New release: r5503: Scripting Demo

Thank you for your patience, the KaM Remake Scripting Demo is finally ready!

UPDATE (30/06/2013): We have fixed a memory leak in the dedicated server and released updated server executables (r5047). You can get the new ZIP on the downloads page. Server operators please update!

You can find it on the downloads page. If you already have the previous version installed (r4179) you only need to download the update installer (42mb), otherwise you will need the full installer (258mb).

The biggest feature in this release is the new dynamic scripting system. It allows map authors to write script code which is executed while you play, allowing simple things like reinforcements arriving at the edge of the map, as well as entirely new game modes such as Fun with Flags (Florescence One) by Siegfried. Ben has organised a competition for dynamic scripted missions, so expect to see a lot more creative and exciting new missions over the coming months!

Here are some of the most significant changes:


  • All units with a shield (axefighters, swordfighters, scouts and knights) get +1 defence against ranged units (bowmen and crossbowmen) to make them more viable
  • Bowmen (not crossbowmen) reload slightly faster to make them more viable
  • Trading is slightly cheaper at the market


  • Dynamic scripts
  • Standalone AI trains soldiers and sets defense lines (as shown above in the screenshot), still unfinished
  • Host can set game speed from 1.0x to 3.0x in the lobby (during and after peacetime set separately)
  • New singleplayer campaign made by Vas with 10 missions
  • Host can set a password for the lobby to allow private games
  • Host can set a description for the lobby which is shown for the selected server in the server list (for example “new players only”)
  • FPS shown next to ping so you can identify players causing lag
  • Block delivery of specific weapons to the barracks
  • Clicking on minimap location in lobby picks it
  • Location and flag color selector for single-player maps
  • Option in the lobby to randomize locations within each team
  • Ability to send private chat to a specific player (whisper)
  • Fog of war can be visualized for the selected player in replays
  • You can scroll around the map by dragging with pressed scroll wheel


  • Improved army rearranging (video)
  • Map Editor is mostly functional now, few minor features are still missing (undo/redo), but everything else seems to be there
  • Messages for houses and soldiers are collected in a message log rather than individual messages
  • Changed unlocking order to make the start of the game faster and more interesting, now by default the school and inn are both unlocked at the start, and the quarry and woodcutters are both unlocked after building the school
  • Significant pathfinding and AI performance optimisations
  • Pressing a key selects the map starting with that letter in map/save lists
  • Co-op missions no longer require you to set the AI locations manually
  • Stopped builders emptying towers exploit, now builders don’t approach enemy towers.

Bug fixes (most important)

  • Farmers are more efficient at sharing fields
  • Weapons can be taken out of the barracks to be traded at the market
  • Maps/saved game lists load much faster after the first time
  • Soldiers ordered to attack bowmen will follow the bowmen if they move away
  • Fixed exploit where you could increase ranged units’ rate of fire by repeating an order at the right moment (such as attack house)
  • Many more bugs/crashes fixed

The full changelog can be found after installing in the file Changelog.txt.

We’d like to give a big thanks to all our beta testers who helped make this release stable by finding and reporting bugs during beta testing.

Please consider donating to support future development of the project:

Donate to KaM Remake

We hope you enjoy the new release, let us know what you think in the comments! 🙂
Lewin and Krom.

134 responses to “New release: r5503: Scripting Demo

  1. It’s finally here, isn’t it?! The moment we have all dreamed about!

  2. YESS !!!!!!!!!! THX YOu !!!

  3. Big like!!!

  4. YES YES YES !

  5. GReat, i really like the improvements and features, really nice job!!!!!

  6. great 🙂 🙂 good job! 🙂 🙂

  7. Thank you so much!
    Im waiting for an “Improved army rearranging” for so many years 🙂

  8. I really like new special maps. Great difference and good idea. Congrats guys 😀

  9. I fucking love you guys , such a good work :Ddddd !!!

  10. Awesome stuff guys! Looking forward to start playing 🙂

  11. Hi,

    can i play kam remake on linux? 🙂 Is it possible?


  12. I don’t know if somebody already wrote about it, or perhaps nobody noticed it because it is too obvious, but into the Remake the windmill in the mill is turning all the time, even when there is no miller in the building. Unless this way is supposed to be?

    • It also turns all the time in the original game. I guess the wind keeps blowing it around even when it’s not grinding corn? I’m not sure if that’s what happens in real windmills, but I guess stopping it from turning would need a large brake of some sort and could cause damage to the blades if the wind is strong?

  13. Woouw, the new campagne looks nice, but I already got stuck in the second mission, because there is not enough coal and you will ran out of gold chest already from the beginning

  14. I want barbarians, please 🙁

  15. It’s Veri great!! where can I find a guide on how to use these scripts, I tried but I did not understand how they work, thank you very much!

  16. Hi, i was testing AI and unfortunately, on the Paradise Island and The Same Rocks, AI didn’t produced any kind of army. Game took almost 2 hours, i built inn only. It was testing game ;]. What did I wrong? By the way, great job developers 😉

    • The standalone AI is still not finished and doesn’t always manage to build a successful village. They might have had problems locating resources or something. It will improve in future releases!

      • Ok, I completely understand. So could you tell me where (the map) and on what conditions you were testing standalone ai? Thanks.

        • We mostly tested the standalone AI on Across the Desert in singleplayer using debugging cheats to view the entire map (press F11 -> Debug -> Debug cheats then press M to reveal the entire map and C to place a scout)

  17. Great job guys! To the battlefield!

  18. Když jsem dělal mapu v editoru tak po zapnutí normální hry (té mapy)
    my to napsalo chybu:Cílem neznámého typu 0 se nedoporučuje.
    A pak naběhne tabulka bud vrátit se zpět do aplikace a chyba se bude opakovat nebo vypnout celou hru
    Tohle se mi stalo i párkrát v normálním multiplayeru.
    potřeboval bych poradit prosim

  19. good job

  20. If I remember rightly in TSK or TPR I don’t remember which the mill certainly stopped in when the miller rested, when he went to eat and certainly for them he managed to enter it , but I won’t be insisting essentially, it is not an important thing in the game. As for realistyki I don’t know how it was like, but it was certainly possible to stop him, in order to for essential repairs.

    • supplementing the statement when the mill operator is working and had a grain the mill is giving the characteristic sound to the functioning of it, and when is resting or it isn’t in it there is no such sound, so I don’t think so he should socialize, but I am underlining I am not insisting

      • I checked in TSK and TPR, the mill always turns even when the miller is resting or if there is no miller yet.



  22. Aaaaaaaw yeah 😀 thank you guys, such an improvement!

  23. What a change! Crossbowmen and bowmen are nothing against shield wielding forces. First crowssbowmen were the backbone of the army… but this has changes everything! Great job.

  24. Released on my birthday. It makes a perfect birthday gift. 🙂
    Thank you very much guys and nice to see that the project is still going. Checked it not too long ago and I thought “Awh, no updates”. But seems like you 2 were busy. 🙂

  25. Que Bueno…Un exelente juego Y ustedes mas exelentes por seguir con el…Suigan haci Hermanos Que es elmejor juego del mundo.

  26. Damn, it’s finally here ;d i love the new features and all the stuff ;d keep up the good work, guys!

  27. I really like it 🙂

  28. im from argentina, excuse me my poor english, but i want a patch with the towncenter and the catapult and ballistas, please i want it!!!! we are 10 players of this game and we want this, thanks for revive this magnificient game!!!!!! :):):):):)

  29. So I’m writing that now the 2th time since the comment couldn’t be posted since an errror orcurred…

    Is it possible to set the AI defending line or might that be part of the next update?

    Anyway thank you for the great patch and generally the great work!

  30. Ahhh didn’t see it, thank you very much 🙂

  31. hi, i cant log in the servers, this not appear in the list….what happened? yesterday the servers was okey….but today no appear in my list!! 🙁

    • Our master server occasionally goes offline for a short time, is it working again now?

      If it’s still not working, make sure your firewall allows outgoing connections on any port. Do you see that announcements at the top of the screen? That means it has reached the master server.

  32. no, doesnt work 🙁 :'(

  33. mmm no, i cant see anything, its suspicious because yesterday i could play…but now…no , the firewall and the AV its off 🙁 🙁

    • Does it display an error when you go to that URL? Something must be blocking you from accessing it. Maybe your computer or modem or internet provider has content filtering enabled to block certain websites? Can you try on a different computer in your house or connect your computer to a different internet connection?

  34. I just want to say THANK YOU GUYS, VERY MUCH!

    This is still the best game ive ever played, and ive played quite alot;)

    Big game developers dont care if their game has major bugs and
    3 hours of play time, while they ask 60 bucks.
    Now u guys are awesome, if i could i would donate, but unfortunately
    things arent going well, not just me but world-wide as u all know^^
    KaM was already an amazing experience but u guys are taking it to the next level:)

    Keep up the amazing work and i hope u can finish this, in my opinion,
    sequel to Knights and Merchants!


    Duke of W

  35. sorry if it looks like spamm:(

  36. I am convinced that if all those who play the remake should be to advertise, sponsor or at least some home, you begin to fund your business up to to become something so great that it knows will result in a Merchant & Knight 2!

  37. Hi,
    I have a few questions about hosting a game. I play with my friends and we prefer to play without random people from the net.
    One time I was too slow to set room description “Private” and a password and some people joined that were disappointed we do not want to play with them and not willing to leave when asked:
    a. Is there a way to set a default description and password so every hosted game starts with those settings so I don’t need to enter them in a hurry every time?
    b. A few editions ago server commands worked, in this edition the server treats “/kick” and “/help” as messages not commands – shouldn’t it work like before?

    PS. Thanks for The Remake!

    • a. Not yet, but we might add this in the future.
      b. You can now kick people by clicking on their flag (a menu will appear).
      Thanks for your compliments 🙂

  38. Julian Buitenhuis

    Please Lewin help !

    First of all, you are a hero for doing this with kamremake !
    The mission editor works very good but somethings don’t work.
    Not all terrain textures/models work together for smooth surface.
    Some of them will just give a square. some of them are smooth/round like grafity on some of the other types of grounds.

    The biggest problem is that I can’t make messages 🙁
    It would be awsome to create messages like in the campaigns !

    Also a question about your awsome lib decoding program.
    I can only change the messages for the campaigns, but how can I create new ones and set times for them ?
    And ofcours I can’t use it for your map/mission editor cause it doesn’t even have messages.

    I already made 1 awsome mission, but it’s still 0.8 cause I don’t have messages. It took me 12 houres to create the mission !

    Please help me !

    • Are you using the built in KaM Remake map editor? Since the most recent version it’s almost finished, and works better than Lewin/Krom’s individual editors.

      To create messages you need to use dynamic scripts (.script files). Check the .script and .libx files included with the campaigns/maps in your KaM Remake folder, and use the same format in your own missions.

      You do not need the LIB decoder program any more, the KaM Remake does not use .lib files, it uses .libx which you can easily edit in Notepad or another text editor. The only reason to use the LIB decoder is to edit messages in TPR/TSK.

  39. Julian Buitenhuis

    Thank you so much Lewin !

    I can actually kiss your feet !

    I would really love to start with programming, what programming language do you recommend if I have 0 experience ? Would Visual Basic suit well ?
    And what is a good book to learn from ?

    Man I never thought it would be so easy to just open the files with notepad.
    I thought notepad could only open text files.

    Thanks again !

    But I still don’t understand how I can make new messages for my own missions since there is no .script file in my own mission. There is a text file containining the .dat, do I need to use this ? Please help, I still don’t understand this issue.

  40. Julian Buitenhuis

    I already figured it it out ! No need no help anymore with that.

    But I need your help with one silly thing XD I am now building a entirely new campaign, it’s gonna be the best you will ever face, I promise,
    I already made a stunning background, but I don’t know how to put the ” nodes ” on the map. For example I choose to have 5 nodes, than I can see the nodes list under the mission, but I can’t see them on the map and don’t know how to get them on the map !

    Please help me Lewin.

  41. I’ve noticed performance suffered with the speed increase, my Intel integrated card from my laptop has around 15 fps at 2x speed, and a little more at 1.5x speed, and now I can’t really play the game no more…

    • That’s to be expected, the faster the game speed, the more your CPU has to do so the less time it has for rendering. If you have a weak CPU/GPU you might not be able to run it at 2x or 3x. Make sure your power profile is set to “high performance” so it doesn’t restrict the CPU frequency to save battery life. Also try running the game at a lower resolution, or zoom in a bit so there’s less stuff on your screen to be rendered at the same time (zooming out will cause your FPS to drop).

  42. good job lewin and krom

  43. Julian Buitenhuis

    I am currently finished for 40% om my campaign.
    If it is really good, you guys will put in in the game right?

  44. Dear Lewin and Krom!

    First of all I would like to say a huge thank You for the incredible work and energy what You’ve been investing into this game for very long time, and making it more and more playable and amazing.

    Secondly, I know you guys are insiting for the original game, but I would like to ask about the towers. (Regarding to the issue of catapult and ballista and the buildings which were produced those as those were in the original TPR game but You’ve taken it away from the Remake, which is fully understandable)
    So my question is – nevertheless I know it is not in the original TPR nor in the original TSK – so, is there any possible way to make the towers more usefulness in such a way to put in a second towe which is supposed to be some kind of an Archer Tower?

    I’m asking this because the original towers with stones are kinda “stupid” and it takes some time to reload the towers with stones when they are emtpy, and while are those towers are empty so those are kinda useless.

    Archer Towers kinda should look like this: 1 Tower, with 1 Recruit, and Serfs should deliver 1 Bow into this tower to make it functional. (so it is ballanced in a way also, because it could not kill a unit with one hit but in the other hand it would be useful because it would not waste resources, and it would be always functional like 1 Archer with more HP) 🙂

    Sorry if I wrote so long, hope it is understandable. 🙂

    Thank You very much for the anwsers and again, You guys just did an awesome work!!!

    With Best Regards,


  45. Hello – questions about game battle mechanics – Do units have HPs? (how many?) Do they heal themselves? How is the damage calculated?

    I miss the AI storm attack. 😀

    • Hello Jan,

      Units do have hitpoints. Citizens and Militia have 1hp, Knights are the toughest – they have 4hp.
      Hitpoints regenerate once every 10 seconds.
      Damage is calculated as an attack ratio multiplied by direction modifier and divided by targets defense. Resulting figure is a percent chance of taking 1hp.

  46. Thank you, Krom, interesting.
    I think that such info (military units stats, fight mechanics, production times) could be built in the game – in the “help” or “kamopedia” 🙂 section.

    I’m playing the 18th mission TSK and there is a huge attack at the very beginning I’m not able to defend. Is this mission made in the way which is supposed to be? (I think in the original version there wasn’t any attack at the beginning).

  47. Best game ever!!!! Please mens next and next campaigns!!! We are greats people!! ;))

    Please keep it comming, some new units or stuff, would be awesome!!

    I instantly donate something, really, love it!

    • Thank you for your kind contribution! 🙂
      We’re glad you like our project.

      • No, for Real. Me and my friends considered last week to play some kam. As we talked about it, we realized that it was nearly unplayable in multiplayer and you had to do many workarounds to get it running.

        Thanks to you guys we didn’t need to do this and could play kam. Really smooth, x3, peacetime (not sure if this feature was available in the original) and more awesomeness. We really appreciate your work.
        Me and my friends are developer (sadly no gaming-developer) from Austria and we were just like:”Omfg, let’s go learn some Lazarus and Delphi and help them!”. We guys are java / C# – developers and are fuc**** amazed of your work. So – that’s it 😀

        Just going to contribute/donate again – this game is my (our) childhood and this work has to be rewarded. 🙂

        • Thanks heaps for donating again, we really appreciate it! 🙂
          Delphi/Lazarus shouldn’t be hard to learn if you know C# and Java. You can find our repository from the links page.

  49. I think the cavalry is very weak for the amount of resources it takes to make them, should be the strongest unit in the game.
    and it seems a good idea of towers with archers

  50. Having a slight little problem. For some odd reason my enemy and my team mate will not create any troops what so ever however they create buildings like Weapon smithy and Armour smithy and so forth. Is their a way I can solve this problem?

  51. Ahh thanks very much.

  52. Now I’m having another problem. Comes up with an error when I add an AI Defence. Anyway I can fix this?

  53. Won’t let me send it. Doesn’t come up with send at all :(.

  54. How do you send bug errors? I keep getting one saying “An error has occurred what ever was currently being processed will not have completed successfully. Comes up with your email address and will not let me log in to it for some reason. Any ideas?

  55. Here is the link to the problem.

    • That’s my mission editor, which is not compatible with KaM Remake missions, so that’s why it is crashing. You should use the built-in KaM Remake map editor not Lewin’s mission editor. Everything you can do in my editor should be doable in the KaM Remake editor, and we are improving it with each new release.

  56. Ahh ok. Where do I get that?

  57. It is in the KaM Remake. If you don’t have it already install the KaM Remake (download page on this site) then start the KaM Remake and on the main menu click “Map Editor”.

  58. Ahh cheers. How do you set the goals in there for the game?

  59. I’ve located the Village Defence log in Map Editor however its in grey and will not let me click on it or anything. Same with the goals. Is there a way I can fix it?

    • You need to set the players to AI before you can set AI stuff, and for goals the player must be human. Go to the global tab then player types and set the players to human/AI as appropriate. Also sometimes it won’t let you set stuff unless the player has at least one unit or house.

  60. I’ve done all that and still no luck trying to click onto it or even scroll up or down. Nothing is written under the goals and won’t let me type anything there and also under the script it does the same thing as what the goals is doing to me. I have no idea why it stays in grey. I’ve tried all types of things under the Global tab but nothing has changed. For goals and defence and stuff.

  61. why map editor can’t set auto attack?

    • Auto attack is not implemented yet. It was planned to be a feature that defines AI attacks automatically, in the same way that auto defence defines defence positions automatically. But we never got around to implementing it.

      • The enemy just defence their base only then how can i set for enemy attack to my base?

        • Add “AI attacks” from the AI attacks tab. Press the “+” button to create one. Set the number of soldiers required for the attack to launch, the target, and how many of each group should be taken.

  62. I have no idea

  63. Odd, still not working for me.

  64. I got it…Thanks for reply:)

  65. Odd seems not to work for me for some reason. Not sure why.

  66. Just uninstalled it and hopefully when I reinstall it, it should work.

  67. What is the New Kam Remake editor installer called? Just so I don’t end up downloading the wrong one again.

  68. The editor comes with the KaM Remake, so the installer you want is “Full installer (kam_remake_full_r5503.exe)”

  69. Thanks Lewin for that. If I have any more troubles, I’ll let you know.

  70. When the next scripting demo release?

  71. I got an error saying Warnings in mission script Goal type unknown 0 is Deprecated. How do I fix that?

    • Go to the map editor goals section and delete any goals that have an incorrect type. “Time” is not a valid type in the KaM Remake, as you can see it can’t be selected.

  72. Ahh thanks for that.

  73. What is the different tactic & normal option?

    • Tactic is for fighting missions, meaning you can’t use the build menu.

      • Thanks;)

      • i set attact info ‘type=repeat’ ‘target=closest house 2’ ‘delay’s=3400’ ‘men=100’ ‘group count= 1 1 1 2’ but enemy still do not attack my base?

        • That means the AI needs to have 100 men either not in a defence position, or in “back line” defence positions. Back line means they can attack, front line means they can’t. Those defence positions must also have enough of each group type. And of course the attack won’t happen until after 3400 seconds (56 minutes)

  74. So how do you set Auto Attack? Its in grey and will not let me select it.

    • Auto attack is not implemented yet, it’s just a plan. In the next release we will hide that checkbox to avoid confusion.

  75. Ahh ok

  76. How does AI attack work? I tried different settings and they all seem to act the same. Them not attacking me.

  77. How do you reveal the entire map?

  78. I’m looking forward to the next patch. Sounds good so far.

  79. The strange thing is that I can make my enemy and my team mate create melee soldiers and bowman but not Horseman or Anti horseman. I tried making them create like 12 to 15 of them in 4 to 5 columns but still nothing. Anyway I can fix this?

  80. This is strange, my computer just took Kam Remake off my computer. Thought it was a virus.

  81. can someone tell me, whats the problem? there are no goals but it says theres a fail. and the map crashes when i try to play on it.

  82. very gooodddd, okeeeee,thanks…. this game, admin alway up …goooddd

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