New release: r4001 5th Multiplayer Demo

The popularity of the KaM Remake continues to grow. In the last release (r3392) we reached over 18,000 downloads, and the number of players online every day is steadily increasing. This is great news and gives us extra motivation to continue development. This latest release includes many exciting new features and we look forward to bringing you more updates after this one. You can get the release from the download page.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to consider donating to support future development if you haven’t already done so:

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In this release we have made a balance change to food with the aim of making food production a more significant aspect of the game (especially in multiplayer), as it was in original Knights and Merchants. Due to this change you will probably need to build food production earlier than you did in the last release. We have also made wine a more practical source of food because we found most players considered it ineffective compared to other food sources.

Here is a summary of some of the most significant changes:


  • Units begin with the same amount of condition as they did in the original game (they will need to eat for the first time approximately 12 minutes sooner than before)
  • Wine now restores 30% condition (previously 20%)
  • Vineyard now requires only 9 fields to run optimally (previously 11)


  • Many crashes and bugs fixed
  • Fixed some bugs in the Linux dedicated server (shouldn’t crash now)
  • Terrain elevation rendered incorrectly on some systems
  • Optimisations to make the game run faster and smoother

New features:

  • Graphs in game results (army size, house count, resources, etc.)
  • Alerts on the minimap when you are under attack
  • Beacons in multiplayer (shortcut B) to highlight a position to your allies
  • Units/houses can be assigned to number hotkeys similar to other RTS games (CTRL+1 assigns the selected house/unit to the hotkey 1)
  • Improved map selector in multiplayer lobby with sortable columns
  • Campaign story screen plays the audio briefings from the original game
  • Support for custom singleplayer campaigns
  • Smooth shadows for houses
  • Smooth death/thought animations for units
  • Support for larger maps up to 256 x 256 tiles (previously 192 x 192)
  • Map editor shows the total amount of resources in deposits
  • More flag colors to choose from in multiplayer
  • Improved and updated maps
  • New maps including 17 new co-op missions
  • Two new music tracks kindly contributed by André Sklenář ( Market and Household
  • New translations: Belarusian, Chinese and Norwegian

Thanks to all of the beta testers who helped to make this release as bug free and stable as possible. We hope you all enjoy playing it 🙂
Lewin and Krom.

58 responses to “New release: r4001 5th Multiplayer Demo

  1. Nice seeing you move towards the original games!

    But still ….. no speed option in multiplayer? This game really is unbearable with the original speed!

    • really wish they make a speed option soon, that’s going to make this remake BIG!

      • I think we can do it for the next release 🙂
        Unfortunately it will make lag much worse since players with slow computers will make the game lag for everyone. We need to add ways to detect players who are causing the game to lag before a speed up option will be useable.

  2. this is great news!! is there any idea of when the AI will be fully functional in multiplayer?? 😀
    good work you guys!

  3. Good job guys! Looking forward to testing this out 🙂

  4. great job guys!!! keep up the good work:D

  5. nice work!! 🙂

  6. Legendary

  7. Lovely, as always :)!

    Food balance is a huge surprise!

  8. This. Is. Epic.

    Thank you.

  9. Finally Done. Amazing! Yeah! but AI should be… Now computer players are idiots like before… i hope u will work some with that because game “grows unevenly” 😀 I’m very happy because of all improvements in multiplayer mode, but AI intelligence should “grow” too.

    • There are some improvements to AI in this version, they will now make a complete village and produce weapons (but not equip soldiers/attack/defend yet). In the last release they wouldn’t finish their village. Krom has been working hard on the AI to get the military side working, but we did not include those changes in this release because they were not finished. We plan to have a more complete AI in the next major release (maybe around Christmas or early 2013) AI is not easy to develop, so progress on it will be slower than other simpler aspects of the game.

    • They actually train troops, and defend like they did in the original KaM TPR if you care about it and script them to do so. All you have to do is: Open Lewin’s mission editor, look for “Defence positions”/”Defence formations”/”AI Town Defence”/”AI Agressiveness”/”Max Troops”/”AI Attacks” etc. And set them as you wish. Tadaaaa. A “working” AI is ready. Krom did awesome work on the AI, you should be thankful, and hope it will be better in the next releases. Now be happy that it isn’t the “original tutorial shower”…

  10. Hey guys!

    I must say wonderful job. However -and i probably will be laughted- i think the army stats are bad in this way:( Its all bout massing xbows(or archers) while u do a really small number of melee troops just for meatshield…
    Units with shields are like totally useless since pikemans/spearmans are cheaper and same defense. I think u should consider changing axeman 2/2, swordsman 3/3 or something to make every unit uaseable, thus to make much more interesting battles and maybe this’ll change the game from archerspamming. Regards:)

    • We are planning to test increasing the defence of shielded units specifically against arrows. At the moment swordsmen/axemen are not really useful, and even knights/scouts have the same problem. We hope this change will diversify the game and make all types of soldiers useful. However any changes like this need to be thoroughly tested, so we are going to spend a few months testing it with help of the community through a private “beta” version.
      Hopefully you will see this change in the next major release 🙂

  11. Great! i’m very pleased that u are working with that (AI). Good Luck!

  12. I have an idea about editor in remake, because some of terrain plates are difficult to distinguish, mainly those connecting different types of terrain. Maybe color changing option, that one part of plate is red and second (with another pattern)blue? Or corner with different pattern may be signed? Could you think about it? (sorry if my english is incorrect)

    • The KaM Remake editor is not finished, you should use Krom’s map editor to edit terrain. You can find a link to it at the bottom of our download page.

  13. Of course, i have that. But it was only idea how to do it easier to use (i think) in futural releases, when editor will be done.

  14. But the same problem is in Krom’s editor. both are very similar.

  15. Can someone help me ?
    I downloaded the new release but when I try to open it, it doesnt start running.
    So the exe. dont update my KAM…..
    Someone else also got that problem ?

    Greets, Glenn

    • The update installer is to update an old KaM Remake version, it will not update KaM to the Remake. If you don’t have any KaM Remake version you should download the full installer.
      Let us know if you need any more help 🙂

    • I think I have the same problem, as soon as I run the installers (tried both of them) they just close themselves after a second.
      I have no idea what to do about this.

  16. I just want to say THANK YOU!! For your great work! This version is KaM Remake is very cool and we (me and my brother) waiting for the next versions..I hope it will build more and more:-)! The good old times with Kam hmmm with new “clothes” :-)! So many thanks for your hard work on it! 😉

  17. Hey Guys! What is “Campaign Builder” and “Translation Manager”?

    • Campaign Builder lets you create a custom singleplayer campaign with a map, flags, story, translation, etc. Use it to open Campaigns\The Shattered Kingdom\info.cmp to see how it works.

      Translation Manager lets you edit the translations of the game.

      • Yes! I have just improved the Ben’s Campaign (For King and Country). Now i’m doing translation to Polish.

        • And, i forgot, those tools are really easy to use. Great job.

          • Ciemnozielony

            I don’t know one thing – is it problem it will have only polish and english translation? Because it is made in english and i can translate it only to polish. It is already done in missions, but i have now massive work with translating.

          • We can probably get our translators to do translations if it’s going to be officially included. What did you do for a map on the story screen? And have you tested the missions in the Remake to make sure it’s playable and not too easy/hard?

          • Ciemnozielony

            Now, for the working map, i’m using TPR map. But i will (as possible as i can) do map in Heroes of Might and Magic Map Editor. Because i’m not “pro” player, i will send requests to some of users at “knights.sztab” forum. And, because Briefings by Ben are really long, i will do shorter briefings. All Briefing will be in Campaign folder (for me: D:/KaM Remake/Campaigns/For King and Country/Briefings/Polish), but the main task will be in message on Campaign map.

          • The Dark Lord

            Do you actually have Ben’s permission to work on his campaign?

          • In the comments for his campaign on my mission site Ben said “Feel free to use any of my creations as you wish. Just don’t claim them as your own work, please.”
            But of course his campaign won’t be officially added to the Remake unless he 100% approves of it.

          • Ciemnozielony

            For Ben’s permission, I’m waiting to Wednesday. If he won’t answer, I’ll work on it actually, recognizing his silence as his permission. BUT, if he won’t accept this, Dark Lord, can I translate your campaign? About problem with siege workshops – in original KaM it wasn’t working well with AI, so it won’t do any difference. I hope you understand my english.

          • The Dark Lord

            I’m sure you could help translating, thanks for the offer (I’ll also talk with Khelben about it, so far he’s been my ever-reliable translator 🙂 ). However, I might change the storyline here and there so for now it wouldn’t be useful to translate it. When the time is there, I’ll probably make a topic on the Polish forum. 🙂

        • If you finish it (and make it work well in the Remake) please email it to us, we’ll consider adding it 🙂

  18. HaHa i didn’t noticed that before… now we’re waiting for completed map-mission editor 😀

  19. No The Viking,
    Iam just waiting for siege equipments and better balance with SHIEDLS
    And than i will wait 2nd for the finish map editor 😀

    • Better balance of units with shields should be in the next patch 🙂
      Siege equipment won’t be.
      The map editor will be improved slowly over time, we’ve already made some improvements.

  20. pipikaka, some players waits for editor too 😉 Lewin, i want to say that again: I am very happy because of that you works on it. Today it already looks very good and it is very easy to use. Good job! I’m looking forward to the next improvements 😀

  21. Hi guys! 🙂 Using Lewin’s mission editor, if you are able to make some playable multiplayer maps, including working (attacking / defending) AI, could you send me some to my e-mail please? Thank you! 🙂

  22. OK, I’m doing translation for in-game messages, and i see “I haven’t got them, when I’m playing”. I’m testing TSK – the same. I’m testing TPR – the same. Do you know, why i haven’t got any in-game messages, excluding those in Tutorials? I have “.libx” files in folders.

    • OK, Reply, I haven’t seen that, but i haven’t got them only in that campaign I’m translating. Someone on polish forum have seen this, and I’ll check if he knows, why i haven’t got them.

    • You need to create events (.evt) files for each mission that you want to have in-game messages telling it when to send the message. Look at the TSK/TPR campaigns for examples.

      • Thanks! I haven’t seen the “.evt” files before.

      • And I’ve forgot – have i make new “.evt” file or new campaign will work with those files from original campaigns?

      • Open one of the .evt files in Notepad or some other text editor. The commands tell it which message to display at which time. You can see our documentation (and future plans) here (note: only the bold things are implemented, the others are planned).

  23. 谢谢!

  24. Since this patch my brother has a problem with starting kam remake. Sometimes he gets blue sceen at the loading panel, or some minutes after the game started. It ran well some months ago. Pls help us cause its an awesome game.

    • It is probably an issue with his graphics card. Blue screens are often caused by bugs in graphics drivers. Download the latest drivers for his graphics card from the manufacturer’s website (Nvidia/ATI/Intel/etc.), hopefully that will fix the problem.

  25. Hello all,

    I am back guys with new weapon 🙂

    HAL – 3000 🙂 so.. no more Blue Screens of Death.

    I lost my archive with KaM Peasant Rebellion, so I cant play KaM Remake…
    Please Anyone have some web page where I can download it back?

    Thanks all , And I hope someone help me so I can go back to the Elite Players of this game 🙂

    PS: Email:

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