Winter Tournament

Members of our community Sado and Mixons are organising a 2 vs 2 tournament. The tournament will be played in a special beta version of the KaM Remake that supports live multiplayer spectating. This will allow many of the tournament games to be live streamed and commentated so anybody can watch. Some of these streams will hopefully have guest commentators, including top KaM players and the KaM Remake developers.

Registration closes on the 5th of February and the games will start on the 10th of February. There are no prizes, only the honour of winning. If you want to enter the tournament but don’t have a friend to be your team member, then make a post on the winter tournament forum thread asking for a team member and the tournament organisers will try to pair you with someone.

For more information visit the official winter tournament forum thread. To enter the competition, fill out the sign up form.

Note: All of the new features in the tournament beta version of the KaM Remake will be publicly available in our next release, which will be ready in a few months once all features have been fully implemented and tested.

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