În curând: Scripting Demo

Suntem pregateste sa lanseze un update major pentru Kam remake. Îmbunătățirile includ scripting dinamic, îmbunătățiri masive harta editor, viteza de joc reglabil în multiplayer și schimbări de echilibru.

Probabil cea mai mare caracteristică nouă în această versiune este scripting dinamic. pagina wiki pe scripting dinamic.

Acest comunicat are, de asemenea, îmbunătățiri masive la Editor de hărți. Există acum perii de teren similare pentru editor Krom și cele mai multe alte caracteristici care lipsesc au fost implementate prea. Deși există încă câteva lucruri care lipsesc (cum ar fi Undo și apă magie), în toate celelalte aspecte editorul hartă ar trebui să fie acum la fel de bun sau mai bun decât Krom și editori Lewin lui Kam combinate.

Una dintre caracteristicile cele mai solicitate este viteză mai mare joc în multiplayer. Acesta a fost în cele din urmă pusă în aplicare în acest comunicat. Există două cursoare în lobby-ul pe care vă permit să setați viteza în timpul și după ce timp de pace separat (vezi imaginea).

Am făcut unele Echilibru ajustări, cu scopul de a face jocul mai versatil și distractiv de a juca. Pana acum am constatat ca unitati cu scuturi (axefighters, cavaleriei, cercetași și cavaleri) nu sunt adesea folosite în jocuri multiplayer, pentru că este mult mai eficientă de a face unitățile de luptă corp la corp mai ieftine (purtători de lance, pikemen, miliție). În scopul de a contracara acest lucru ne-am dat de unități, cu un scut un bonus de o apărare împotriva unități au variat (arcași și crossbowmen). Această schimbare a fost testat timp de câteva luni, de către voluntari din comunitate, și am primit un feedback foarte pozitiv de la acești jucători.

Lista completă a îmbunătățirilor este mult mai mult și vom fi subliniind mai multe dintre ele în posturi de știri de mai târziu.

Ca de obicei, am creat un release candidate care vor fi testate și patch-uri în săptămânile următoare. Când suntem mulțumiți că actualizarea este stabilă o vom lansa public. Dacă sunteți interesat în testarea release candidate pentru a ne ajuta să găsească și să stabilească bug-uri înainte de lansarea oficială, vă rugăm trimite-ne adresa de e-mail și vă vom adăuga la lista de discuții beta tester. Dacă sunteți deja pe această listă ar trebui să fi primit un e-mail cu release candidate deja.

Încă o dată, am dori să profit de această ocazie pentru a vă reaminti să ia în considerare donat pentru a sprijini dezvoltarea în viitor. Vă mulțumesc tuturor celor care ne-au sprijinit până acum.

Let us know what you think by commenting! 🙂
Lewin și Krom.

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  1. Thats great info!
    This game is great, but with your work its AMAZING!!
    I wish you never stopped it!

  2. Nicee to see! I will play multiplayer a lot more now!

    What about AI building and troops? Is it developed iin this version? Or do we have to wait for the next update?

    You guys are doing a great job! See you on the battlefield!

    • The AI has improved in this release, but it’s far from finished. I assume you’re talking about the standalone AI (works without AI script like the campaigns have), it will make troops and position them now but it’s a bit slow compared to humans and needs improvements.

  3. Multiplayer speed… You are my hero! Finally it will become playable! The scripting implementation seems really interesting… Can’t wait to try that out!

  4. MarcinBRzeznik

    Great job!
    I hope you never stop!
    KaM Remake is great!
    Now I’m superheat!

  5. Great news!

    Keep up the great work!!


  6. This…is…legendary.

  7. rena wheatley

    I hope you haven’t changed it so much that us old devotees can’t play it any more. The main problem I have with the current game is the maddening behavior of serfs, who too frequently do pointless tasks while your army is starving!
    And my current game times out in a totally unpredictable way which never happened in my original edition.

    • What do you mean about not being able to play it any more?

      Regarding feeding soldiers, are you talking about the KaM Remake? In the KaM Remake feeding soldiers is given high priority so it will be allocated to serfs before normal priority tasks. Other high priority tasks are: Food to inn, gold to school, and materials to construction sites. So it will be treated as equally as important as those tasks. Are any of those the pointless tasks you were referring to?

      What do you mean about the game timing out? Can you explain in more detail?

  8. Great news!
    Will some new co-op maps come? 🙂

  9. Good news ! When you plan to release this ?

    • It depends how many bugs are found during testing and how long it takes us to fix them. In the first day our beta testers have already found 10-20 bugs. Hopefully it should be ready in a month or so.

  10. I recently started playing KaM and stumbled upon this remake and I am quite impressed. I have a couple friends who I have been playing multiplayer games with and it seems that this update will significantly make games more enjoyable. Thank you for working on this project! I can’t wait for the release.

  11. CONTINUE !! Thanks you !!!

  12. DemonKnight_CZ

    Hello Lewin,
    I dont know if you remember me, but I was one of good czech players in this AMAZING remake 🙂 .
    But few months ago I must stop playing this because I havent time to spent 60 minutes in Peacetime + xx minutes in fighting… I am student 🙁

    But now I can play this game again, because if I can make Peacetime 60 in x3 —-> I spent only 20 minutes in Peacetime…..


  13. Guys, you’re amazing!

  14. Already posted at knights.sztab.com!

  15. It’s amazing! Good job 😉 😉 😉

  16. Nice to see my belowed game from old 333 Mhz Pentium in ancient times is still playable on a faster machines and it’s far better than before.
    I will play it with my 8 years old son.
    He love it too 😀
    Greetz from Poland
    Great work

  17. Amazing, I had stopped playing because of the time of the matches being too long…

    This is a DREAM.

    thank you guys!

    When is it comming out???

    • It depends how many bugs are found during testing and how long it takes us to fix them. In the first day our beta testers already found 10-20 bugs. Hopefully it should be ready in a month or so.

  18. Anyway, will it be only one difficulty for the bots , or will it be one hard and one easy? 🙂

    • Eventually we’d like to have multiple difficulty levels for AI players, but that won’t be in this release 🙂

  19. Lewin , I HATE YOU !!!
    No , kidding , brilliant work on your project. Keep it coming.

    But since I got your attention I will say that I’m still mad at you – years ago at the forums i suggested you the idea of giving shielded troops defense bonus and you didn’t even considered it back then.

    • I don’t remember that exactly, but I think we weren’t ready to make those kind of balance changes back when you suggested it. And it took a lot of discussion and tests to convince us it was the right way to rebalance the game. So sorry we didn’t listen to you originally, but we do change our minds and get convinced by new arguments 😉
      Also, this is not a flat defence bonus, it’s only a bonus against archers. So it doesn’t affect the melee balance of the game which already worked well (pikemen, knights, swordsmen), it just changes the way archers affect it.
      Thanks for your compliments!

  20. First of all, my compliments for bringing my childhood-game so much more ‘life’. I almost could not believe it was actually progressed this far (for a absence couple of years).
    I was wondering if you will bring back the barbarians in the game, or at any rate bring back the units from the ‘community/town-building’ (how is it called again? City hall?, can’t remember :P)? I kind of miss the diversity in the units, if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I like the game as you guys really have enhanced it,.. but it would be cool too see all original units will relocated in the game again :D.

  21. Hi,

    We dont need game speed. Just change speed of laborer.

    I mean this: for example (1 laborer while work constructing roads it take 3x times align)

    Construct roads = decreased from 3 to 1 or 2

    base building (align terrain 1 field) = decreased from 4 to 2
    house under construction – condition increased from 5 to 25

    Plough fields = decreaed from 10 to 5

    Lay out wine fields = decreased from 16 to 8
    (8 align, next 8 after get timber)

    I hope all what i mean…

    • Interesting idea, we could maybe add that later. But I think a global speed setting is still necessary because otherwise deliveries and production will still be slow. Making construction faster will not have such a big impact.

  22. Deliveries and production is fine.
    We need only more quickly build our town. It take 60 min PT but with this change of the laborers can take it 40 min PT.
    I think faster construction will be good.
    I hope you try it someday.

  23. Any news about this release? these additions are just amazing! Hope to see AI building troops *-*

    • We’re still working hard to fix bugs and finish implementing the incomplete features, but unfortunately we don’t have a lot of free time for Knights and Merchants at the moment

  24. Really nice job!, i love this game so much and the improved speed adjustment makes me want to play it even more finally i got more time to play it when i come home from work!, it takes less time to play a match 🙂

    keep it up!

  25. omg is this for real shorter playing time i tought i wouldnt be able to keep playing because i have school but …… this is a huge improvement

  26. You are a hero man!
    Can you give a date of release? or no idea yet?
    I can’t waid to play the better way.

    Keep going the good way.

  27. Please tell me the release is coming soon! I can’t wait! it’s awesome what you guys are achieving!

  28. Still no ETA ?

    • No, unfortunately we haven’t had much time to work on the KaM Remake so it’s not progressing as quickly as we’d like. But we are slowly making progress (all the known bugs have been fixed) so it shouldn’t be too much longer 🙂

  29. I find in multiplayer game – enemy builders exploring my core territory before end of peacetime. I think this is not fair. Will You fix this?

    • We are aware of that problem and have ideas to fix that in the future, but unfortunately not for this release.

  30. Is it nearly finished??? I can’t wait for the new release….

    Keep up doing this great work Lewin! 🙂

    • Yes, we’re in the final stage of testing it 🙂
      Don’t only thank me, the KaM Remake was actually started by Krom in 2008 (I joined a few months later) and we’ve both done roughly equal amounts of the development. We are a two person development team.

  31. u r guys doing great work, but why dont u improve the game graphics, by replacing the characters, buildings and even lands by high detailed one, it would be really awesome besides the work u r doing..

    • We don’t have anybody who is able to recreate the graphics. All of the current graphics are 2D sprites so it’s hard to improve them without recreating them from scratch as 3D models, which would take a lot of work and require someone skilled at 3D modelling (which we don’t have). If anybody was to create the graphics we would happily use them.

  32. Guys, fantastic work on this awesome game. You optimalizes it well. I thought that K&M is dead, but thats no true. Big thanks to all developers.
    I appreciate your work, good luck!

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