New Release: r4179: 5th Multiplayer Demo Update 1

Today we have released a minor update with some important fixes and improvements. You will find it on the download page.

The biggest change fixes the long standing issue causing multiplayer ping (latency) to be far higher than necessary. Ping will now be about half what it was in the past, which should make it the same as you would see in other games. This will effectively double the responsiveness of multiplayer, so when you place an order it will happen sooner than before. It should make it easier to play games with players from remote regions. If you are interested in the technical details, we neglected to disable Nagle’s algorithm (TCP_NODELAY) which meant smaller packets were concatenated into larger ones, causing unnecessary delays.


  • Fixed a bug that caused average network ping to be about twice as high as necessary
  • Certain graphics cards would cause the game to crash when the map was loaded (Intel 965/963)
  • Belarusian letter ÐŽ had upper and lower case swapped in fonts
  • Fixed some crashes related to timing that mainly affected servers (server admins: send us your log files if your server crashes so we can investigate)


  • Marketplace trade rates have been significantly changed to more accurately reflect the value of resources


  • Map editor shows the number of fish in water bodies
  • Improvements to the map editor elevation tools
  • Holding shift while placing a house keeps the house selected instead of switching to road
  • Hints are now easier to read on a dark background
  • The number of building materials delivered to an under construction house is shown when it is selected
  • Limited the number of labourers that will build a house simultaneously (to prevent situations such as 20 labourers all trying to build a gold mine)

We are still working on features for the next major update which will hopefully include better army control and a more complete standalone AI.

Please continue to report any issues to us. Many of the bugs fixed in this update were due to users submitting crash reports and emailing us with their problems.
Lewin and Krom.

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