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Нова версия: KaM Remake r6720

After rigorous testing and bugfixing, numerous nightly versions and 5 release candidate versions, the long awaited update to KaM Remake is now available! You can find it on the страницата за изтегления.

Blue AI

From this version on we have dropped the “Demo” tag from the title. Now it’s KaM Remake rSomething. The project has matured beyond a demo and into a fully-fledged game which no longer needs “Demo” in the title.

There are too many changes in the new version to list all of them, but here are some of the most significant:

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An interview

Earlier this year, long-time KaM community member The Dark Lord interviewed us about KaM Remake for an article on KaM.net. Today the interview was published, you can read it here:


That site also contains interesting information about the development of KaM Remake, so read the development history section if you are interested.

P.S. Volunteers are now updating the translations of the upcoming KaM Remake release, and we are fixing the last few bugs. The update is planned to be released within 2 weeks. We apologise for the delay, us developers have been busy with our personal lives and have not been able to dedicate much time to the project until now.

100 години

Днес достигнахме специален етап, така че решихме да използваме тази възможност да споделим с вас някои статистически данни за проекта (също е почти точно 1 година от последното ни официално издание, така че статистиката за последните 12 месеца е лесна за изчисляване ).
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KaM Remake on Mac OSX

We often receive emails from players asking us if they can play KaM Remake on their Mac. We have some good news for those players!

PaulTheTall направи а WineSkin wrapper за стартиране на KaM Remake под Mac OSX. Rutger from our fan community made a tutorial video explaining how to use it:

For more information and an alternative video tutorial, visit our Mac OSX and Linux page. Let us know in the comments if you get KaM Remake running on your Mac 🙂

Зимен турнир

Членове на нашата общност Sado и Mixons организират турнир 2 срещу 2. Турнирът ще се играе в специална бета версия на KaM Remake, която поддържа наблюдение на мултиплейър на живо. Това ще позволи много от мачовете на турнира да бъдат предавани на живо и коментирани, така че всеки да може да гледа. Надяваме се, че някои от тези потоци ще имат гост коментатори, включително топ играчи на KaM и разработчиците на KaM Remake.
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