Contributions and To’s shoutcasts

Since the beginning way back in 2008 the KaM Remake has been supported by a strong community of Knights and Merchants fans. Without their contributions this game would not be where it is today. Through encouragements, feedback, play testing, translations, server hosting, maps, images, sound, and so much more our community has helped get this game to the point where it is today. We still post on the forum asking for feedback on new features we’re working on and often rework our ideas around the community’s suggestions.
Thanks everyone for all the support over the years!

In order to make it easier for people to help out, we’ve made a Contributions Wiki Page on our Google Code site with a list of tasks needing to be done. We encourage you to discuss the tasks and post your work on the Contributions forum thread.

And now to a recent contribution of a different kind that you might be interested in: To, A member of our community from The Netherlands has started making shoutcasts of multiplayer KaM Remake matches. He commentates (in English) over a replay of a multiplayer game providing tactical insight and comments on different playing styles. The players are usually KaM veterans so you’re sure to see high player skill, strong teamwork and epic battles! As well as being fun to watch, they’re a great way to improve your own strategies and skill. 🙂

A full list of episodes can be found on his KaM shoutcast topic on the forum, but here’s a sample for you, a game from the tournament:

(you can find part 2 of the match here)

And finally, keep an eye on this site for news regarding the next release, Krom and I are already making plans. 😉

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