Новая версія: r4179: 5-я Мультыплэер Дэма Абнаўленне 1

Сёння мы выпусцілі невялікае абнаўленне з некаторымі важнымі выпраўленнямі і паляпшэннямі. Вы знойдзеце яго на спампаваць старонку.

The biggest change fixes the long standing issue causing multiplayer ping (latency) to be far higher than necessary. Ping will now be about палова what it was in the past, which should make it the same as you would see in other games. This will effectively double the responsiveness of multiplayer, so when you place an order it will happen sooner than before. It should make it easier to play games with players from remote regions. If you are interested in the technical details, we neglected to disable Nagle’s algorithm (TCP_NODELAY) which meant smaller packets were concatenated into larger ones, causing unnecessary delays.


  • Выпраўленая памылка, што даводзіла сярэдняя сетку пінг быць прыкладна ў два разы вышэй, чым неабходна
  • Certain graphics cards would cause the game to crash when the map was loaded (Intel 965/963)
  • Беларускі ліст Ў быў верхні і ніжні рэгістр месцамі ў шрыфтах
  • Fixed some crashes related to timing that mainly affected servers (server admins: send us your log files if your server crashes so we can investigate)


  • Стаўкі Гандлёвая пляцоўка былі істотна змянілася, каб больш дакладна адлюстроўваць кошт рэсурсаў


  • Рэдактар ​​Карта паказвае колькасць рыб у вадаёмах
  • Паляпшэння да узвышэнню інструментаў рэдактар ​​карт
  • Правядзенне зрух пры размяшчэнні дом трымае дом, абраны замест пераходу на дарозе
  • Падказкі цяпер лягчэй чытаць на цёмным фоне
  • Колькасць будаўнічых матэрыялаў, якія пастаўляюцца на стадыі будаўніцтва дома паказаны пры яе выбары
  • Limited the number of labourers that will build a house simultaneously (to prevent situations such as 20 labourers all trying to build a gold mine)

We are still working on features for the next major update which will hopefully include better army control and a more complete standalone AI.

Please continue to report any issues to us. Many of the bugs fixed in this update were due to users submitting crash reports and emailing us with their problems.
Левін і Кром.

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  1. That looks very promising, think I’ll be playing some multiplayer again very soon 😀
    Also “Limited the number of labourers that will build a house simultaneously (to prevent situations such as 20 labourers all trying to build a gold mine)” sounds great, could improve town build speed quite significantly.

    As always thanks for the hard work you guys put into this.

    • Yeah, that works great.

      If only that were to be combined with giving buildings that have all building materials ready more priority than building roads and farmland 🙂

  2. hello guys,

    the new version isn´t it for 32bit computers…. i have error 203. i don´t can´t start this programm….


    • The KaM Remake is a 32 bit application and works fine on 32 bit computers. Can you be more specific about your problem? Is it the installer or the game that gives the error? Could you send a screenshot to our email address so we can see the error message?

  3. hello guys.

    the new download is this for 32bit too??

  4. Hi Krom, Hi Lewin and Hi all KaM fan 🙂

    When i and my brother was young in the 90’s years our first game is the original KAM merchant…we are played the game oncountable hours! I have got the original game Cd and the original Retail box. I’m a really KAM veteran! After many years one of my favorite games is still the KAM!
    I gladly see you are doing a great job with this game!
    I think only one thing is missing in the game. I know hard to take a new building in the game! But i always misses the alternative mod to make coal in the game!
    A coking plant maybe will be great! I have god a tip: why not modify the sawill as like the woodcutter. In the woodcutter we can change to plant forest and remove trees, or only remove trees! In the sawill maybe can make woodplank or can make coal…i know is not the best but it’s only an ideal!

    Sorry my bad english, i hope you can understand what i want to say!

  5. i`m in multiplayer and when i choose one lobby … he told me this : conection failed , your data files do not match the host .. problem is he told me that for all lobby`s .. and i can`t play ! pls help …thk 🙂

  6. i have allready the Update r4179 ..

    • Sounds like some of your files are corrupted. Did you install any mods or try editing anything? (or recompiling?) That could cause that to happen.
      Try downloading the full release and reinstalling so all of your files are replaced with the originals.

  7. Hi guys, in kam remake how can i play missions and campaigns created by kam fans? (for example THE NEW LANDS)

    • You need to put the missions in a new folder under the folder Maps in the place where you installed the KaM Remake. They will then appear in the single maps menu. Look at the existing maps that come with the Remake for an example of how to do it. So lets say you had a mission called “Battle”. You would place the files like this:
      KaM Remake\Maps\Battle\Battle.dat
      KaM Remake\Maps\Battle\Battle.map
      The names of the files and folder must be the same as shown above.
      Good luck 🙂

    • Oh,that’s a great idea.I think more single missions will make kam better!

  8. Hi 2 all
    I want to ask a question about the lags and spikes that appeared in the new version.
    Only if I have such a problem?
    Or all the same situation?
    Is it possible that the case in the servers on which we play?
    After 30 minutes of play – to become unplayable.

    Thx for answer

    • Thanks for your message.

      Does your ping spike (suddenly go much high) when that happens? If so it could be a problem with your internet connection losing packets. If all player’s ping spikes at the same time then it’s probably a problem with the server. Well known servers on solid hosts (e.g. SpecialAttack) shouldn’t have any problems, but if somebody is hosting a server from their home it could lag.

      If a player’s ping goes much higher that could mean they are causing the lag, for example if somebody else in their house starts watching Youtube and slows their internet connection a lot.

      It could also be your computer lagging (or some other player’s computer) if it’s old. Press F11 while playing and look at the FPS (frames per second) display in the bottom of the screen. It should stay above 20 otherwise you might be causing lag. Playing on a lower resolution and not zooming out will help keep your FPS high. Unfortunately at the moment if just one player has a slow computer giving a low FPS it will cause the game to lag for everybody. We plan to show when a player is causing lag like this so other players know why it is lagging and the lagging player can fix the problem.

      It could be something else that is causing your problem, these kind of issues are complicated but we’d really like to fix it. We appreciate your message. Let us know if we can help you further or if you have any more information that might help us solve these issues 🙂

  9. [TR] Ottoman 55'

    turkey flag, language, the next update

    • Somebody has offered to create a Turkish translation and we are waiting for a reply from them. If they are able to create it we should have the translation ready for the next release.

  10. [TR] Ottoman 55'

    Okay thanks..

  11. help please. a child playing this game. Founded and now your website. decided to download the game. downloaded tried to install. trebuetmya in there original. where you can download.

  12. а что мне делать если у меня нет возможности отплатить ее предложенными там способами?

  13. Marcel/or NL Vortex Damage

    Hi Lewin or KROM
    I have discovered a new bug.
    In game: when i select my fight units for the first time,
    the game would crash.
    The rest of the game is ok.

    After the crash, i can choose between continous playing or
    close program.
    If i choose continous the would run OK.
    But when i select my fight units again,
    the same crash will happen.
    Online game ended with messages like ‘server stopped responding)’
    So, is there a solvation for this.
    And is this bug already familiar by you?
    And i am the only guy with this problem?
    I you have any questions,
    please ask.
    Hope to hear it soon.
    I have send already a mail to you.
    Greetz NL Vortex Damage

  14. NL Vortex damage

    ok thanx man i will look 😉

  15. Saad (The_King)

    Guys!! This game is the love of my childhood! I can’t express how happy I am to see KaM Remake! I extend my deepest gratitude to the whole team… I’m so emotional right now… I can’t thank you enough!!! Thank you soo much for working on this… and I hope you make it even better! I’m a student in a foreign country right now, otherwise I would’ve donated a regular portion of my salary to this game’s development! I’m playing your Remake almost everyday on multiplayer these days and the hours of joy that it brings me… I owe them all to you! Thank you and keep it up ! 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words, we appreciate it 🙂
      We’re glad you like the KaM Remake and enjoy playing it, we enjoy developing it 🙂

      • I experience this same crash. The game halts when selecting military units. This is the only reference a google search turned up, so it would help very much if a fix could be posted here.

        I run Windows 7, 32 bit. I downloaded KaM remake just now, so I should have the latest version.

        • Hi,
          We received a crash report which seems to be from you (sent soon before you commented here). The crash is caused by trying to load an invalid sound file for a warrior. It looks like you installed over the Steam version of KaM TPR, so maybe some of the TPR files are confusing the Remake (it’s best if you keep the two versions separate). Please try installing the KaM Remake separately to TPR (in a different folder) and see if the crash still happens. You can make it launchable from within Steam by clicking “add a non-steam game”.

  16. Saad (The_King)

    🙂 .. and Lewin, are you considering making a Facebook page for the Remake? It has its benefits, doesn’t it? 🙂

  17. Saad (The_King)

    Oh… silly me 😛 .. Thanks 🙂

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