New release: r2736 3rd Multiplayer Demo Update

As you might be aware, the last release (r2678) had some occasional crashes. We have fixed these crashes and added a few extra features, and now we have a new update ready! Get it from the downloads page. If you have either of the previous version installed (r2411 or r2678) you will only need the 14mb update patch.

Bugs fixed:

  • Crash fixed: “Stonemason has no action”
  • Crash fixed: “EAssertionFailed: KM_Terrain.pas, line 526”
  • Crash fixed: “EAssertionFailed: KM_Units_Warrior.pas, line 642”
  • Game correctly minimizes when you Alt-Tab from full screen mode
  • “Unsaved changes will be lost” dialogue is shown properly from full screen mode
  • Units eating in the inn were sometimes rendered at the wrong place
  • Some bridges on the map Blitzkrieg could not be walked on

New features:

  • Lobby slots can be closed to stop new players joining
  • Lobby has a checkbox to allow host absolute control of teams/locations setup for all players
  • Roads/fields can be placed by clicking and dragging
  • The server list can be sorted by clicking on the column headers
  • New co-operative map: TSK 12
  • New multiplayer map Stranded (by caykroyd) for 4 or 8 players

Thank you to everyone who sent us bug reports, they made it possible to fix these crashes so quickly.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the KaM Remake team! 🙂

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