Expanding mission text libraries

Text libraries appeared in KaM Remake missions and campaigns quite some time ago and proved to be real handy. Now they are undergoing some changes and improvements.

First thing to change that affects all LIBX files is that MaxID line is removed. It served no real purpose except for duplicating biggest index that was used by the text. In older days that was added because we were reading the file line by line and needed to allocate enough empty space to fit all the strings coming after. Now that the loading has changed whole file gets loaded into memory first and we can read the last line and get the maximum index used. A little less work for localisations 🙂

Second change is in mission specific LIBX files. With internal changes in players name handling, now we will support localized locations names in mission. This means that AI players can have meaningful names now (showed in stats and at “T” key pressed during the game). How is it working: LIBX indexes 100..107 are mapped to player names on locations 1..8. So string “Sir Lancelot” at index 102 will be used as a players name for location 3. And if player plays that location in single-player the name will be shown as “You (Sir Lancelot)”. To avoid confusion of AI players names with real player niknames in multiplayer, the names will remain as before – “AI Player #”.

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