Nueva versión: r2411 Comerciantes demo

Bueno, es finalmente aquí, la nueva versión se ha publicado en el página de descargas! 😀

La lista de cambios completa se puede encontrar en la carpeta KaM Remake después de la instalación, pero voy a mencionar algunos de los más emocionantes cambios aquí:

  • Hay un vestíbulo multijugador en línea que muestra una lista de los servidores que ejecutan en todo el mundo
  • Las peleas ahora son muy similares a KaM y bien equilibrada (enorme agradecimiento a Humbelum por su ayuda en esto)
  • La música original de El Reino Shattered se incluye
  • Voces Soldier están trabajando, y la liberación incluye las voces de 8 idiomas diferentes
  • Los soldados de los campesinos Rebelión están trabajando (no equipo de asedio sin embargo)
  • Guarda ahora se dan nombres y no se limitan a 10 ranuras

Esperamos poder jugar con usted en línea! Por favor, ayudar a difundir la palabra mediante la publicación de enlaces a este sitio en foros y sitios web KaM. Consiga todos sus amigos involucrados!

Please leave comments give us feedback 🙂
Lewin y Krom.

40 Respuestas a “Nueva versión: r2411 Comerciantes demo

  1. Congratulations on this giant leap for mankind 😉

  2. It’s a great information! TY

  3. Its fantastic to play KAM again, just did a 2v2v2v2 and worked great 🙂

  4. Cool, absolutely cool, can’t wait to play a match soon.

  5. Incredible. Its a pitty there are not many players so I would suggest a list of players online and/or perhaps a general chat so waiting and connecting would be easier. 😉

    Big thanks for you guys for the game! 🙂

  6. A chat is available on this page, see left column.

    For IRC users: quakenet, #kamremake

    Usually you find some players waiting and chatting there.

  7. It’s magnificent! There’s only one thing. The colors of the enemies are a bit different. Especially in the multiplayer. Can you create the origional colors as in TPR and TSK? Cause the colors of the remake are a bit darker and sometimes a bit lighter.

    I love your work!

  8. Michel Teelen, thank for response. The process of rendering flag colors is a bit different that in KaM, so there are some mismatches. Could you send us the right RGB values for the colors perhaps – which should be darker or brighter by your opinion?

  9. These are the original colors:

    !SET_NEW_REMAP 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 // Red
    !SET_MAP_COLOR 229 // Red

    !SET_NEW_REMAP 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 // Light blue
    !SET_MAP_COLOR 36 // light blue

    !SET_NEW_REMAP 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 // Yellow
    !SET_MAP_COLOR 233 // Yellow
    (those are the colors of mission 1 tsk)

    !SET_NEW_REMAP 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 // Purple
    !SET_MAP_COLOR 232 // Custom
    (as in mission 11 tsk)

    !SET_NEW_REMAP 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 // Grey Brown
    !SET_MAP_COLOR 3 // Black

    !SET_NEW_REMAP 104 104 105 105 106 106 107 107 // Lime Green
    !SET_MAP_COLOR 106 // Lime Green

    (as in mission 14 tsk)

  10. Those are not RGB values, they are palette values from the KaM general palette. The reason they colors do not match is that we use RGB, KaM used palettes. It is hard to make RGB look exactly like the palettes. We are using the pallete values from the mission script (same as you posted) to convert to RGB but it’s not a perfect match.

  11. Ok, I’m really sorry. I’m not really familiar with this kinda stuff.
    I understand if you won’t fix that. Just a little thing..
    Wonderful remake !

  12. Don’t be sorry, we know it’s not perfect and we might try to improve it later. The team colors don’t quite shine the way they did in KaM.

  13. “Michel Teelen”, thank you. You have find the color-codes…now I can try to make my dream to reality…My polish flag´s :D:

  14. Some people have asked me about this so I would just like to make it clear:

    – pawel95 is NOT in any way associated with the KaM Remake development team and the screenshot is just a mock up in Photoshop or something like that.

    – We have no plans to implement flags as shown in the image he linked. I don’t think it adds anything to the game and I think it would just make the game more confusing as units would be one colour, but buildings would have country flags… It would also be a lot of work to implement properly. There are so many other things we could spend that time improving.

  15. LEWIN! At first read and than write! Ok? where I have say that I´m(funny quote): “in any way associated with the KaM Remake development team” I think no ways! Right?

  16. No, you did not say that but some people have asked me whether you are, so I thought I should explain it to any other people who read this. To a casual observer it seemed possible that you are working with the development team, or at least that is the way some people have interpreted it. I’m not blaming you, I would not have written that post if people hadn’t asked me about it. (they said things like “I see you are implementing country flags” – which we are not)

  17. I wish to thank you so much guys, for the awesome work you just done.
    Thank you, I jizzed in my pants 🙂

  18. Hi guys,

    I found your mod and you did a great work. In features it is written that new units should work but actually when I build town hall I cannot create units there. Is it ok because I would love to use them in game. Thx for your response

  19. Hi,
    Yes the units from TPR will work, but you cannot hire them from the town hall yet. So you can only use them if they were given to you at the start of the mission. We mention this in the Readme/About page: “Unit training in Town Hall and Siege Workshop is not functioning.” Because of this we have removed the town hall and siege workshop from the build menu in the next release.

  20. Ok then. And is there a possibility that you will enable us to build for example a barbarian or any other unit in barracks?

  21. And what was the problem with these units or with the town hall itself if I may ask?

  22. We don’t plan to add them to the barracks, they don’t fit there. The barracks is for noble king’s soldiers, not rebels and the like. Since TSK I have always seen barbarians as “special”, you are only allowed to use them when you are given them. I disliked the town hall in TPR. (Krom is of the same opinion)
    The reason is because the town hall makes it too easy to create soldiers. In KaM you must manufacture everything with many stages. The town hall is just 1 step: serf takes gold and you hire a soldier. This makes the economy very simplistic, whereas KaM usually requires a complicated and well planned economy.
    The problem we see with siege equipment is:
    1. They magically drive with no one pushing them, but in KaM every tiny detail is shown. It doesn’t fit. And they don’t need food meaning you can camp them anywhere forever.
    2. They are just very powerful archers which seems stupid. The balista is basically a crossbowmen that kills with every shot…

  23. I am of the same opinion that barbarians are something special. Therefore I have always wanted to find a way to recruit them 😛 but it’s up to you. As for siege weapons they are really stupid and they don’t fit into the game.
    I also read in the forum that you were planning a new version. Any Eta?

  24. Yeah me too 😛 We’ll see… we might add some way to train them eventually. But we have more important things to work on for now.
    Yes the new release should be ready on the weekend or early next week, it depends how it goes. It has been delayed slightly.

  25. I would be very pleased if you do even if in some limited way for example you can own max. 20 of them at once or whatever. I just need that feeling that I can build them 😛

    Well that’s excellent I am really looking forward to it. Hope you will add some new MPmaps. O:-) I will check the news regularly from now on when I know that someone is interested in this amazing game 🙂

  26. Hello there, I am a Knights and Merchants player since the beginning in 1998. I never lost the passion to this game. KaM Remake really is something special. I just had 3 hour Multiplayer 2on2 session, no bugs, no errors, no OOS`s. I am indeed amazed!
    But reading that townhall or siege workshop would eventually be removed is really sad. That the units you create in the Townhall “just” cost gold is indeed a problem in multiplayer! My opinion would be that the buildings are unlocked after every building in the game is built X times + time passed and that you can just create a limited number of siege weapons. Or you raise the prices! When I imagine paying 10gold for one barb, I rather spent 10 gold on 10 recruts for 10 swordmen, because gold is limited (with the market place it isn’t “really”). I imagine it is difficult to code something similar, but as I said, just removing them is really sad out of the view of an oldschool player. Being militia rushed (by players who don’t care about treaties) – you can get it within 20minutes of playtime, this really destroys the game IMO. I know that you will solve this “problem” in the same balanced and amazed way you added the new feature market place. It really is an artwork! My respect goes out to Stargazer and of course Krom and Lewin for the coding!
    Greetings from Luxembourg and thanks for this wonderfull masterpiece! Very skilled people you are!

  27. We have added about 20 multiplayer maps in the new release, the fans have been busy making them.
    We will consider adding the town hall in a different form, maybe with a limit or other restriction as you said.
    Our objection to the town hall does is not a matter of balance: Gold is a precious resource and the units cost a fair bit. The problem is that it does not fit the KaM style of game play. It is too simplistic. In KaM the economy is complex, and making even just militia requires a large number of buildings. So it does not fit that you can make soldiers so simply. But as I said, we’ll think about alternative arrangements.

    Militia rushes won’t be a problem in the new version: We’ve added a peacetime setting to the lobby. During that time you cannot move or train soldiers. (you can only feed them)

    The marketplace graphic is from the KaM TSK alpha, (development) so that’s why it looks so nice. They removed it from the game, but we’ve added it again. StarGazer originally made the sprite all those years ago for the developers, but he sent it to us.
    Thanks for the compliments 🙂

  28. I would suggest that during peace time you can move soldiers only in certain small radius around your storehouse in order to explore the near area that will allow you to plan the village ( I hate exploring with labourers 😛 ). Of course if it is possible to do smth like that 😀

  29. It’s hard to make that work for all maps. In some maps players are quite close, and you should only be able to move within a small distance. In other maps you have a very large area to build in so it would need to be larger. So it would probably need to be defined for each map and that would be more work. For now it works fine. But I agree something should be done eventually.

  30. What if the player would be only denied to move onto squares that are closer to the enemy than the player?

  31. That would work quite well for most games, although some missions it might cause problems. (e.g. players could be very near each other, but over a mountain) Also we could probably only calculate the distance from the players storehouse or something, because measuring the distance between every building would be too slow.
    We’ll probably find a solution like this eventually, for now it works okay and was very fast to implement.

  32. I’ve made a small program that can calculate this in 70 milliseconds on my computer. It works not just for one point of the town and also takes mountains into account.


    If you use command line it writes out the elapsed time.

  33. 70 ms is too long. The KaM tick rate is 100ms, so that’s almost all of it gone just for this calculation. If two players moved soldiers at once the game would lag. We could make this calculated less often as villages change slowly, but even so, it would still lag during the calculation. (so the game would lag every minute or whenever the calculation is done)
    Also, try it with 8 players and larger villages and larger maps with more obstacles… I don’t know how your algorithm works but if it’s checking from every building to every other building then the scaling is N^2, so for N total houses, it must do N^2 comparisons which is bad. (100 houses = 100,000 calculations, and we’d really like to allow 1,000 houses in one game if possible) And each calculation involves path finding…

    It’s a neat program though, I really like the output. I think we can do something like it but more simple (maybe just with storehouse -> storehouse rather than all houses, the result would still be good)

  34. Ok, I’ve decreased it to 16 ms for a 200×200 map. I rewrote it in Anonymus (my own language) and I did some other optimizations. This algorithm’s performance doesn’t depends on the building number. I thought you would only want to calculate it at mission startup. 16 ms maybe long too, but I think we don’t need to calculate it for all the squares, every second would be enough, and that would take 2.25 ms with the new prorgam.

    It’s not a complex algorithm. It only paints the squares that are nearby player. And it does this until all squares are painted.

  35. I see, then yes we could use it. Unfortunately I’m too busy with bug fixes at the moment. If you feel like joining the project you could implement it, otherwise we will get to it “eventually”. I guess it would give better results if it was only calculated at the start of the mission, otherwise you could build towards the enemy in order to be allowed to scout more land and block the enemy in…

  36. I can join, but I need still don’t have Delphi and I wouldn’t use Lazarus willingly.

  37. Ok, I think I’m able to join. How should I begin?

  38. Well first you’ll need Skype or ICQ to talk to us, then TortiseSVN to use the repository, and Delphi 6/7 or Lazarus.
    Usually when someone wants to join we get them to send us the changed files for their first ~5 changes, so we can check your work and fix problems. After that we can add you to the repository and you can commit directly, if we like your code and think you can fit into our team.
    What did you want to work on? Take a look at our bugs list for ideas (it also has features) Choose something easy to start with so you don’t have to learn our entire codebase at once. And obviously you’ll have to talk to us about what you’re working on to make sure someone else isn’t already doing it, or it will conflict with some other changes we’re working on.

  39. I’ve marked you as friend on Skype. Currently I have RAD Studio XE2 demo. I think I would start with this peace time thingy.

  40. Sorry for the “thingy” word, if it means something bad.

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