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here consider the wisdom, this will not Axis Certified Professional happen stage. No stage boss fight would be relatively easy, once mastered an anti boss method can no longer anti brain. Polar bear dead flame began to throw out the field, and then call bony pterodactyl burned as soon as the value of life is to lay a dragon Osa to 90. Bony pterodactyl outbreak, but very sick, this is to be incinerated substantially lord npc die reasons. Plus a pair of output artifact polar bear, dead areas of flame burning, black and dark Leitai Tan violent outbreak output, this can still get by. The first stage is relatively simple, Axis Certification the output is easier, which is one reason Pyrenees opening to the outbreak. If the outbreak is difficult to such a high damage at other stages. Although 90 of other tanks know this method hatred, but very few people can do, but in such a dangerous time can be maintained, it is quite difficult. Of course, there are many tanks never ever thought of using this method to help iron wolf wing to complete the task, on the one hand they are accustomed to after pulled boss, output crazy boss down the value of life, will not stay in this value. Moreover, a polar bear who just a short time output can lay boss so much the value of life This is the dragon s Axis Certified Professional it exam head for al.

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AX0-100 Axis Network Video Exam Axis Axis Certified Professional