that address fine. It sounds like your ISP or your government or someone is blocking access to that IP address. Or maybe they have an issue in their network which means it can’t access that address. The server is hosted in Australia at a shared hosting service with multiple websites on the same IP address. Maybe one of these sites caused the entire IP address to be blocked? Unfortunately I can’t do much to help you about that. You could use a VPN or proxy service or you could complain to your ISP that you can’t access that website, but people from other countries can. Good luck!

  8. you can add a screen size of 800×600? because on my computer the cutting object (I grieve French)

    • Unfortunately it’s very hard for us to make the menus fit in such a small space (for example the multiplayer lobby). Our minimum resolution is 1024×576 and I don’t think we’ll ever make it smaller than that. 800×600 is a very old resolution, maybe you could get another screen for your computer that supports at least 1024×768?

  9. Hey,

    I had some idea’s to maby add to the game.
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can make Barbarians.
    The City hall was removed to stop people from making army’s so soon but that also removes the option to make barbarians.

    Maby you guys can add axe making on the Weapons workshop.
    So that you can still creating barbarians by making a recruit and an axe.
    And to prevent people from making huge army’s with only barbarians in such little time let it cost 5 wood instead of 2?
    Or you guys can maby add a little building that makes axes from wood so you have to make an extra building to make them.

    Another minor thing about delivering products like wood and stone to a buildings.
    In the Old game servents could give their supply’s from right and left by an exit instead of walking in the middle.
    Maby another feature to add for the next update to let build buildings go a little bit faster.

    Keep up the good work guys
    And any idea when the new patch will come?


    • We think barbarians should remain “special” and not trainable so you can only have them if they are provided at the start of the mission. We might consider letting you create TPR soldiers in some way later in development.

      Serfs will sometimes take resources out when they drop them off, but another serf often claims the job first. It’s on our todo list to improve this by making the serf claim the job before he arrives.

      The new patch will hopefully be ready in 2-3 months.

    • I have an idea for all TPR units so that they can be made in the barracks.
      -rebel : weapon costs 1 wood
      -stone thrower : weapon costs 2-3 stone
      -horse militia : militia + horse…
      -barbarian : axe costs 2 iron + metal armour

      some of these units are cheap to make, but they stil cost 1 gold, and you cant get gold super fast

  10. Hey there!

    Are You still working on the remake ? Will You release a new update any time soon ?

    Cheers, Maxi!

    • Yes we are. You can check our Facebook/Google Plus page or the forum for updates. We will hopefully have a new version ready in a few months 🙂

  11. hey man’s , i am french , sorry my englicsh is very bad , but i ‘am instaled : knights_and_merchants_the_peasants_rebellion in gog.com and i’am download a ; Latest release: 5th Multiplayer Demo Update 1 r4179 (09/11/2012) but this application don’t look my games ( the peasant rebellion ) ? why ? please help !!!!!

  12. Saved games from KaM The Peasant Rebellion are not compatible with the KaM Remake. It’s not possible to change this because the Remake was completely rewritten from scratch and we do not know what the original save format was anyway. You need to finish your games in KaM TPR then start again in the Remake. You can use cheats to skip to the mission you are up to.

  13. Hey, I’m Polish.. I’ve got a question.. Are You work or plan add fast pace to Multiplayer game? It could be like at multiplayer room.. People would click F8 and it would change his status to “want fast”. If all change their status to “want fast”, fast pace will be switched on untill somebody change his status to “normal pace”.. 😉

  14. I like bebes idea more than the idea of making a pre speed. Because when the peacetime ends and people engage in battles, you dont want everything to move super fast, otherwise you might lose control over your units. Which could result in disasterous mistakes.

    Btw, is there a page where the market rates are punlished?

    • You can choose the speed for during peacetime and after peacetime, so you could have 3.0x speed during PT and 1.5x speed after PT if you wanted. We don’t think a voting system will work as well.

      We currently don’t have a page with the market values because we’re still adjusting the balance. But we could publish it on our wiki after this release, remind us if we forget.

  15. Amazing update this will be, i’m looking forward to it and have plenty people that are willing to join the game once the speed changes are implanted.

    Lewin is it possible i can do a live stream review of the content as Alpha? With some of my clan players? Maybe u aswell and the other devs.

    Greetings, Agency!

    • Yes of course, that would be a great way to get the word out. When we make the release candidate (RC) you are welcome to stream it and send it to your friends. Anybody who wants to be on the beta/RC testing list, just send us your email address. The RC will hopefully be out within a month, we are getting closer.

      We don’t post the RC publicly because it can be very buggy and unstable, and we won’t want people to think it’s an official release. But anybody is welcome to be on the testing email list.

      There’s actually only two devs, Krom and me. Let us know when you planning to stream a game and I’ll try to join you and answer any questions people have.

  16. Great to hear Lewin, i find the IRC chat a good way to communicate if people get more active there. Aswell the best time for me would be around 9:00 PM +1GMT ( Amsterdam time ) mostly.
    Aswell if we can get facebook post/twitter post on the exact date and time people can join in on the stream and make sure they’ll be there!

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