Nové vydání: r2678 3. multiplayerové demo

Méně než dva měsíce od posledního vydání máme připraveno nové demo! Jako vždy to najdete na stránka stahování. Pokud již máte nainstalovanou předchozí verzi (r2411), budete potřebovat pouze 14mb aktualizaci. (kam_remake_update_r2678.exe)

Server admins: Please update your servers as soon as possible.

Major changes:

  • Over 50 bugs/crashes fixed!
  • Over 20 minor improvements
  • Auto reconnect for multiplayer (random disconnections with “server stopped responding” are mostly a thing of the past!)
  • Co-operative mode for multiplayer
  • Over 20 new multiplayer maps
  • Enforced peacetime for multiplayer (optional)
  • Improved lobby with language flags, categorised maps and a nicer layout
  • Ability to view replays of saved games (singleplayer and multiplayer)
  • Improved multiplayer results screen
  • New sound effects thanks to trb1914
  • Wares are shown in the marketplace (thanks Malin!)
  • New translations: Italian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

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A new member Danjb has joined our development team. Dan has already redesigned the lobby and added a shuffle option for the music player, you’ll see both of them in this release. He is new to the language (Delphi) but he’s learning fast, it’s great to have another person in our Krom and Lewin team.

Malin from created over 300(!) sprites showing wares in the marketplace! (see picture above) We would like to thank him for this enormous contribution to the project, it really brings the marketplace to life! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who helped with this release by making maps, playtesting, translating, and reporting bugs. Please help spread the word about the Remake by posting information about it on forums, social media sites and anywhere else you can think of! We want to attract as many players as possible.
See you online!

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