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Per un po 'abbiamo discusso la creazione di un blog per pubblicare articoli sullo sviluppo del KaM Remake. Recentemente abbiamo seguito attraverso su questa idea e creato il blog, che può essere vista qui:

Gli articoli discuteranno gli aspetti tecnici del progetto e riflettere sulle lezioni che abbiamo imparato attraverso lo sviluppo della KaM Remake.

5 risposte a “Blog di sviluppo

  1. the forwarding on the german translation its faulty
    the right link is
    and the german translation site conect to
    but does not exist^^ than the right address is .com not .de
    pls fix it 🙂

  2. Could you perhaps add full RSS feed for the devblog instead of only excerpt for the entries?

  3. hey lewin do you think you could add the argentinian flag to the looby

  4. First of all… thanks you for all the big job that you are doing with this remake. The first time that I’ve played this game it was when i was around 6-7 years old. So, you can imagine how many memories came to me with this game and how happy i’m with your great project! Greetings from Chile! Sorry if there’s any mistake with my English.
    PS : The best way to do programming is with your favourite language (as you do with Pascal)! 😀

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