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New release: KaM Remake r6720

After rigorous testing and bugfixing, numerous nightly versions and 5 release candidate versions, the long awaited update to KaM Remake is now available! You can find it on the downloads page.

Blue AI

From this version on we have dropped the “Demo” tag from the title. Now it’s KaM Remake rSomething. The project has matured beyond a demo and into a fully-fledged game which no longer needs “Demo” in the title.

There are too many changes in the new version to list all of them, but here are some of the most significant:

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New release: r5503: Scripting Demo

Thank you for your patience, the KaM Remake Scripting Demo is finally ready!

UPDATE (30/06/2013): We have fixed a memory leak in the dedicated server and released updated server executables (r5047). You can get the new ZIP on the downloads page. Server operators please update!

You can find it on the downloads page. If you already have the previous version installed (r4179) you only need to download the update installer (42mb), otherwise you will need the full installer (258mb).
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New Release: r4179: 5th Multiplayer Demo Update 1

Today we have released a minor update with some important fixes and improvements. You will find it on the download page.
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New release: r4001 5th Multiplayer Demo

The popularity of the KaM Remake continues to grow. In the last release (r3392) we reached over 18,000 downloads, and the number of players online every day is steadily increasing. This is great news and gives us extra motivation to continue development. This latest release includes many exciting new features and we look forward to bringing you more updates after this one. You can get the release from the download page.
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New release: r3392 4th Multiplayer Demo

Thank you all for your patience! After three weeks of tireless work by our beta testers we are finally ready to bring you the 4th Multiplayer Demo. You can find it on the downloads page.
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