Aylık Arşivler: October 2011

Servers page and second server fix

We have added a new page to the website: sunucular. It shows a live list of running KaM Remake servers and statistics from the past 24 hours. We plan to add more graphs and features to this page over the coming weeks. A huge thanks to Siegfried and N8Inc for helping with this! 🙂
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Dedicated Server Fix

An update has been released to the dedicated server. This fixes a bug in the Linux dedicated server which was causing the log file to grow by many megabytes per hour. Please update your servers with the new version to fix this bug, but try to choose a time when there aren’t games being playing on your server so you don’t stop people’s games.
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Yeni sürüm: r2411 Satıcı Demosu

Well it’s finally here, the new release has now been posted on the indirme sayfası! 😀
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Shadaoe'dan Fragman ve Youtube kanalı

Shadaoe'yu tanıtmama izin verin, onu forumdan tanıyor olabilirsiniz ve muhtemelen onu çok oyunculu maçlarda çevrimiçi görmüşsünüzdür. Shadaoe nazikçe kaçmayı teklif etti KaM Remake için bir Youtube kanalı öğreticiler, özellik duyuruları, çok oyunculu maçların kayıtları ve ilginizi çekebileceğini düşündüğü başka şeyler olacak.
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Yeni web sitemize hoş geldiniz

Hi guys, welcome to the new website for the KaM Remake, www.kamremake.com

The new demo will hopefully be released within a week, but for now there are no downloads on the site. We will be adding more pages and content to the site soon.

Please check out our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, as well our Youtube channel run by Shadaoe. (the first videos will be coming soon) You’ll also notice live statistics from the master server to the right, so when the demo is released you will be able to see how many people are playing by checking this site.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing you in online games 🙂