Winter Tournament

Членовете на нашата общност Sado и Mixons организират 2 срещу 2 турнир. Турнирът ще се играе в специална бета версия на Кам Римейк който поддържа живо мултиплейър зрител. Това ще позволи на много от игрите на турнири да бъдат предавани на живо и commentated така всеки може да се гледат. Някои от тези потоци се надяваме, че ще имаме гости коментатори, включително и най-добрите играчи Кам и Кам разработчиците римейк.

Registration closes on the 5th of February and the games will start on the 10th of February. There are no prizes, only the honour of winning. If you want to enter the tournament but don’t have a friend to be your team member, then make a post on the зима форум турнир резба asking for a team member and the tournament organisers will try to pair you with someone.

За повече информация посетете Официалният зимен форум турнир резба. To enter the competition, fill out the Формуляр за регистрация.

Note: All of the new features in the tournament beta version of the KaM Remake will be publicly available in our next release, which will be ready in a few months once all features have been fully implemented and tested.

6 responses to “Winter Tournament

  1. Can i help u with translating topics?

    • Yes you can 🙂 I tried to send you an email with the instructions but the email address you used in your comment was not valid. Can you please send us an email to so we can send you the instructions? Thanks.

  2. Is there some links to watch the strem or we have to join server to could watch the match? Plz link or some contact when matches are and server info

  3. Have the matches been recorded? I would like to see them back on youtube or another website!

    • Unfortunately there have been some technical issues with streaming/recording the matches 🙁 There is also the problem of having casters available at the right time to commentate and stream/record the matches.

      Hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

  4. super hra

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