Varsti: 4. Multiplayer Demo

UPDATE 2 mai 2012: Me veel katsetamist ja püüab määrata mõned kinnitamata vead. Kahjuks on see protsess võtab kaua kui oodatud, kuid me tõesti tahame seda värskendust olema stabiilne, et me ei avalda seda, kuni me oleme rahul. Tõenäoliselt edasi lükata kuni vähemalt sel nädalavahetusel.

Kuna viimane demo detsember 2011 palju juhtunud! 4 kuud on möödunud meie kood on olnud üle 500 uuendused (hetkel r3255, viimane demo oli r2736), fan on saatnud meile 29 uut multiplayer kaardid, mängijad on jõudnud ligi 10 aastat online mängu ajal ja viimane demo on alla laaditud üle 10.000 korda!

Me oleme töötanud palju uusi funktsioone, millest mõned võivad olla näha meie Facebooki lehel, Twitter feed või Youtube kanal. Siin on mõned neist kõige olulisemad:

  • Kiirem laadimine (peaks tähendama vähem mängijaid on langenud koormuse tõttu liiga kaua)
  • Toetus väiksemate resolutsioonide (1024 × 576, 1024 × 600, 1280 × 720 jne)
  • AI on võimalik ehitada väike küla teha toit (me teinud ei ole sõjaline külg veel hinnatud)
  • Minimap preview fuajees näitab, mis mängija on valinud igas kohas
  • Paremini tarnete ja ehitada järjekorrad, nüüd lähim tööline / pärisori alati võtta töö
  • Kvaliteetne varjud üksuste ja puud (maja ei tööta veel)
  • Sujuvam kiirendada
  • Archers on natuke vähem võimsam
  • 4 uued tõlked: Eesti, Bulgaaria, Rumeenia ja Leedu
  • 29 uut multiplayer kaardid

Täna ma koostanud Release Candidate ja saata see välja meie tõlkijad ja beta testijad. Järgmise nädala nad aru küsimused ja me neid parandada. Kui ei ole suuremaid probleeme me loodetavasti vabastada avalikult ajakohastada järgmisel nädalavahetusel! (28.-29) Kui sa tahad aidata beta test Release Candidate, palun kirjuta meile.

Remember to check here next weekend to see if the new demo is out 😉

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  1. (BLADES) Razor

    I am very happy to have seen this publication on this page. and this I say we want the new update is already close

  2. (BLADES) Razor

    i love kam remake. 😀

    very good job Lewin 🙂

  3. Any news map for single player ?

  4. Yes, I added 2 new singleplayer maps from my site.
    But you can download your own from my mission site. Rename the .map and .dat files to the same name, and put in a new folder with that name under KaM Remake\Maps like the existing ones. (for example, put Maps\MyMission\MyMission.dat and Maps\MyMission\
    The format for KaM TSK/TPR missions is the same as in the Remake, so it can open all of those missions on my site that were made for KaM.

  5. YEAAH… this made my day:)

    Keep up with the good work! You guys are the best.

  6. Very good work. I hope it will have the same success. Thx for your work.

  7. Can you set bigger visibility of scout as KaM TPR?

    • The scout line of site (LOS) was increased in a fan-made patch Service Release 2 (SR2). In original KaM TPR it was the same as all units. In the next fan-made patch (SR3) it was reduced back to the normal amount of other units, because it allowed you to see into enemy villages in the campaigns. (among other reasons)

  8. Thx for the good news, Lewin 🙂
    How’s the development with the FoW feature?

  9. Ok and last question, can you do that in MP server you can play fast ?

  10. i have an idea for the remake, its a simply detail but itd be cool to fix je, the horses when they re sent to the barraks are of the same color, it could be possible to change the colors of the horses so there would be white grey and brown horses??

    • That’s difficult, we don’t have any artists working with us (we’re just programmers) There are lots of animation frames that would need to be changed, it would be a lot of work. (KaM animations are all done with images for each frame, there are no 3D models)

  11. Good idea

  12. And will you upgrade
    in-game editor in 4th MP demo?

    • No, we haven’t been working on the map editor. Most people seem to manage ok with using Krom’s map editor and my mission editor, so we don’t think it’s as important as stuff like supporting fan-made campaigns, improved AI, etc.

  13. OK. Thx Lewin

  14. Have you been working on the economic objectives in multiplayer games? Like you are victorious if you are the first that makes 100 sausages and 50 pikes, etc.

  15. (BLADES) Razor

    there will be more cooperative maps
    I would like to have more maps tsk 😉

  16. Will be more coop. maps ?

    • I added TSK 16 as a 4 vs 4 coop 😉 That’s all for now, it’s quite a bit of work for me to convert and test them.

  17. First of all; Thank you for this remake, i’m so glad i can play KaM again. I played it allot when i was young, and thanks to you guys i can even play multiplayer now! Me and my friends are really enjoying it.

    Second; a couple of things that (always) annoyed me was that you can’t really give tasks to your serves and laborer. The serves just do what they feel like and the laborer all work together. Somethings the’re 15 laborers trying to build 1 house… I would be awesome if you could change this just like with the woodcutter(plant and cut or only cut trees).

    • Thanks for the compliments!
      Well KaM is an indirect control game with the economy, if you could tell individual units what to do it wouldn’t be the same any more. Since the last release we’ve made laborers split between houses to be built so that shouldn’t be such a problem. (so you don’t get 15 building one house) We’ve also made the serfs and laborers smarter at choosing jobs, so they always take the closest ones.
      I think these things will solve your problems, see what you think when the new version is release 🙂

  18. I cant wait for even more advanced AI (when they can build a entire village and attack) Thats going to be awsome. Me and a friend are waiting for that to happen cause we love to play together vs Ai :D!

  19. I need KaM Remake!!! 🙂

  20. Good job.. this will be new era of KAM Remake..

  21. Lewin because archers are less powerful now, my question is: What did you manage to do that? 🙁

    • I fixed the hit calculation so it is less likely to hit a moving target. I also made arrows slightly less likely to hit in all cases, meaning archers do a bit less damage than before. Archers seemed too powerful especially in multiplayer, where most people just make crossbowmen and a few melee units to guard them.
      Even after these changes, archers are still very powerful, they just miss slightly more often now, and it is possible to charge at them without losing so many men because arrows miss moving targets more often.

      • (BLADES) Razor

        I now understand
        I remain happy with your answer.
        I need to ask you another question because I was very upset with other players
        ¿Is there a way for people not to cheat in the game? I mean that when one is playing the other players look at you you’re doing the game by opening another tab.

        • A few days ago Krom made it so you can’t run two copies of the game at once on one computer. So to cheat you would need two computers. When we have file transfer we might make it so only the host can save, then nobody else can cheat at all.

          • (BLADES) Razor

            I feel very good that I will not have to worry haci anymore. 😀
            now will be worth it to play the game.

  22. (BLADES) Razor

    Send a greeting to Krom from me for doing a good job with the issue of cheating players 😛

  23. I hope that the release come soon because i need new KaM remake.

  24. I found my dusty CD of Kam:TSP when i was cleaning house … and i wrote Kam mods in google … so happy to find this one 😀 definetly will play with some friends
    cheers and keep up the pace 😀

  25. Looking forward for the release!

    Especially for the smarter delivery,
    but about that a little question.
    Shorstest distance in traveling or in tiles?
    Because sometimes they still have to go all the way around something so it wouldn’t be the one who’s the closest.
    I hope you understand my description.

    • It’s tile distance, so yeah they will chose deliveries on the other side of a hill. Calculating walking distance is slow, and to find the closest delivery we would need to calculate it for every delivery the serf could do. That’s a lot of extra processing which will slow the game down. We might be able to achieve it if we really optimize our path finding algorithm, it’s on our todo list. (for other cases as well like woodcutters, fishermen, etc.)

  26. Will you do that th.e player cant eat all the fishs od the river ?

    • We don’t have plans to change that in the near future. We might consider ways to restock fish eventually, but that’s just an idea.

  27. Thank you, Krom and Lewin!

  28. Great works guys You make me little more happy with this game :)) actually I played it when I was a child but multi is always better Thx again 🙂

  29. Where can I send you some maps or jokes for your editor?

    • I’m not working on my editor any more.
      If you want to submit high quality maps to be included in the KaM Remake please email them to us.

  30. Great work! Thanks for Lithuanian translation!

  31. Zerathul.eX CZ

    hello, is possible to see complete changelog of 4th Multiplayer Demo please? 🙂 or it will be available untill with release.

  32. Did you come allong some mayor problems?

    Kam remake is the best mod ever =D

  33. hey,

    When i play the game online it plays perfectly.
    then after about 30 minutes it starts to lag horribly.
    This happens on every game i play on the servers.
    Do you have any idea how this could be caused?
    any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    • Do you mean the current public release r2736 or the beta release?
      Do you see the “waiting for players” screen?

      Things that can cause lag:
      – One or more players have a slow computer
      – One or more players have a slow internet connection
      – Server connection is slow
      – AI players (they use too much CPU at the moment)

      • Beta release, and it does not show the waiting for players screen.
        The weird thing is that everything is ok untill after +/- 45 minutes, then it starts to lagg host side only.

        • I’m almost certain it is not related to the host, because the host does not do anything different than clients during the game. I have increased the base delay of game commands so that will reduce lag, let me know how it goes when I send you the 3rd release candidate.

  34. Gabriel Sippel

    Question: Is there a way to copy the text written in-game, like the chat and lobby chat?

    Question 2: Is the shared units control possibility being worked out, as well as the ability to control a village in case one of the players left the game?

    Suggestion: A circle or square indicating the area that a production building will search for resources. For example, the area that a woodcutter will cut trees and re-plant them, the area showing how far a farmer will harvest and seed the field, stonecutter search range, etc…

  35. Kam is the best strategy game I ever played and the work you have done to improve it is amazing. Keep up with the good work.

  36. still no new version out 🙁
    im looking every hour now :p

  37. The same as I do. I want the new version, cant wait for it 😀

  38. Lewin will you play sometimes on one of the servers in KaM ?

  39. Unfortunately I don’t have much time available to play on account of my studies. (this release is being delayed because I don’t have time to fix the bugs and test it) I played a multiplayer game in the release candidate the other day to find bugs, it was fun 🙂
    I would like to play more games, so when I next have a break from holidays keep an eye out for me 😉

  40. There are still some bugs in 4th release?

  41. I need it 🙂

  42. Nice job, I will play kam forever, and this updates makes the game much much better…

  43. What about releasing it now and fix the bugs left with a extra patch? I hardly can wait for the next version of this great remake.

    • We want releases to be stable so the game look professional and can be enjoyed without worrying about crashes. People will stop playing it if it crashes every second game, we’d rather they play the old version until the new one is stable. We make release candidates and send them to our community beta testers to find bugs.
      If you want to become a beta tester send us an email and I can add you to the mailing list.

      • Thanks for this friendly offer but i must decline it. I wouldn’t have the time to test the beta really and intensively in order to help you to fix those bugs. It would be only a wasting of ressources to invite me to the beta 😀 But i’m gladly playing this game in my free time and i’m looking forward to the next version. Your crew commitment is great and makes this game so successfully and advanced.
        I understand that you need to fix this bugs first before the game is ready for the next version. Its better to spend more time in a new patch than releasing it too early and overlook major problems which will only impacts the game feeling for the players.

  44. In what programme do you working on it ?

  45. Can you add new units? I have some ideas for some units

    • We don’t have anyone to make the graphics. Also we think it’s more important to finish the original features of KaM before adding many new ones (e.g. AI, bugs, graphical glitches, etc.)

  46. Hi there , i was wondering if i could be a beta tester? just add me on skype: zirzor

    and i can give direct info and even talk to you guys if its possible, cus i am online on it all day.

    i love this game so much and i would be happy to beta test for you guys sometimes.

    but only if your willing to use skype that is.

  47. Sorry but then i must decline, e-mail to me is to old fashioned, i hate logging in to my email everytime i must type something and then send it and then not know if i got a email or not if i dont login every 4 hours or so, and i find that exhausting.

    But if you guys do change your mind about skype, i could devote atleast 6 hours a day to this beta testing.

    • No worries, we have over 60 beta testers, so obviously it’s not possible to communicate with them all on a personal basis.

  48. Ok i changed my mind, i dont have anything to do right now, and i was wondering if you could send the mail with the stuff?

    would be nice to be beta tester for this wonderful mod, even if it is abit inconvinient :3

  49. thanks alot


  50. Hi Lewin, could i and my friend Michal be a beta tester too?
    We will be glad to help with testing.

    • Yes you can, I sent it to you. You can send it to your friend, just make sure he doesn’t post it publicly and he understands it is an unofficial release which might have a lot of bugs.

  51. Why would you change the core of the game by weakening the attack value of ranged units? Is there any reason for it? Is it because players complain about their capacities? And if so, why do you listen to their pleas and not to ours when we complained about the agressivness of towers? And that for a vast amount of time. When we were still playing through K&M TSK we already encountered that towers formed a real problem when not limited to a certain amount. You’ll probably remember players complaining about the towers issue and that we suggested a tower limit. Which would be very similar to the “Peace Time” slide that is already present in the game. (In K&M the Remake that is). Please enlighten me why you decided to make ranged units weaker and why it would be better, because the way I look at it this horrible tweak will only deteriorate the gameplay. It was fine as it was. Ranged units are actually pretty weak when in smaller number of only tens of men. And if you’re going through with THIS then with what kind of amount will the attack value of bowmen and/or crossbowmen be decreased? Sigh, the fact that you even considered this change of an essence of K&M is incomprehensible.

    • hello plaguesworn
      well if you did play it online you will notice that every player is focest on making bowmen and/or crossbowmen the maker lewin whants the players to make all typ’s of solders not only bowmen and/or crosbowmen and the fact that he’s making them a ”little” weaker is good for the gameplay so the players needs to defend there archers with axemen are knight’s

      and lewin
      i really like to be part of your team to make graphic design’s for the ”new unit” idea and another thing ive notice’t is that there should be a random button by the map selection if i chould do anything to help you out of any problem’s please contact me :

    • Archers in the KaM Remake are not the same as in KaM TSK/TSK. We have a smart aiming system, where the archer shoots where the target will be when his arrow lands (like a real archer would) In KaM TSK/TPR they shot where the unit was standing when the released the arrow, meaning they almost never hit moving targets. In KaM TSK/TPR it was possible to avoid lots of damage from archers if your soldiers were moving, but in the Remake this was no longer possible. Also, we don’t understand how the archer attack formula worked in KaM TSK/TPR, we just guessed at it, I believe archers were more powerful in r2736 than in KaM TSK/TPR.
      I’d like to stress that they have only been reduced SLIGHTLY. I don’t think it’s changed the game at all really, archers are still the most important/powerful soldiers as they always have been. We have not changed the essence of KaM. Please hold off on your judgements until you have tried it yourself.

      As I’ve said before, I don’t see why a tower limit is necessary because building towers takes a LOT of time, (anyone who spams towers won’t have many troops) and with just 3 militia you can empty a tower and make it 100% useless. Next time someone towers spams, use militia or other cheap units to empty them before you send your main army in.

      @Daylan: A random button for maps won’t work, maps range from 2-8 players and sometimes specific alliances are required otherwise you start at the same place as your enemy.
      We don’t have plans to add new units yet, we have a lot of other stuff we’re working on. If you’re a graphic artist and could create high quality graphics for the game then we’re interested, send us an example of your work and your ideas.

  52. Is it ok for beta tester to send the mail over youtube instead? cus i have an account there and i would be easier for me to do this.

    MvH ZirzoR

    • No, sorry I don’t check Youtube. If you want to take part in the beta testing use email, or don’t take part at all.

  53. Dylan, I’ve played K&M online ever since the original game of TSK was released. Players always mainly equiped ranged units, even in TSK, it’s just what K&M is. So it’s no surprise that one should equip these men at arms for they form the core of your army. But that doesn’t include that you couldn’t fend them off with knights or other heavily armed men. This is especially the case when you lowered their force to tens of men. According to my experience the gameplay is fine as it is. That explains my concern why Lewin decided to weaken ranged units. Lewin, K&M TSK/TPR was alot slower in pretty much every aspect compared to K&M the Remake. The Remake did a good job with smoothing the gameplay up. Just the thought that you will weaken ranged units looks very bad. I guess I have to experience it for myself how bad this decreasement of the attack capacities of ranged units will affect the game. And for the towers, they really do form a problem when playing in teams. Expecially a scenario when a player digs in by building towers very dense to one another. This creates a “Tower Wall”, which pretty much prevents you from walking in and/or clearing the towers. If he builds multiple Tower Wall layers, then forget about attacking him. All their allies have to do is to put all of their troops in front of the tower wall(s) of the tower spammer and then it stops right there. for the attacking player that is. Any attempt will high likely fail, because of the presence of the allied troops behind the tower wall(s). So if you finally managed to clear the towers, which will cost you alot of militia taking into acount that his allied troops will shoot at your militia without even being able to clear one stone from a tower and that the tower wall will pretty much block your militia from walking in, then it was all for nothing because your ranged units are now open and ready to be killed if you don’t fold back. All you did there was lose alot of wood, gold and time. I don’t mind players walling off their town, as long as they use the range of fire of the actual tower. So with gaps in between them and not building layer after layer of towers. To achieve this, and to prevent that tower spammers will build an impassable wall of towers, a tower limit (something like the Peace Time slide) will be necessary. Not to speak of tower spammers who build a Tower Wall and build towers randomly shifted into their town.

    • Since the archers were changed players still equip mainly archers from what I’ve seen. Melee units are just a bit more useful now, before they were only meat shields for your own archers, now they serve a purpose of supporting your archers not just shielding them. But yeah, you really have to try it to see what I mean. Some players said they can’t tell the difference, it’s not a big change.

      I’m not sure how we’ve smoothed up the gameplay in the Remake… it all runs at the same speed as TSK. Things are more efficient so that can make the game faster. I think also we are all older so we play more efficiently and use smarter tactics 😉

      As for tower spam, I hear what you are saying, and I agree that those kind of tactics aren’t much fun. But those tactics are really only possible on maps with a few narrow entrances to your village. On more open maps you can’t completely surround yourself with lots of towers, it takes too long. I suggest you play more open maps, a lot of more competitive players on the forums prefer open maps for this very reason.
      However, I believe some players enjoy playing those kind of cat-and-mouse games with towers. I personally don’t, and you don’t either, but if some people want to play the game like that, it’s not for us to decide how they should play. (I’ve only seen a few people complain about tower spam, so it seems that a lot of people aren’t bothered by it)

      I don’t think a tower limit would stop players from playing defensively. If you play on a map with only a few entrances, even with only 1-2 towers per entrance you can still put 100s of crossbowmen behind the towers and sit there waiting to be attacked. It’s still very hard to attack them. The only way to really stop people playing defensively is to play on more open maps, there are quite a few already and this next release will add some more.
      Also in this next release towers are less accurate at hitting moving targets, (less accurate if the target is running) so charging militia at towers should be even more effective than before.
      I’m not saying that playing on open maps is a perfect solution, I’ll keep your points in mind and see what I think while playing online.
      Thank you for your feedback.

      • To stop this conflict:

        As a beta tester I almost can’t see the difference after the change.
        Yes, you need a little more soldiers to defend them, but it’s not a big deal.

        cheers mate’s

  54. lewin
    what kind of graphic’s/imge’s do you whant ???

  55. never mind we will have contact trough email .

  56. DarkianMaker

    I was wondering, what about making the troops that you can train from the town hall trainable from the barracks (except barbarians and warriors)? Like a spear and a recruit for a rebel, an axe, a horse and a recruit for a vagabond?

  57. Plaguesworn, I know how many people online make only mass xbows. Often with mass militia too. Maybe more then 80% of all players I noticed. I’m not saying that it can’t be countered but you know aswell as me that a big shoot-out between 2 groups of bows isn’t much fun and certainly not intended by the makers of the remake that way. What we need are more types of units made that are actually usefull. From what I’ve heard swordmen now can be used to fight instead of just dying as a very expensive meatshield. Atleast I hope it will be like that. And when was the last time you saw some effective axe fighters in the game for instance? And have you ever seen scouts online? Of all player I know only one trains scouts sometimes. That says enough, I’d say.

    I do however completely agree with you on the tower-spamming. It’s just the opposite of fun tbh. They say you just need to train mass militia to counter. But I agree that that’s not the answer either. Because before your militia reaches the towers they are all killed by enemy archers behind the towers, so in fact they die for nothing. I think there are 2 solutions for this:
    * put a max on the towers like for instance no more than 10.
    * Let towers be unable to build right next to each other, like you said with some sort of buildradius.
    Maybe the stormattack is so much better now that you actually reach the towers, let’s hope so.

  58. I agree with To. And this : “Let towers be unable to build right next to each other, like you said with some sort of buildradius.” is very good idea, i support it.

  59. I like it when my enemy starts spamming towers right next to each other, It gives me an advantage and I normally win because he has no area for his crossbowmen to defend from, all they can do is just stand behind the towers while i have one group of archers attack the towers and another group defending the attacking group.
    Yes it takes longer to destroy the tower, but not that long! Patience is a virtue in war.

  60. Also, another thing I wanted to ask about, was the archer problem. Would it be possible to give the melee units with shields a button that you can press, which in turn would raise their shields and make them more immune to archers but maybe decrease their speed or something?

    The only problem is that this would probably need a graphic designer 🙁

  61. Some say that towers take long to build, so the towerspammer can’t focus on training troops and is most likely easy to beat. Maybe that’s true. You can also look at it this way: While beeing under siege the spammer has too much time to adapt to the situation. And there are ofcourse decent players who can set up weapon production first and while making weapons do towerspam without loss of efficiency. I sometimes need 20 mins to break through a chockepoint with 4 or more towers with enemy xbows against more decent players. I personally think towers need too much arrows to be destroyed (took much less arrows in the original for sure) and with the lack of war machines in the remake towers are too powerfull imo. I do agree that one needs some towers (I use it basicly to prevent enemies to scout me early on).
    Have you ever counted how much resources only one single knight costs? I did. Read this, only one knight costs you: 10 coal, 3 iron, 1 gold and 4 grain, besides the time it takes for the serfs to deliver all this to the 6 buildings involved. What my point is, the whole game is created to use a certain production scheme (like a chain). Maybe the knight is a extreme example but what is the ‘chain’ for building towers, Yes, you’re right, there is none, you only need the prebuild of the quarry and some stones. So only one stone can kill a knight. Somehow it doesn’t make sense, but maybe that’s just me. Militia is ofcourse the way to go when try to attack towers but it’s still 10 wood, 5 gold and 5 coal versus 5 stones, if all 5 militia reach the tower that is. Think about it. Knowing it’s also more difficult to attack someone then defend yourself. So, summarized, I admit the use of towers but if there is a way for the creators to make it more difficult to spam towers, I would be even more grateful for this Remake.

  62. I had them same thing as nemesis yesterday
    I played a game online with a friend and was spamming towers as hell
    So he didnt have anny space left for deffending troops.
    I made a holl in his deffencing line of towers with archers and my troops stormd into his town.
    Because he was building al his towers he didn’t concentrate at is maiilitary forces so he was dead when I broke to hiss lines

    Cheers mates
    Ps: good work on the mod

  63. Gabriel Sippel

    So, I heard the “team” doesn’t have a graphic artist or something, and I began to wonder, if it’s a relatively easy job to create 2d sprites for KaM, and what tools could I use. I would love to create some stuff, even if I never worked with this kind of stuff, but I’m guessing that with prectice, anyone may create some badass sprites… So you guys know about any FREE tool to create the sprites? And tutorials?

    • The Gimp is a pretty good free image editor a bit like Photoshop. Apparently the original graphics like units, tree and houses were created as 3D models then they generated the 2D graphics from that (the 3D models have never been released of course)

  64. Hey Guys! When? When? 🙂

    • When it’s ready. It’s hard to set deadlines in a hobby project when we have limited time. BUT I can tell you that we are in the final stages of testing so it should be out within the week.

  65. Please reduce damage by archers/crossbows or disable the “smart” aim system… or add fog of war… The only usefull soldiers against crossbows are knights or more crossbows… I played remake one month and for 95% game its the same; run for iron, build iron weapons fast as hell and mass crossbow men…
    The rules for win:
    1.) have a more crossbows as others… (sometimes + militia)
    2.) enjoy
    If i am wrong please send to my email replay (60-65 minutes for start, not defense game) when will be two really good players against each other. One will be mass the crossbows and another will build (mass if you want) anything except crossbows, archers, knights…

    btw, i think building towers is waste of time for both players, if you are too good player (and you have more crossbow men 😉 ) it will take 10-20 minutes to break tower defense. And if you are decided build more then 5-6 towers you will probably loose anyway.

    • Crossbowmen and bowmen are a bit less powerful in this upcoming release. See what you think of it when it’s released. I think you’ll see the other units in the game used a lot more 😉

  66. Great Lewin, thank you so much for your answer! We’re so excited here in Poland with your project so that’s why I’m asking. Don’t get me wrong, please. Best regards from Polish community!

  67. well, thanks for the answers, lately ive been playing the peasants rebellion, but i downloaded this from, i dont know what page, and i have a problem: when i start to train units from the town hall, all the military units i have become slow, the accions i order to them, they delay seconds to do anything, if someone know something to fix this HELP!
    PD: sorry for my bad english jaja

    • That is a bug in The Peasants Rebellion, unfortunately the only solution is to not use the town hall. Obviously this bug doesn’t happen in the Remake but our singleplayer AI is not complete yet so you might find TPR better for singleplayer.

  68. every time when i make a game it goes wrong, When i start the game i win.
    i have add a goal, destroy all enemy soldiers. i tried a lot of things but it doesnt work please help me.

    • If you win when you start the game that means the goals for the mission are set wrong. Maybe you could post your problem in more detail on our forum and somebody there could help you?

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