First nightly build

By popular demand: Here’s first nightly build of the KaM Remake – r5920.

What is it good for? Mainly the improved Map Editor. Early access to Dynamic Scripts that will be in next big version. Hopefully it will also allow us to reflect ideas and balance changes faster. And of course you can report bugs earlier, but no promises we will fix them fast due to ongoing development 🙂

Details under the cut:

Dynamic scripts are working according to version number listed in wiki tables ( … ptsDynamic)
Multiplayer is not supported through master server, but you can join hosts with the same version by IP address.
List of new features is not yet available, but from the top of my head – some new scripts, Unicode texts (incl. Chinese hieroglyphs), some bugfixes and some new bugs of course.

I hope to upload more nightly builds as new features get added.

WARNING: Make a backup of r5503 folder since texts and fonts are updated and might break the r5503 functionality!

Download location:

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3 Responses to First nightly build

  1. MaxDeus says:

    I tried this version of the game, as the others too and after all i can only see one bug, but therefore a big one: The animation for building houses is not shown as it should. in some cases the house is completely invisible.

    • Krom says:

      We have not had such bug reports about Nightly versions yet. Although we had few about older versions from players with older GPUs / drivers.
      Please tell us your GPU specifications (Manufacturer, Model, is it a built-in, what OpenGL version it reports in Remake menu top-left corner)
      Maybe you can try updating your video card drivers.

    • Lewin says:

      This bug also happens for me. I’ve tracked down the change the caused it (unit selection reworking) so we should be able to fix it soon 🙂

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