Knights Province announcement

So this is it – the big announcement of the secret project.


We discussed what kind of new game we could make, development, style, balance, new ideas. Ever since I was busy prototyping (remember those April Fools 3D renders), programming new 3D terrain and rendering engines, planning unit rigging and animations, 3D modelling, drawing sketches. I’ve had to hire freelance people to help with it too.

Here it is in all its current glory:

2016-02-15 another ai town

Official Knights Province devblog is now located at:
It was private for the past year, visible to only a few people. Now it’s public! You will find plenty of info about the project there, that I was posting during past year and a half. Check out the Media to see screens and artwork.

Alpha versions are available for download and play!

Preempting questions about KaM Remake’s fate – Knights Province has been in progress for the past 1,5 years, co-existing with KaM Remake development side-by-side. Some of the changes went from KMR to KP, some in other direction. Knowing that, that should give you good sense of how further KaM Remake development is going to co-exist with Knights Province.

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  1. It’s so nice to see how KaM pushed you to develop your own game.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Amazing news! How are the finances going? Do you need help from volunteers with things or do you primarily rely on donations a.t.m. or do you simply invest the time now so that you can hopefully earn it back when it is released?
    I would definitely pay serious cash for this game!

    • We don’t have a solid finance nor license plan yet. For the project this size and ambition, we surely need as much help as possible. For now I was investing my own time and money on freelancers.

  4. Hey there, firstly thank you for KaM Remake it really enjoyed and was thrilled to play a game which had an impact when I was little 🙂 . Secondly great job with Province. It is an nice idea, was dreaming of making myself something similar. If you are interested in some help, I would be a please for me do give a helping hand. Can help in 3D art and programming. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Best of luck with your projects 😀 !

  5. I prefer 2D over 3D but on these days it’s so hard saying it.. but well I can accept 3D very well, but please, just quit making the models look like those minecraft clones that are killing the game industry right now.. those voxel-made blocks are annoying as hell

    • We will surely try to stay away from excessive voxelization 🙂
      What do you think about the graphics we have right now on the screenshots?

      • I think that the game should have a bit more details en better textures maybe. for example you see the gold, stone and iron mountains? they look kinda wierd to me but that is just my opinion. also the trees and the ”people” look a bit wierd with not very much detail or any textures. but yea its still a really early alpha i gues.

  6. Now this is exciting, I have some knowledge on blender 3D, maybe able to help with the objects in the game.

    The general direction of the 3D graphics is good. Quite curious how the game mechanics will relate and differ from KAM remake 🙂

    good luck with it

  7. Still better than KaM2. Anyway, maybe you try to borrow some graphics and background sounds from that? It was bewitching to me and I would be joyful seeing (hearing) it again in this, more promising project 🙂

    • Nope, we cannot borrow any content from others IP. What kind of things are you talking about, by the way?

      • The sounds and some features in graphics. Cannot explain it better, but even such game- KaM2 was pretty well prepared in side of medieval climate- i could feel it. Imo your project would be just beautiful when you try to create it with something deeper in graphics and sounds (search for Sacred or Settlers V- those games were not very well done when i talk about mechanics and “playality”, but i love them for surround and background). I don’t know this language good enough so if you still couldn’t understand my intention, just tell me 😛

        • KP is still very early in development and the arts style might change noticeable further on. Thanks for the references though! 🙂

  8. Thank you guys for all the work you do with KamRemake. Thanks to you i can now play kam online with my two friends, 1 times a week, the same that come to my house ,only 2-3 times a year, to play kam all toghether years ago . I prefer the 2D game so i hope you will continue working also with the KamRemake, but i think this is a very good project. Unfortunately I’m not good at programming so i cannot help you with the game in anyway.
    Sorry for bad english and i whis you will relase the game soon! :)))

  9. I’m so grateful for your wonderful work, because after eleven years, I can play KaM online, with a lot of new gamers, and with my family members too! XD I don’t like so much the “3D” version of the game, because I always play with the raditional KaM, and you do a fantastic work with the graphics, and with new maps, but anyway, I don’t want to misjudje the new version, until i don’t try it, so a very special thanks to you, and to your staff, and i’m waiting to come of age, to donate you some money for help!
    I’m sorry for the orrible English, but it’s not my language.

  10. Alan Bariani

    Excellent work… it’ll be great…
    just curious… in what language are Knights Province are being made? In Delphi like the remake?

  11. Wow i just realized about KaM Remake. Nice work guys. Gonna look fooward to ur next project. Keep it up! Best regards.

  12. can you guys say when it wil be finished? because i really want to see the finished product. it looks awsome already!

  13. what other game could you compare to this game in terms of graphics? I really want to know what to expect.

  14. Dear Knights and Mercants fans,

    I always loved the game and was really hoping for an follow up.
    But this 3D Remake looks seriously badly fucked up.
    In 2D It looked better big time.
    Please stop what ur doing right now!!!
    I aeriously think the developers are that guy on YouTube.

    • Thank you for your opinion. Often time there is no moving forward without taking a step back and picking up a new direction. It will get better, I promise.

  15. The models look even badder then Minecraft’s..

    • Most of the textures and models are not created yet, they are just placeholders. Creating them is a slow and expensive process. In the meantime the game engine and game design needs to be developed and tested. That’s what placeholders are for.

      It’s called alpha for a reason. Don’t expect the visuals to stay this way.

      Rather than complaining you could help us by creating (or contributing money to the purchase of) models and textures for the project 😉

    • Dear Jerry,

      I know it is sometimes hard to adjust to new things, yet it is an extremely bad idea to make these kinds of comments that “spit” in the face of the developers.
      Just imagine what could happen due to this. 😉
      Wouldn’t be the first project frozen and removed due to people like you.
      One lesson I have learned from the start of my studies at the Cisco communication academy is that you should never ever make “stop-comments” but rather make positive assisting comments.
      An example would be “It is not my type of game, yet perhaps you could release an updated version of the models, this would enhance the overall appearance enormously”.

      So please, if you are only able to make these kinds of comments, go to the 4chan B-board and do your stuff there. 🙂

  16. Will you eventually make sexy graphics like those of KaM or AoE(the first one not the following)? Games made in 97/98 like Fallout have such pretty and warm graphics, much better than the skinny less colorful unit’s sprites from after that.

  17. Hi
    The KAM remake project is still maintained? Any news for almost a year…

  18. Hi
    Make Paypal account and we make a donation and support you

  19. Hello. Can you tell me how to train units like Barbarians and Farmers on the barracks? Maybe pasting a script. Like training a militia and have a barbarian.

  20. Could you add in next release market loss factor settings to dynamic scripts? I tried to send you an email but I received invalid domain error 🙁
    Are you planning release next remake soon?

  21. What is this? new mode? new game? new Knights and Merchants ?

  22. Сыграл – приятно. Первое отлично – механика почти сохранена, за мелкой разницей. Забавная анимация и графика – но пилить и пилить модельки зданий и анимацию работы и юнитов некоторых. Нашел пару багов в цепи производства – оставьте их фитчами. Они прикольные. В некоторых местах отсудствует надпись, поэтому как строить армию разобрался методом Тыка. Перевод – тут не принципиально, половина слов английский, половина латынь (интернациональные) поэтому все понятно. Непонятно то, что уголь делается теперь из бревен. Удобно, но – куда делаетсяупор, на градостроительство или войну? Если искать середину, то ваше дело. Жаль, что в ремейке, что тут не перетянули, ни наемников, ни осадные орудия. Нет рынка – поэтому смысл злата мне не ясен. А так – молодцы, нынешний баланс позволяет существовать в поле 100*50 ячеек преспокойно, не заботясь ни о чем. ИИ – туп, как и оригинальной игре сдох с голода. И еще – ни в коем, никогда, не делайте чтоб сытость зависела от разнообразности продуктов. А то на одном вине тогда не поживешь (А я Чертов Винный Барон!!!) 😀

    • Рад что игра приходится тебе по нраву!

      Будет еще много изменений, пока игра в Альфе. Что точно могу сказать: рынок будет, злато будет, осадки будут, ИИ должен быть поумнее (на Crossing обычно хорошо нападает), сытость для горожан зависела и будет зависеть от еды (вино дает меньше всех – 30% емнип), для воинов еще посмотрим (есть идеи с кострами)

  23. Настольгировал по KaM и нашел этот проект. И я очень рад, что он существует! С нетерпением жду релиза (ох, наверное, не скоро ;( ) и мультиплеера. Такую игру я с удовольствием куплю!

  24. Quick question, can you skip missions at all? Like campaign games?

    • Hi,
      Yes you can. In campaign mission selection menu there are 2 small arrows below, clicking on them locks/unlocks missions.

  25. Amazing!!! Congratulations guys!! I’m a fanatic brazilian and looking foward for the project!!

  26. Będzie po polsku?

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