Ham Note på Mac OSX

Vi modtager ofte e-mails fra spillerne beder os, hvis de kan spille KaM Remake på deres Mac. Vi har nogle gode nyheder for de spillere!

PaulTheTall har lavet en Vin Hud wrapper for at køre KaM Remake under Mac OSX. Rutger fra vores fan samfund lavet en tutorial video, der forklarer, hvordan man bruger det:

For mere information og en alternativ video tutorial, kan du besøge vores Mac OSX og Linux side. Let us know in the comments if you get KaM Remake running on your Mac 🙂

26 svar på ”Ham Note på Mac OSX

  1. Is it possible to speed up the passing of time on a mac?


  2. Yes, the same shortcuts as on Windows should work on Mac. So F8 for x10 speed. If you’re on a laptop you might have to press fn+F8.

  3. Ah TNX! I’ll Try it. Another problem i have is that al the buildings are see through. This does not happen when I play the normal KAM but only on the remake. Any tips?

  4. the problem with my macbook is that when I use the F8 key is that it will only activate Itunes…

  5. Oke nevermind the shortcut problem. I got that one fixed by turning of the other functions of the keys in the mac preferences. The only problem I still have is the see through buildings.

  6. nice news!!

  7. @Thomas, that problem have everyone on the Mac.
    It is a little bit irritant, but for the rest does not matter, nothing to attract.
    But let we hope that it can solved. I think not because Lewin and Krom made the Remake for Windows.

    @Lewin, not complete see-trough, but I will give two examples:
    [1.] The labours are building the school, first when the school is dug, and not yet stone and wood is brought, you see the the wooden foundation.
    [2.] Than when the labours carpentry the school, you see (for example) 3 stones left by the school, but the school is ready only without flag, but the building is not ready, because if you click you can see how far it is ready. (525/550 for example)

    Hope that you it can solved in the next release.

    Kind regards,
    Rutger, maker of the tutorial.

    PS: For the rest, the game will work fine, those problems are not big problem s, alone it is a little bit irritant for the view.

  8. On Linux I can play via Wine *. Mac Os is Unix based system like Linux. You can also run Remake on Mac with Wine. Its just instalation Wine and instalation of Remake in Wine. 🙂

    * Wine – unix/linux program for running Windows application, programs, games and libraries on unix/linux.

    Im so sorry for my english.

  9. Hi! I just installed the KaM remake on my mac with the wineskin wrapper but my ‘dispatch troops’ button isn’t working. Does anyone know how to solve this problem. Please help me 🙁

    • Right clicking on the map allows you to dispatch troops. Do macs have right click these days? KaM Remake was designed for computers with a right mouse button. We could implemented the dispatch button if macs don’t have right click.

  10. Works on MBA ’13 with Yosemite on board. 😉

  11. Do you have any up to date instructions? Unfortunately, KaM Remake is not available anymore on paulthetall / Porting Kit (however normal version still is…).

  12. chciałbym taką jednostkę jak łopatnik (jeśli wróg jest daleko, to rzuca serią kamieni, a jak wróg jest blisko, to bije łopatą) i chcę nowy budynek stocznia. i tam pracownik stoczni buduje statek z 5 żelaza i 5 drewna

  13. bardzo chciałbym tą jednostkę i budynek

  14. głupie są te rzeczy które teraz są

  15. co to za głupie kam remake

  16. the king mision this shit! there is nothing worse!

  17. I would like a unit like a shovel (if the enemy is far away, it throws a series of stones, and if the enemy is close, it beats with a shovel) and I want a new shipyard building. and there a shipyard worker builds a ship of 5 iron and 5 wood

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