Переклади, топ карти і турнір!

ОНОВЛЕННЯ 9 червня 2012: Турнір розпочався! Замовлення Powah турнір Тема на форумі щоб побачити сходи і результати.

Я проводив деякий час на нашому сайті в той час як Кром продовжує працювати над кодом.

The site is now translated! You will see a selection of flags on the right panel, allowing you to see the site in your native language. The translations comes from Google Translate by default, and can then be improved by volunteers.
Please help us improve the translations! Зв'язок з нами and we will give you an account to edit/correct the translation, making the site better for others. We need as many volunteers as possible to spread the workload.
If your language is not shown, let us know and we can look at including it.

Наш сторінка сервери now features a list of the 20 most-played maps. Our server keeps a record of each time a map is played so we can show interesting statistics like these. We hope this will give map makers an indication of maps styles players prefer.
Congratulations to koczis12 for creating the most popular fan-made map so far, Золоті скелі. (shown to the right)

And there’s more exciting news! Mulberry, Florek і To from our community are organising a 2 vs 2 multiplayer KaM Remake tournament! We hope you will all participate in it. If it is a success they are planning to organise more tournaments in the future, maybe even with prizes!
Для отримання інформації про турнір, будь ласка, читати свій пост на форумі.

We hope you enjoy the new features and will take part in the tournament 🙂

11 Відповіді на «Переклади, топ карти і турнір!»

  1. Could you add brazilian language support? and I would love to improve the brazilian translation in my free time.

  2. Awsome just awsome! I really hope you guys focus more on the ai in the future, so that they can attack and build more 🙂 me and a friend are really looking forward to that so we can beat the computer together instead of just doing co-op maps :D!

    • AI and the map editor are our long term plans 🙂 We’ll keep working away at them slowly.

      • Sounds awsome 🙂 ! I Think the Ai is starting to look good, tested latest build and watch them all build a nice little village 🙂

        • In my case all except one built a village.
          The outcast ran out of stone before he managed to build Quarry: he tried to build a road all around the rocks.
          It is not a request, but an obvious idea: to add into AI building logic a check for availability of resources.

          Just for the administration: if I encountered something rare I can send my save or a screenshot to understand what went wrong. If not – never mind 🙂

          • The builder AI is not finished, so they will not make a very well designed village yet. We don’t need bug reports on it unless it crashes the game or something.
            Of course you can send saves/screenshots 🙂

  3. do more tournaments ;] 1×1 or 2×2 ,3×3 its good idea

    • The guys who organised this tournament said they will probably organise more tournaments in the future 🙂 We’ll write about them here if that happens.

  4. when i play with ppl in the internet i had a debug and it closed my game this game must be fixed……

    • There are a few rare crashes in r3392, please send the report when it happens and we’ll try to have them fixed for the next release.

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