Új kiadás: r2678 3. Multiplayer Demo

Két hónap alatt az előző kiadás óta van egy új demo kész! Mint mindig megtalálja azt a letöltések. Ha már az előző verzió van telepítve (r2411) csak akkor van szükség a 14MB frissítést patch. (Kam_remake_update_r2678.exe)

server adminok: Kérjük, frissítse a kiszolgálók a lehető leghamarabb.

Jelentős változások:

  • Több mint 50 hibák / összeomlik rögzíteni!
  • Több mint 20 kisebb fejlesztések
  • Automatikus újra multiplayer (random szakadás a "szerver nem válaszol" többnyire a múlté!)
  • Co-operative multiplayer mód
  • Több mint 20 új multiplayer térképek
  • Kikényszerített békeidőben multiplayer (nem kötelező)
  • Javított lobby nyelv zászlók, kategorizált térképek és a szebb elrendezés
  • Képesség visszajátszást a mentett játékok (egyjátékos és többjátékos)
  • Jobb eredmények multiplayer képernyőn
  • Új hanghatásokat köszönhetően trb1914
  • Wares jelennek meg a piacon (köszönet Malin!)
  • Új fordítások: olasz, spanyol és brazíliai portugál

Tekintse meg a teljes changelog

Egy új tag Danjb csatlakozott a fejlesztő csapat. Dan már átalakították a szálloda halljában, és hozzátette, a shuffle lehetőség a zenelejátszó, látni fogod, mindketten ebben a kiadásban. Ő új a nyelv (Delphi), de ő gyorsan tanul, ez jó, hogy egy másik személy a krom és Lewin csapat.

Malin-től a kamclub.r created over 300(!) sprites showing wares in the marketplace! (see picture above) We would like to thank him for this enormous contribution to the project, it really brings the marketplace to life! 🙂

Köszönöm mindenkinek, aki segített ebben a kiadásban azáltal, térképek, Játéktesztelők, fordítás, és hibabejelentésket. Kérem, segítsen vigye a hírét a Remake kiküldetés információt róla a fórumokon, közösségi média oldalak, és bárhol máshol lehet gondolni! Azt akarjuk, hogy vonzzák a sok játékos, amennyire csak lehetséges.
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21 válaszok „Új kiadás: r2678 3. Multiplayer Demo

  1. Kirelareus (Tikhonov Kirill)

    My congratulations!

  2. When I started a multiplayer game, it crashed. Then AVG anti-virus popped up telling me that KaM_Remake.exe was malware. What´s up with that? 🙂

  3. @Nirven: Nobody else has reported that yet. I don’t know why AVG would think it is malware. Can you submit it as a false positive?
    My guess is it crashed because AVG blocked it from accessing some data files.

  4. Guys, wonderful job! Many thanks from the Polish Community!

  5. Great job, works perfectly.
    My AVG keeps it’s mouth shut just nicely by the way.
    Maybe you need to update it or change the security levels from max to normal?
    Anyways, still love the product, great job on the market, it saved my ass at times, many thanks and good luck from the Dutch side of the world.
    Keep it up guys.

  6. Thats really really great!
    I have “grown up” with KaM and now you can let me get back into those days. Thank you guys!
    If you would ever need any musician for refresh music contact me.
    My website is

  7. Thanks for the feedback guys.
    @Jog: If you want to make new music for the game in a similar style to the original then we could have a few different “packs” of music which people can download if they want to add extra tracks. Feel free to send us a sample or idea and we’ll let you know what we think of it 🙂

  8. Congratulations!

    What an effort, your great and keep up the good work!

  9. …New music?!
    I say AYE!

  10. Allready mixing the first mandolins and harre darre’s, lots of work to get them right xD but i’ll be fine, hope it comes out nicely.


  11. Hello again, the first 11 songs are finnished.
    They include various styles of music genres.
    Some are covers of modern folk bands, some are real old paper music or just shared by familly/friends.

    Kind regards,

  12. Where can I find them? I’m very curious! I hope they fit in KaM’s style!

  13. Here is the link to the map in my docs.google.
    ThibbyRozier’s docs.google
    They are just to show what genres i could produce.
    And maybe to show what the packs could contain.

  14. Oops, small fail on the link, here is the good one:
    ThibbyRozier’s Docs.Google

  15. gostei!!!

  16. obrigado. 🙂

  17. There are some pretty ones among them and I like the melody of Elven Flute, but most of them aren’t very suitable for KaM. In my opinion we shouldn’t be adding music with singing as the original tracks don’t have singing in them either and it doesn’t seem to fit within KaM.
    If you will try to make tracks for KaM, please use the same instruments as in the original soundtrack.

    I hope I don’t sound too bossy, I just don’t want you to spend a lot of time on music that won’t be included. 😉
    I can’t say much about that anyway, perhaps Lewin should also leave a comment with his thoughts.

  18. You’ve done a very professional job of recording them! 🙂 There’s some very nice tunes there! I really enjoyed listening to them.
    I think you should post a new thread on our forum so other people can give you feedback. If you like I can create the thread post them for you.
    My personal opinion:
    – I think electric guitars aren’t very suitable for KaM (Truth and Voice of the Woods aren’t appropriate in my opinion)
    – There is no singing in the original songs, but I’m undecided as to whether it makes them unsuitable or not because I very much like some of the tunes with singing. I think as a separate “Folk” pack it wouldn’t be such a problem.

    I just loaded three of the tracks into the playlist (copy them to the folder Music and they will be included if you want to test yourself) to see how they felt while playing the game:
    I really liked Elven Flute Medieval Music!
    Ballad of the Last Paladin was also good until the electric guitars joined in, then it felt like it broke the spell and dragged me out of KaM and back to the 21st century. I thought the singing fitting quite well with KaM actually, especially as I couldn’t understand them and the words sounded kind of medieval. (is that Celtic?)

    @The Dark Lord: I don’t see a problem with new music having different instruments, a new style, and even singing. It gives the game a different feeling, but in my opinion it’s quite fresh and interesting. These would either be a separate music pack or we’ll have an option to play only the original tracks for people who want it. We might even have a playlist organiser in-game so you can tick only the tunes you want played.

  19. @Lewin
    Thanks, I’ll try to make new songs like those and take the ones with the guitar out. And I will post a new thread including the link. 😉 I am at school now so it won’t be a problem.

    I also posted a installer on my Docs.Google so it is more easy to put the songs in. They are just previews and i will try to make more asap.
    The installer is add-free and it’s standard install location is: %ProgramFiles%\KaM Remake\Music
    But I also put the option in that allows you to change the destination folder. :3
    It keeps the original songs in but if you want I can make it so it deletes them.

  20. Thanks for that 🙂
    For anyone else interested in this music discussion you can continue it on the forum over here.

  21. hell yes! At last!

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