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the value of life, this is very troublesome. Now kill the dragon sky longer than estimated polar bear much longer, it can kill the boss is a problem. How so Increasing resistance For professional players, this situation did not come across, and now the sky dragon on the remaining 1 of the value of life, but this did not fight over 1000 damage, which dignitaries how to kill Now, it was only able to break the protection of the polar bear. Holy Hands Milk riding dark Leitai Tan irrigation on life lived, after the death of the black storm starting Devil rebirth effect, resurrection. Now is the last life saving trick white bear, and if scrapping however it sad reminder. ridicule Deputy Tan battle winning over a sky dragon polar bear to help share the hurt, and now he can do about that is, if the stronger kill residual blood sky dragon fear is unlikely. Speed Kill Sky Dragon to open a meteorite coming In Axis Certification time projections, this Star dragon seems to have to start big move. Now the rest of the sky dragon little value of life, but a short Axis it exam time to kill unlikely. Leave 100 yards range, speed Threw a white bear came out, looked at the deputy Tan soldiers. Deputy Tan soldiers understand the meaning, nodded his Axis head in agreement polar bear idea. This time m.

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