Namestitev KAM Remake s paro

Pred kratkim Knights in trgovci je prejel veliko pozornosti na paro. Kam Remake je treba poskusiti, če iščete za pravo različico HD vitezov in trgovce. Za pomoč uporabnikom, Parni smo dodali vpis Pogosta vprašanja o tej temi:

Q: Kako namestiti KAM Remake, če imam Steam različico Kam?
Morate začeti vitezi in trgovcev iz Steam vsaj enkrat, preden zaženete Kam Remake monter, sicer monter ne bo zaznala. Neodvisno od tega, samo prenesete celoten namestitveni iz naše strani prenosi in ga zaženite. Če želite imeti Steam prekrivno med igranjem, lahko dodate KAM Remake na svoj Steam knjižnico s klikom na Igre - & gt; Dodaj Non-Steam igre v knjižnico na glavni meni Steam.

There is a FAQ section on this site where you can find answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about KaM Remake. If you are interested in other topics, please head to Pogosta vprašanja stran. If you have a question which you think should be added to our FAQ, please write it in the comments below 🙂

We are still working on the upcoming update to KaM Remake, we are currently beta testing the new release. If you want to join our beta tester team or contribute something to the project such as a translation, send us an email at:

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  1. get it free for Steam while you can on

  2. Hello to you I would have wanted to know if one day will become a KAM remake steam games, and make more profit for the developer?
    I think he ca place in this community, and there have several players and the games could be known.
    Thank you for your answer

  3. I’am happy to see, that the community is growing!

  4. KaM Remake, project is stopped ?
    p.s. for a long time there were no game updates.

    • KaM Remake is very alive. We just don’t post much of it. You can watch the progress at the forum. Last week RC4 was sent out. New release is coming.

  5. Michael Flanagan

    I did the following and spent about 3 homers educating myself on how to make it work via steam on my mac but it still does not work for me… I would really appreciate some help. My problem is that i have the version on steam, bought. I launched several times. I downloaded the remake. I downloaded the wrapper. I launched the wrapper. It only allows me to choose the language and then it gives me the error that i cannot detect the file… what should i do? Is there a way of moving the files somewhere to allow it to be detected?

    • What does the error say exactly?

      • Michael Flanagan

        The installation wizard detected that you do not have Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion installed. You must have the original game installed in order to play KaM Remake. The installation will be aborted.

        Thank you for the speed of your replying, i appreciate that.

        • You might need to install the game on Windows, install Remake and only then carry over installed Remake ion to your Mac. See the as well please. Hope that helps 🙂

          • Michael Flanagan

            Btw, I was able to download KaM of steam onto OS X via steam without having to wonder for finding the different ways of making it work… So you think i should use a virtual machine or a memory stick from for example my windows laptop to carry over to my mac, then install the wrapper and make it work this way? I watched the both videos and this is what I used to guide my self to make it work but the error that I described made it not work. Sorry for using up your time, if you tell me if thats the way i shall follow it and tell you as soon as it works so it can be a way for other people to make it work thanks to my problems.

          • The main problem is that the Windows installer checks for KaM installed in Windows (obviously).

          • Michael Flanagan

            Ok, thank you. I will try it to work and since i am going on holidays now, i will try about the 3rd september, thanks a lot.

  6. Hello,
    I have a Steam version of KaM, and KaM remake installer fails to detect it.
    I did run the Steam version several times, but still getting message that original game was not found from the remake installer.
    I run Windows 7 64bit, if that helps.
    Thank you for answer.

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