Donations and the upcoming release

UPDATE 22/08/2012: Shadaoe made a video showing off the new features.

We are now accepting donations to the KaM Remake project. They will be used to cover things like servers, domain name registration, software development licenses, hardware and other expenses. What we spend it on depends on how much money is donated. If you enjoy playing KaM Remake and would like to help support its development, please consider donating. We are using Paypal for donations, and you can choose the currency you wish to donate in from the ones supported by Paypal. Visit our donations page for more information:

Donate to KaM Remake

We encourage you to donate to help support the project, but please be aware that donating is completely optional. The mod is still 100% free and there will be no special features or rewards given to donors, but you will have our deep gratitude for your contribution to the future development of the Knights and Merchants Remake.

Speaking of future development, we are preparing for a new release! It should be ready in late September, although it all depends on how much time we have to work on it and it could be as late as October if there are delays. We have already begun beta testing, if you would like to help test please contact us with your email address.

Here’s a teaser of some of the new features we’ve been working on:

The beacon (shown to the right) places a marker on the map and minimap for 8 seconds that only you and your allies can see. This allows you to alert your allies to something, or signal to them where you will attack. The image on the right shows the beacon, the cursor to place it and the minimap display.

You can assign a group or house to a hotkey by pressing CTRL + 1, similar to other real-time strategy games. Then when you press 1 that group/house will be selected. Pressing 1 twice will center your screen on the group/house. All the numbers keys can be used as hotkeys.

When you are under attack an alert will flash on the minimap  (shown to the right) and a warning message will be played allowing you to respond quickly.

Expanded map list in lobby with sorting:





Graphical improvements:

Smooth house shadows





Smooth death animations, thought animations, and chimney smoke

We look forward to bringing you this new release 🙂
Krom and Lewin.

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