New release: r2411 Merchants Demo

Well it’s finally here, the new release has now been posted on the downloads page! 😀

The complete changelog can be found in the KaM Remake folder after installation, but I’ll mention some of the most exciting changes here:

  • There is an online multiplayer lobby which shows a list of servers running around the world
  • Fights are now very similar to KaM and well balanced (huge thanks to Humbelum for his help on this)
  • The original music from The Shattered Kingdom is included
  • Soldier voices are working, and the release includes the voices from 8 different languages
  • Soldiers from The Peasants Rebellion are now working (not siege equipment though)
  • Saves are now given names and are not limited to 10 slots

We look forward to playing with you online! Please help spread the word by posting links to this site on KaM forums and websites. Get all of your friends involved!

Please leave comments give us feedback 🙂
Lewin and Krom.

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