New release: r3392 4th Multiplayer Demo

Thank you all for your patience! After three weeks of tireless work by our beta testers we are finally ready to bring you the 4th Multiplayer Demo. You can find it on the downloads page.

We now have a total of 18 languages supported, with 5 new translations added in this update (Estonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian). Thank you to all our translators who put so much effort into ensuring the game can be enjoyed by everyone.

A huge thank you to our beta testers, they helped find over 30 bugs! Thanks also to community map makers, because of them this release has 92 multiplayer maps (our first release had just 21).

Major changes:

  • AI can build a small village to make food (we haven’t done the military side yet)
  • Minimap preview in the lobby showing which player has selected each location
  • Player names are colored (plus general support for color coding chat messages)
  • Road/field plans appear instantly in multiplayer regardless of network delay (houses coming soon too)
  • Smarter deliveries and build queues, now the closest labourer/serf will always take the job
  • High quality shadows for units and trees (houses not working yet)
  • Support for smaller resolutions (1024×576, 1024×600, 1280×720, etc.)
  • Faster loading (should mean less players are dropped due to loading taking too long)
  • You can only run one copy of the application at once to prevent multiplayer cheating
  • Road/house plans only appear for allies to prevent multiplayer cheating by blocking your enemy
  • Smoother speed up
  • Archers are a bit less powerful
  • 5 new translations: Estonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian
  • 44 new multiplayer maps (92 total)
  • Existing maps improved and fixed
  • Error reporting now uses madExcept which lets you send the crash report to us easily and gives us better information about the crash
  • Our master server records which multiplayer maps are played, so we can add features to this site like “top 10 maps list” (coming soon!)

We hope you enjoy the new version! Please report any issues to us 🙂
Lewin and Krom.

76 responses to “New release: r3392 4th Multiplayer Demo

  1. Hooray! First to comment, only a minute later playing it all the way! Congrats and many thanks to the KaM-team 😀

  2. Good and expected news, hope this version will be stable as hell! 😀

  3. Diablo, what diablo? KaM Remake is the best premiere of the day~!

  4. Nice!! Just download the update? Or redownload the whole remake??

  5. Great job Guys.

    I can notice the changes already, still a shame the saves are worthless now. Also, why do you have to reset the campaign… gotta start all over. Well, got something to do now.

    Game runs smother when playing it 10 times the normal speed, great improvement:D Keep up the good work. The unexplored edges look great to. Like it how you made the transition from fully explored to unexplored.

    The smart delivery system is a great improvement as well!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Unfortunately the save format it’s changed so much by new features that we can’t make it compatible.

      Campaign progress should be solvable, I’ll add it to our todo list. That’s easier to make compatible than saves.

  6. Nice work! Great improvements!

    But i’ll ask it again: Will multiplayer get a speed up button next release? The multiplayer is too slow/boring/long for me to play it whilst it certainly is fun when things got speed up like 2x..

    Keep it up!

  7. Great !

  8. (BLADES) Razor

    good job

  9. Yes, this is a wonderful set of improvements. Well done. 🙂

    Could you go into more specific detail about the archer changes however, I’m very curious about those.

    • Basically they miss slightly more often, and miss moving targets even more often. We’ve found that most people equipped only archers and most of the soldiers in the game weren’t used. It’s not a big difference though, some of our beta testers said they didn’t notice.

  10. Awesome work you guys! Can’t wait to try it out! One thing thought; How do i apply the update? 😛 Do i just download the update.exe of 40mb and install it?

    • If you have the previous version you’ll only need the 40mb update, otherwise you need the full installer.

  11. Gabriel Sippel

    Hey, I need a quick help… When I click on the setup, its says I don’t have The Peasants Rebellion installed and it will abort the instalation… Ummm, help?

  12. Gabriel Sippel

    Damn, now I remember I didn’t had TPR installled in my pc, but I somehow made the 3rd release to work… Can someone upload TPR in a free site so I can download it? I really can’t make online transitions, otherwise, I would buy it from

  13. Hey Lewin,

    the scroll speed is way too slow even at setting it to the max. Could you speed it up 3x?

  14. Finally! You rock guys!!! Changes are gorgeous!

  15. Hey guys,

    I have problems with installing this update….
    I add you on MSN, i hope you can help me with this because i want to play this again…:(

    Greetz Henk-Jan

  16. I cant install FULL VERSION beacouse i dont have installed this game on my computer ??!! O,O damn, wtf? 😛

    • Yes you must have the original game Knights and Merchants The Peasants Rebellion installed before you can play our “mod”. Otherwise the owners of KaM can’t make money and would stop this project.

      • I have Remake(3rd) on my computer, but when I want to update, installer is asking for TPR :/ I removed it when Remake installation finished… could You do something with that in new version? If it only check for Remake? 😉

        • For legal reasons we’ll leave the updater checking for KaM TPR too. If you have KaM TPR it’s not any trouble to have both installed.

  17. Thx guys for Estonian translation. I wait it long time.

    • No worries, thank our translators! All of our translation are contributed by players, anyone who wants to make a translation should contact us.

  18. Thanks so much for this release. I started playing KaM a few days ago, never knowing it existed until now, I really love it.

    One thing though, what are the unlock conditions for the Marketplace? I played one level with I believe everything I could unlock and it never unlocked, yet I restarted the level and only unlocking up the barracks I got it.

  19. Roger d'Amiens

    I thought the update would never be released… But you did (actually always do) fabulous work!! I really love the smoother speed-up, and the smarter serfs are indeed better working.
    But I just wondered out of curiosity: is the game multithreaded, and if not, why? Today’s computers are mostly multicore, and it could speed up things even more. I had the idea especially for determining the really closest storehouse in road length, which isn’t always the closest one on the map…
    But if it’s already implemented or on the never-ending todo list, then just ignore this.
    By the way, when I’ve finished learning Object Pascal, I’ll be volunteer for programming.

    • We only use multithreading for scanning maps/saves to populate the lists at the moment. The trouble is, the game is hard to multithread. All of the game update logic must happen sequentially, otherwise the game is not deterministic. (same thing happens every time under the same conditions) We rely on the game being deterministic for multiplayer and replays, it’s very important to the way it all works.

      If we calculated the closest building by road length in a different thread it would be like a race condition, we don’t know when it will be done so e.g. in a network game it could be updated at different times on each computer, making the clients go out of sync because the serfs would start walking there at different times.

      We could probably thread networking, but that doesn’t really gain any advantage because the network thread can’t really do anything while the main thread is updating the game.
      We can’t really see any places that threading can help us. This is the case in many games/applications, it’s very hard to split the task into multiple threads.

      I look forward to when you finish learning Object Pascal 🙂

  20. Hey
    well you did some great improvements indeed
    nice smooth now and nice that the servents are smarter now
    But i have some other things to say too.
    Did you remove the kick button in the set up? or is it somewhere hidden
    Its really irritating when you want to play a match with your friend and some one joins you dont want to play. I cant kick him :S?
    And second is it not a bit weird that you see now were players start in the map and players can see wich positon is the best.
    Like seeing alot of coal so they choose that position
    So maby you can reverse that

    Well the AI players work finally 😀
    great improvement
    hope you can make the battle mode for them soon
    That would be Awesome
    Well keep up the good work with improving this Awesome game

    • Kick is now done through console commands. Type /help in the chat and it will list available commands. We did not have space to make it a button because we made the lobby work for small resolutions (1024×576) It might return as a button later, or maybe clicking on the player’s flag drops down a menu of options like kick, ban, etc.

      Maps should be balanced, if one position has more coal that is a problem with the map (or other positions should have more other resources). Players should be allowed to see which position they are choosing, otherwise how can you organise teams? And half of the players will open the map in the editor at the same time to check which position is which. It makes no sense to hide the map from the player, it’s now 10x easier to organise games because you can see which position you are taking. (you can check your allies are close)

  21. Good job, but it is necessary to return the “kick” button in network game

    • Kick is now done through console commands. Type /help in the chat and it will list available commands. We did not have space to make it a button because we made the lobby work for small resolutions (1024×576) It might return as a button later, or maybe clicking on the player’s flag drops down a menu of options like kick, ban, etc.

  22. Wow! It was my favourite game about.. 7 years ago and now with this projekt i can enjoy this game again. Keep up the good work! 🙂 We often play multiplayer games with my sister as well, but it would be awesome if we could fight against AIs together! I hope u will be able to finish the military side as well.. just cant wait! 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliments Peter 🙂
      Until we finish the standalone AI you can play multiplayer cooperative missions against the AI, they work similar to singleplayer.

  23. Tell please why me throws out each 10 minutes?
    In single and multiplayer games
    “Work is stopped”

    OS Windows 7 64x
    Intel i7 960 3.8Ghz
    AMD Radeon HD6900 Series 1Gb

  24. Sure Levin, thanks:)
    In 10 minutes will be on mail, hehe

  25. Hey
    I just found out something about the single player
    The AI player camps make army’s way to slow
    I just did an single player mission not finisht but it took 2 hours.
    I found out that one of the AI player camps only made 27 soldiers in 2 hours
    thats way too low i think
    If you build a good camp and an army there is not really a challange against the AI players
    is there a way you can smooth up the way AI player making an army?
    Now it just takes to long for an AI player makes just 1 soldier
    Keep up the good work btw

    • The AI makes soldiers at the same speed as in KaM. (100 second delay between each solider) Test it in KaM TPR if you want to check, I measured it myself.
      Map author’s can speed this up if they want, that’s how I made a lot of the TSK multiplayer co-operative maps so hard.

  26. Well yeah that could be right
    about 90 or 100 sec delay
    I remember in the old days when i played this game on my old computer with the disk.
    And you had to build a camp as fast as you can or else you would be slaughterd by the AI players
    maby i spend much more time then on one game
    Think that could be it
    Thx for the info
    When can we expect a new update?

  27. We only just released this update 😛
    I wouldn’t expect another one until maybe September-October.

  28. So does that mean, the campaign is not playable yet? I played the TSK campaign until mission 12. Then i reliazed the Ai is not attacking and just building really small armies.

    • The campaign is playable but it’s not really tested or balanced yet and the AI behaviour is different because we don’t know how the original AI worked.

    • Well yeah i had that problem too that the AI players build army’s really slow
      but if they have enough army’s at there base and the make a new group
      it will replace another group and if that grop hasn’t any other place to go they attack
      From my experiance they attacked with 3 or 4 groups
      But if you are a rusher or just attack fast the AI player never has the chance to attack
      What i do is just build some army’s for the AI players so they eventually attack

      • We tried to match the AI soldier training rate to KaM TPR/TSK. It was quite slow in the original. There are other problems too like the AI village becoming blocked up with serfs due to inefficient design (this was also a problem in the original)

  29. it is necessary to forbid change nicknames

    • That is an utterly massive task to try and undertake. We would need a login system, password reminder, secure storage of personal data, a more powerful and expensive server to host it all. It’s just not really possible in a project like this.
      Lots of online games have the issue of players using each others names, that’s just how it goes.

  30. yeah had some problems with the bug reports
    i encounterd a bug when i was playing
    then the bug report came and i filled in and explained what happend
    but when i send the bug report with the screenshot it could not be send
    after the loading stopped there came a messege with: bug report failed, the servers are now busy try again later.
    So that happend twice
    the third time i did not add a screenshot
    After the loading it seems like the bug report was send
    but there was no messege the bug report arrived or something

    • That happens occasionally, you did the right thing, retry a few times and if that doesn’t work try removing the screenshot. There’s no success message in madExcept unfortunately, it just disappears when it was successfully sent.

  31. Videos are missing but i realy like your !High Quality! Rebuild : D.
    K&M ftw, keep up the good work!

    • Videos will be added eventually but they’re not high on our priority list.
      Thanks for the compliments 🙂

  32. This game we’re playing so many friends in turkey, Turkey Do you have likely made the patch If you do not have?

    • If somebody will translate the game to Turkish, we will include their translation in the release. Send us an email if you can help make fonts and translate the game.
      Was there a Turkish translation of the original KaM game? If someone sends us the files it will save us a lot of work.

  33. {Good|Excellent|Nice|Cool|Great} {post|blog|site}website|piece|comment}{!|.|;-)} {Thanks|Thank you|Thankyou}{!|.|;-)}

  34. Why wont the cheats work in single player maps?

    • What kind of cheats do you mean? The storehouse cheats work the same as in TSK (house shape of blocked deliveries, then crossbow for +10 wares, horse to win)
      Debugging cheats such as placing scouts for free can be enabled by pressing F11, then Debug -> Debug Cheats

  35. iak iksnipozs

    this version runs nearly perfectly. multiplayergames are awesome but the missions are totally fucked up. the balance to handle tactical mission is so screwed up that u are nearly (99,99%) unable to win it! the worest tactical mission, i think its mission 8… i hate it!!! ive tried it in hundrets of ways but cant solve this f***ing s***

    • Yes the campaigns are not very playable in the current release. This is mostly because we made archers slightly less powerful, which is mostly not noticeable, but the campaign tactical missions often relied on a few archers killing hundreds of enemies in a battle, so now it’s slightly out of balance. We will sort this out, hopefully for the next release.

  36. First i like your latest demo very much.
    Now the game is nearly perfect (except the AI).
    I am from Germany and I have played the original KaM TSK long time ago.
    2 weeks ago i found the CD-Rom of my TSK and your version is much better then the original in my eyes.

    I would like to help you with your website. I want to translate the FAQs from English into German ’cause in german You don’t understand many of the answers.

    • Thanks for your compliments!
      I sent you an email regarding translating the website, I see that you’ve already started work, thank you!

  37. I encountered problem when trying to play economic/coop map with my friend. Just when we start the game, it says it’s waiting for players. When it’s 10sec left, we get finally disconnected. Same happens on dedicated servers and LAN. Maybe the problems is that we both have net from the same router, but battle maps are ok, there are no lags etc. Any ideas what could it be? Other multiplayer games are ok.

    Anyway, you did great job making this game living again!

    • It doesn’t matter that you’re both using the same router. Does it say waiting for players on both computers or just one? I suggest trying again using a difference server. You could also try uninstalling the Remake and reinstalling it.
      I’m not sure why it would be happening, please let me know how it goes.

  38. i love KaM and really want to play the remake and stuff but i can´t find the download butten! it sounds stupid but there´re only mirror downloads that i can find! plzz help

  39. todo para facebook

    buenas acabo de enterarme de tu website y la verdad es que me parece genial no sabia de mas personas interesadas en estos temas, aqui tienes un nuevo lector que seguira visitandote constantemente.

  40. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the team, you did it again:D

    But I have a problem:
    The watchtowers’ recruits throw their stones without accuracy (About 1 of 6-7 stones kills a soldier).
    It’s good if I attack, but it isn’t if I’m being attacked.. Could you solve this?

    And the archers have nearly lost all their usefullness, they can damage only in large numbers. I used to fight with hordes of archers and several axe/sword fighters or pikemen. But today, I was playing TSK 20 in cooperation with my brother. and when we attacked the AI in front of that “castle” on the north, the archers killed nearly nothing.. (we had about 150..) And we lost all of our soldiers, ’cause the AI attacked with all of its army (<–thanks for this aggressiveness-improve anyway, I missed it before :D). But could you reset the archers' stats?

    And wiill you make the Town Hall and the Siege Workshop working? I'm only missing them from this great mod. And thanks again for this amazing remake to the team. I can't wait for the next release! 😀

    • Yes watch towers are too inaccurate against moving targets in r3392. We have already fixed this, so in the next version it shouldn’t be a problem.

      I don’t think archers have lost their usefulness at all. The main difference now is that you need some melee soldiers to protect them. You can’t just make 50 militia and 100 crossbowmen any more, you need some stronger melee units to protect the crossbowmen. We don’t want the entire game to revolve around archers, with all the other units being useless other than to protect your archers. This was the goal of the reduced damage from arrows, we found in multiplayer units other than archers were almost useless. Judging from the replays people are posting on our forum, this has made multiplayer games much more balanced and interesting. The feedback for this change has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re still considering the implications for singleplayer, we know some of the campaign missions are much harder to win now.
      Archers are still absolutely essential in your army, but they now need other units to work with them. Try making more melee units and see how you find it.

      We still haven’t made decisions about the townhall/siege workshop. They would certainly mess up multiplayer if they were added, because balistas are 1 shot kill against units, and the town hall is an easy way to spam units quickly without building a proper economy. We’ll consider what to do with them later in the project.

      • Yeah, I know what are they for 🙂 But you will run out of gold once, right? And after it happened, you will lose, if you don’t have a Marketplace (you can’t make soldiers without gold). And there aren’t endless iron-containing mountains (sorry, I can’t describe any other way xd), so you can’t make enough Ballistas or Catapults to kill everyone.. And against militias, because they can be made in big numbers, they aren’t so useful, they shoot so slow.. And about bowmen: I meant archers lost too much damage (with less accuracy, and perhaps damage, too), and I need more melee soldiers to protect them from melee combat. About 2-3 years ago, when I last played TPR (exactly Mission 3), there was the grey town on the north-east, and I killed about 800 leather-armored soldiers with about 200 archers, and I only lost about 10-20. Do you understand now how I meant “loosing nearly all of usefulness”? I don’t wanna let you set their damage as the Ballistas have, and damage is okay, but the accuracy is very low :/ (If I haven’t written something well, sorry, I’m only 14, and from Hungary :D)

        Anyway, I understood what you’ve written about Town hall/Siege workshop, but you can block them on multiplayer maps, can’t you?

        • Thanks for your response.

          The town hall and siege workshop have been discussed before, and we might add them later in development. We do think they introduce balance problems (e.g. when there’s lots of iron/gold) and Krom and I both prefer TSK to TPR (the KaM Remake is technically a remake of TSK, that was the initial goal). You can discuss it on the forum if you like (see the Links page).

          If 200 archers can kill 800 leather armour enemies and only lose 10-20, that sounds like they are overpowered to me. In previous versions we found in multiplayer games people made 90% crossbowmen and a few militia in most cases because nothing could beat archers. With the slightly reduced accuracy/damage in this version people say multiplayer is much more balanced, and in replays I’ve seen players are using all the different unit types (when before most unit types were useless, except for crossbowmen and archers). I think the entire game is better balanced like this. Please note that archers are still very powerful, they’re a very important part of the army. But they are not an army on their own with no other units to protect/support them. Once again please feel free to discuss this on the forum and see what other people think 🙂

  41. Costia Florin Daniel

    hy there…nice updates you’ve made to the initial game. I am sad because they never released a Knights and Merchants 2..this game was a very realistic one, with a very nice economy and army development. You really continue the work of Joymania, and i am happy to see this.
    Have one question: If i install the TPR then apply the updates from your site, they apply to the campain as well?..or only to the multiplayer scenarios? I liked to see this updates and test them in campain as well.
    Nice work and hope you make the AI better than those from Joymania Entertainment.You’ve shown allready that you have the resourses and the will to go on.

    • The KaM Remake is installed separately to TPR, so you can play either one you want. For legal reasons our installer requires you to have TPR installed. The Remake has both singleplayer and multiplayer. Our AI is not complete so the singleplayer experience isn’t perfect, but it’s playable. Multiplayer is a bigger focus to us than singleplayer since multiplayer never worked well in TSK or TPR.

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