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UPDATE 19 September 2013: The transfer of www.kamremake.com to the new host has been completed! If you have any issues with the site please let us know. The community TeamSpeak server kamts.eu is also available.

Since the project began the KaM Remake has grown beyond our expectations. The number of players online in multiplayer regularly peaks at over 120. In both July and August our website www.kamremake.com transferred about 2 terabytes of traffic (see graph to right), and it is only one of our download mirrors, the majority of downloads occur on other mirrors provided by fans. On the other hand, our multiplayer master server which maintains the list of game servers services nearly 2 million individual requests per month (average of 40 per minute) from about 20,000 unique IP addresses (see statistics below).

When we set up these servers we did not anticipate that a remake of an old game like Knights and Merchants would become so popular. The current servers we use are shared hosts designed for hosting small websites, and are often not adequate for the amount of traffic we receive. Over the past few years we have had a number of issues with our servers resulting in downtime due to overloading or issues with the hosting provider. Another problem is that our master server is hosted in Australia (Lewin’s home country) which is on the opposite side of the world to Europe where the majority of our players live, meaning refreshing the server list in game is very slow for these players.

We now have a solution to these problems. In cooperation with knightsandmerchants.net (the international KaM forum and fan community) we have rented a virtual private server (VPS) in the Netherlands which now hosts the following services:

  • KaM Remake multiplayer master server
  • knightsandmerchants.net
  • www.kamremake.com
  • KaM community TeamSpeak server at kamts.eu
  • Other services we might want in the future such as multiplayer accounts or global in-game chat

We would like to thank Tom (T*AnTi-V!RuZz) the administrator of knightsandmerchants.net for all his hard work and support in organising this.

How does this affect you?
A virtual private server gives us more control, reliability and resources than our previous servers. Here are some changes you may notice:

  • This website will load faster and downloads will be faster
  • The multiplayer server list in-game will load faster
  • The website and multiplayer master server will be more reliable (less downtime/bugs)
  • Community TeamSpeak server kamts.eu available
  • More services may be available in the future such as multiplayer accounts if we decide to implement that

How can you help?
The server cost us money to rent. We would appreciate if you can contribute to help keep the server running and support future development of the KaM Remake. Visit our donations page:

Donate to KaM Remake

Let us know what you think in the comments 🙂
Lewin and Krom.

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