New release: r2736 3rd Multiplayer Demo Update

As you might be aware, the last release (r2678) had some occasional crashes. We have fixed these crashes and added a few extra features, and now we have a new update ready! Get it from the downloads page. If you have either of the previous version installed (r2411 or r2678) you will only need the 14mb update patch.

Bugs fixed:

  • Crash fixed: “Stonemason has no action”
  • Crash fixed: “EAssertionFailed: KM_Terrain.pas, line 526”
  • Crash fixed: “EAssertionFailed: KM_Units_Warrior.pas, line 642”
  • Game correctly minimizes when you Alt-Tab from full screen mode
  • “Unsaved changes will be lost” dialogue is shown properly from full screen mode
  • Units eating in the inn were sometimes rendered at the wrong place
  • Some bridges on the map Blitzkrieg could not be walked on

New features:

  • Lobby slots can be closed to stop new players joining
  • Lobby has a checkbox to allow host absolute control of teams/locations setup for all players
  • Roads/fields can be placed by clicking and dragging
  • The server list can be sorted by clicking on the column headers
  • New co-operative map: TSK 12
  • New multiplayer map Stranded (by caykroyd) for 4 or 8 players

Thank you to everyone who sent us bug reports, they made it possible to fix these crashes so quickly.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the KaM Remake team! 🙂

62 responses to “New release: r2736 3rd Multiplayer Demo Update

  1. We love ya team : d

    • I’m your big fan and I’m certainly not alone from SLOVAKIA .. Thank you and convened by the Czech language in the game 🙂

  2. Lovely! Those were the most common bugs i encountered 🙂

    Also, will you make multiplayer games faster? I just can’t stand games of 1.5 – 2 hours

  3. Great work!
    I really enjoy this game even though it’s pretty old I think it deserves a lot more attention, so I’m very thankful to see other people enjoy and work to better it!
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Glad to hear it, thanks for the compliments!
    @Huggles: KaM has always been a slow paced game, that should not change by default. Singleplayer missions take many hours. However, eventually we might implement features to speed it up, such as different game speeds for multiplayer (similar to F8 but all players must agree on it) and different maps/game modes designed for faster games.

  5. Estou acompanhado o progresso 😀
    È um jogo muito bom e está cada vez melhor!

  6. @Lewin: I understand that KaM has alway been a slow paced game, but one of the beautifull things of a remake is that you can add things yourself. Also, atm it would come in pretty usefull to add such speed features in multiplayer, just so you can test things 10 times easier.

    But if u say eventually it will get in, i’ll trust you on that. For me personally (and i think for a wider audience) it will be a neccesity to keep enjoying multiplayer (which is really awesome!).

    Also, a bug i found in this rev:
    -When the AI in singleplayer attacks your buildings (it seems to happen especially with towers) and speedmode is on (any speed mode), framerate drops to 0-2 frames/sec (yes indeed it even freezes). When speedmode is turned of it runs normal again.

    Thanks guys and keep the good work up 🙂

  7. Well it will get done eventually, but we have a lot of things to work on so I can’t tell you when. However, if you speed up the game I think you’ll find fights are very hard to play… (units will move so fast) so maybe it should only apply during peacetime. Or have players agree on it during the game, (like F8 which only works when all players select it) but then you’ll get players who want to play with slower speeds even while building (like me and others I know) and that will probably lead to arguments…

    That bug is known, the AI uses a lot of CPU while attacking. It won’t make it crash or anything, it will just make the game run slower when your CPU can’t keep up. It’s especially bad on large maps because it is calculating path finding routes too regularly.
    Thanks for reporting!

  8. The bug seems to be mostly the pathfinding indeed. My game freezes for ~2 sec and then the enemy comes. kind of easy to defend from to be honest 😛

    I dont think speeding up the game 10x like f8 does in singleplayer would be very wise, because like you say fights will become unmanagable. But there is always a way that pleases both sides 🙂 2x/3x speed on peacetime would make a big difference already!

    In normal Kam, i could speed up the game using cheatengine (it has build in speed modifier), this would even work in multiplayer when applied on both machines. The remake doesn’t seem to be able to change its speed via that way, any reason why?

  9. No, I’m not sure why the cheat engine wouldn’t work. Could be because our timer interval is loaded from somewhere else when the game starts, but I’m not sure.

  10. One important thing:
    Saved games can’t be transfered between releases. I’ve upgraded to newest release and my saves stopped working (they’re incompatible). I think that you should work on that, otherwise it will be very hard to upgrade (players will have to begin all their games from scratch).

    One less important thing:
    In remake you have to build “complete” roads (squares of road can’t stick only with corners to each other, they must stick with sides). In normal KAM it wasn’t a problem, materials were normally transferred even on such “incomplete” roads. It is possible to change that?

    Sorry for my English, I hope that you understood me correctly.

  11. The save format is often changed a lot between releases, it’s hard to make them compatible. Sometimes the new version adds features which just didn’t exist in the old one, so it’s hard to convert the save files because some data is missing from them. (when we rearrange or restructure parts of the code) Later in development we might consider a “conversion” program to convert an old save to the new format, but that will be a lot of work.
    You could finish your games in the old version before you upgrade, that’s my only suggestion unfortunately.

    Forcing players to make “complete” roads is an intentional change we made. Roads that only connect on the corners look ugly so they are not allowed.

  12. I would like to ask about mission Intermediary included with your remake. Is everything ok with it? For example woodcutters don’t want to plant new woods on this map. Rules for winning and loosing are also very unclear. Maybe you can write (when you’ll have some time to do it) a piece of code, which will mark on map every building which should be rescued/destroyed to win/not loose missions? There are some rules on the mission start screen, but text fields are too short, and text infos are not always enough to know, what exactly you have to do to win.
    In Intermediary you have to protect your enemy, which fights against you. I think, that this map is too hard (very small amount of gold, troubles with woodcutters, you are being constantly attacked without chance to build army). Is anyone verifying fan missions included with your game? I think, that you should find a good player, who will test missions, talk to their creators and decide whether mission should be included in remake or not.

    I know that you can’t be resposnsoible for someone’s missions, but it’s annoying, when with remake you get bad balanced or not fully working mission.

  13. Woodcutters don’t plant on deep snow, they only plant on snow with dirt visible in it. That’s how it’s always been in KaM, it’s not related to this map. You must save some fertile soil for trees to grow.
    As for not making sense, that’s because you don’t have the complete story telling you what you must do. I added it so it will be in the next release when you select the map from the menu. Thanks.
    This map is intended to be difficult.
    And yes, I check maps which people want to have added, and I only add them if I think they’re suitable. But this map wasn’t added by the author, I took it from my mission website a while ago so we had some singleplayer maps in the Remake.
    If you know of someone who wants to find good maps to go into the Remake then please let me know. I don’t have much time to do it myself.

  14. I’ve recently downloaded this remake, and i was wondering some things:

    What happened to the town hall and siege workshop? In the The peasant rebellion expansion it used to have these 2 buildings. Are you still going to get them in the remake? I miss them :(.

    The regular “scenario mode” or “play single map” used to have random maps against computers that build there own town, will this return in the remake? As much as i love playing other peoples missions, i like having those random “skirmish” maps and battles. Mainly because it was the only part of the game where the computer build his own town, instead of all missions where they do not build at all as far as i know. (except for repairing).


  15. The town hall and siege workshop might be added later with some rebalancing.

    We do not have town building code for the AI, so we don’t have any “skirmish” maps yet. It’s quite complicated to program. Once we have it we’ll add these kind of maps back.

  16. Ok, thanks a lot for answering :). forgot to say it’s awesome what you guys do btw! Keep up the good work, it’s really neat.

    By rebalancing I guess you mainly mean the town hall, only paying gold looks a bit to cheap compared to the wares and recruits you need for the barracks. 🙂 but yeah there is always a way to balance this out a bit more :). I think the siege workshop is already expensive enough.

    Still, thanks a lot.



  18. Hi “asdasd”,
    Maybe eventually, but that would require an accounts system. (otherwise I could go on with your name and leave 50 games, then you get a bad name) An account system will be very complicated to implement, especially trying to make it secure. (I don’t want to be Sony and have our servers hacked and everyone’s passwords stolen)

    By the way, using caps lock and a randomly typed name doesn’t improve your message.

  19. Why the AI don’t work on the “Building and fighting” game mode ?

  20. @BMW360: That question is answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.

  21. So far the project looks nice, I always loved this game when I was growing up as for me the economy and the building system made it the best city builder out. I am not so much for the combat, so realistically what I want to do is have a nice big open map to build the perfect city. But that is neither here nor there, you said the AI for city building isn’t done yet. I do still have some comments, from a city builder. So, take them with a grain of salt, especially my combat ideas lol.

    Firstly, I must say I am disappointed at the removal of the siege workshop and the town hall, but as you said it is a balancing issue.

    If I was to balance them, I would make siege weapons count as items when completed. Where they could be delivered to the castle. At this point, they could be hired, with 4 recruits for catapult and 3 for ballistia. To make it more realistic of the effort required to push things like that.

    as for the town hall, I think the point was originally that it recruited cheap and weak units, like conscripting them. Perhaps if it was possible to make them require more food? or, have a time limit before expiring. Why? because they are just peasants. Some would run off, others would just be ran so ragged they couldn’t go on.

    Some kind of cart unit, which would be trained in the school(or perhaps fpr a higher price in the town hall, to reflect the fact it is a late game unit) and act as a bulk resource carry unit. The idea is, that instead of carrying 1 stone, or 1 sausage back, it could carry 4. Or maybe all 6. It would be to help streamline the production and free up serfs for DELIVERING. The cart could not deliver, as bar a few exceptions one item is used at once. I would like a unit like this myself since I notice a glut of resources being stuck at my base regardless of what my 40 other serfs are doing.

    In general, what other buildings are you planning? You mentioned that you would add some if you thought they ‘fit’. The market for example seems like it could add a nice new way to get stone in lategame, which is always welcome. But im curious as to what else.

  22. Having played this version a little now, I must add a couple more comments.

    Firstly, is there any chance of maps which are 100% building? Like the classic was sometimes in single player, you could build as long as you wanted and then slowly try to take down a single big enemy when you were ready.

    Also, love the market. Im amazed at the polish, but It needs a “continuous trade” option, like for example if I always wanted to trade wine for fish or something similar, I could just turn on continuous trading and it would keep doing so. Perhaps when continuous mode was on the market could fill itself with the item first, trade the whole 20 odd in one batch. Adding on a little bit of a transaction time to make up for the ease that not having to do it yourself brings.

  23. Oh my god…

    I am at work right now and i came across this site coincidentally. I must say… i was looking for a fanbase like this sinds the very beginning of KAM !

    I heavent got the time to read it all, but from what i understand the download on top of this site is a fully operational KAM ( TPR ) map editor ? So you can create whatever you want ? Create iron ore veins at random places and in the amount the creator wants ? And you also can create entire cities before playing the created map ? OMFG if this is true, i will be in love with KAM TPR over and over again !

    You just made a happy person !

    Much much much thanks !

  24. Thanks for the compliments guys.

    I don’t think a cart is necessary. When we improve the delivery AI it will be possible to have very large cities that work fine with serfs delivery. However, there is still a lot of skill in making an efficient village. You must plan it and have a good road layout and some times multiple storehouses in order for it to work well. Carts would mean less skill would be necessary.
    If you find deliveries are taking too long think about using different tactics and a better village layout, it is one of the skills of the game.

    100% building maps (or missions with economic objectives like “produce 500 bread within 2 hours) will be added eventually. It is not possible with the current limitations of the KaM TSK/TPR mission scripts, we’ll extend it eventually.

    @Thomas: No, the KaM Remake is not a map editor, it is a new recreation of the Knights and Merchants engine. It does have a map editor, but it is quite limited at the moment. You would be better to use Krom’s map editor and my [Lewin’s] mission editor. Links to those are also on the download page.

  25. I crossed this site after reading up on KAM via Wikipedia.

    By the Gods!! I love this remake. I’ve always dusted this game off every few years for the laptop. And now I have more reason to do so!

    I’m getting an openal 40693 error, and no “character voices”. Any ideas? Should I submit this?

    Thanks to all who have recreated this beautiful game!

  26. Thanks for your compliments The Baron!
    The OpenAL error probably means you don’t have OpenAL installed. When you ran the installer it should have asked “do you want to install OpenAL?” and you should click yes to that.
    To fix it, browse to the folder where you installed it and run “oalinst.exe”. Click Ok and it will install OpenAL, then next time you start the game you should have sound/voices and no error.
    Let me know how it goes 🙂

  27. Thanks for your great work! I played kam for hours years ago, going to do that again now 😉
    I’m running linux here and playing under wine emulation – works fine (I will create an entry at the wine database)!

  28. Glad to hear it 🙂
    Thanks for submitting it to the wine database!

  29. Hey,

    I tried to play this on a notebook but the only problem is that the lowest resolution (both windowed and fullscreen) are still too big for the entire screen.. This way i simply can’t play because i can’t click proceeding buttons.

    Is there any method to shrink the window or make the resolution lower? (or zoom out in windows)


  30. Hi Japie,
    No, the minimum resolution we can support is 1024×768. If we made it any smaller, the interfaces would not fit. Scaling would look very bad and pixely. Eventually we’d like to redesign the interfaces to support smaller resolutions (e.g. 1024×600) but it will take a lot of work.

  31. I would also like a 1024×600 resolution, no matter how pixely and glitchy it is, as long as the game works. Everything else is bonus.

    It’s IMO even better than not be able to play it. 😉

  32. How can we find/make new maps for single player mode ?

  33. To make new maps you can use Krom’s map editor and Lewin’s mission editor. For more information check the answer in our FAQ.

    You can find new maps for KaM which will work in the Remake on my mission site. Make a new folder under Maps\ in your KaM Remake installation folder and copy the .map and .dat files there. Give them the same name as the folder you created, the same way it is done for the maps provided with the Reamke.

  34. So many new maps, thank you I gonna test all of them :D. Thx for all what you done (and other who helped also :D)

  35. @Lewin

    Brilliant! It worked…voices et al.
    You guys have done a great job.

    Keep the KAM going!

  36. Hey Man,

    Keep up the good work, ive been playing knights and merchants since it came out and i love your work. I’ve added you to my list of hero’s ;p

  37. This Remake is awesome!! I’ve been playing this game for a long time but now I can finally also play a decent mp game. Any Idea when the next version will be available?

    Love ur work!

  38. Thanks for the compliments Michel!
    The next version will hopefully be out late this month, we still have some features to finish and lots of testing to do.

  39. Hello, I got problem the Ai servants are not bringing stone to watchtowers ;(. For real player they bring stone to tower without any problem ( I checked there was road connection to storage and there was a large amount of stone)

  40. Did the AI have enough serfs? They will take closer deliveries before further away ones. Try pressing F11 then switching team by clicking on the player number until you are controlling the AI. Use this to double check that they have stone.

    Also, remember that diagonal roads aren’t accepted now, so you must full connect each road tile.

  41. The remake version is great and I can fight with fans from all over the world .

  42. My daughter and I were playing, and noticed that two woodsmen chopped down the same tree. As one dragged the log away, the other kept chopping and a few seconds later the non-existant tree yielded another log.

    We also noticed that the AI is a lot better in determining the needs of the village. Hurray! No more serfs bogging up the roads and slowing the game.

  43. I do not understand why I have so much lag my ping is 786, I live in Chile and my connection is very good why I have so much ping?

  44. @Razor: Please read the answer in our FAQ

  45. Yes the cheats are pnmlemeited, you have to use the . (house shape) Try it.The marketplace allows you to trade resources from one type to another at high rates.

  46. You need to do a something to find faster ppl to play because if u wait in server it’s too much slowly and waste time.

    Greetings from Pl =(

  47. Assuming you are playing on a visible server (if you host one yourself, make sure it shows up correctly in the server list), then anyone who clicks “Multiplayer” will see your room at the top of the list because it’s in the lobby state. We can’t do much more to make people join your game, we just need more players.
    Tell your friends about the Remake and post about it on forums/social media sites. The more people playing, the more who will join your games.

    You’ll also find more people online during “peak” times, which is usually day-evening in Europe.

  48. First of all, thanks for remaking K&M! Second… I can’t download it, unfortunately. When i click the download link, it redirects me to the site but it won’t load and it gives me the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET thingy. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Tried other browsers, even on another computer but that’s all i could do. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  49. Have you tried all of the mirrors for the download? Surely one of them will work for you.
    Maybe you have some antivirus or firewall software that does not let you download executables from the internet?

  50. You guys are awsome! You make KaM more interesting and battles are more lively. Repairing major bugs make game more plesant. Making AI more inteligent made wars more interesting and thanks to that missions are now harder. I ussually finish game with units from start (around 1h to finish them) but now i barely survive their attacks from mission start.

    You are awsome! I love you!

  51. Thanks for the compliments 🙂
    We’re still working on the game so hopefully we can make it even better in the future.

  52. I love this game and downloaded the kamremake to play campaign at expand view, but i found a bug when playing campaing : some maps (like mission 9 in TSK) the enemy (AI) has autobuild enable, but this not work on kam remake, they stay stand and die hungry, theres a way to fix this ? Playing kam at normal this does not happen, but the zoon in n out on kam remake makes the game better… nice job for this multiplayer

  53. We haven’t finished the code to make the AI place buildings yet, it will be added in a later release. So for now they do not understand how to build a village. More information in our FAQ

  54. awesome remake!!!
    Hope the next version will be here soon cause everyday i visit this site i have hope there’s a new version out haha

  55. You’re doing great work, keep going 🙂

  56. (BLADES) Razor

    very good work you are doing Lewin chat with the theme of putting color to the letters is very very good: D

  57. Thanks for the compliments 🙂
    I posted those videos to our Twitter/Facebook so everyone can enjoy them, thanks for sharing!

  58. When will the next update come out? I really love it!


  59. Hopefully in a few weeks 🙂
    Watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

  60. in one week then it is very close to release the new update!! I waited a long time to download it, I always check this page to see if the new update came up!
    very good. 😛

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