Bug in TSK mission 18

We have received a number of bugreports since release about mission 18 being impossible to win because AI would send swarms of soldiers to players base. We have checked the mission and indeed there’s a bug. I’ve just sent everyone who has reported the bug in past month a fixed script, if the fix will be accepted we will upload it to the public.

Tech info for mapmakers:
The bug appeared since prior to r4179 AI attacks would copy missing properties from previous attack, but after r4179 the attacks are initialized with zeroes each time. This means that in order to be working properly the attacks need to have all fields listed explicitly. The most affected field is the attack delay – it will be set to 0 instead of copying previous attack value.

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  1. pls transfer maps from multiplayer to single player cause most players prefer to play vs AI instead of human players and make AI build army cause right now he only build stronghold all wepon shops and 0 army

  2. Mission 20 is presenting the same problem

  3. Hey guys, i wrote a long thing and it all got erased from entering wrong captcha anyways i was playing the game crashes says error ocurred it was on tsk mission 16 multiplayer map . and i sent the bug report i dont know what it is it used to happen on the previous release too .

    • Thanks for report, we receive bugreports sent from the game. As with any complex product bugs are unavoidable, but with communitues help we keep on fixing them and improving the game 🙂

  4. May I ask, not to be impatient, but when will be the fix ready?
    I have downloaded the update file several times, each time realising, it has not fixed the issue in mission 18 yet.
    Please include the patch as soon as possible.

    Thank you very, very much!

  5. Where to find this fix?

  6. After fiddling about a bit I’ve managed to make the attackers turn tail before they destroyed the second storage, sacrificing all units in the process. If anyone knows a good upload site I can put the early save of that game online.

    I’ve only been attacked once in the ~4 hours the game should have lasted, so it wasn’t that hard considering the back doors in his fortress.

  7. bonjour, je vien d’arriver à la mission 18 et je me fait tuer ^^ grand nombre d’unité attaque l’entrepot comment faire s.v.p ^^

  8. bonjours, pourrais-je avoir le script s’il vous plait je vien d’arrivé à la mission et j’avoue que c’est frustrant de ne pas pouvoir les combattre , merci

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