Scripted mission competition

We are please to announce the first KaM Remake map competition, organised and coordinated by Ben from the KaM community 🙂

Here’s the rules and announcement of the competition on the forum:

The goal of this competition is to encourage map authors to try out the new dynamic scripting system which will be available in the next release of the KaM Remake. This will hopefully result in more interesting scripted missions being made which we can include in future releases.

You are allowed to work in teams of two which means if you are good at making maps and know someone who is good at writing code (or vice versa) you can pair up and enter the competition together. Post on the forum topic above if you are looking for a partner!

We encourage you to start working on your map now. You can sign up to our tester mailing list to receive the latest release candidate of the Remake where you can test your scripts. If you have a good idea for script commands/features that are not implemented yet we can add these to the game before the next release, allowing you (and others) to use them in your competition entry. So if you have an idea for a mission which doesn’t seem to be possible with the current script commands, please contact us and we’ll discuss implementing the commands that you would need. But don’t leave it too late or we won’t be able to add them in time!

Here’s a tutorial to help you get started with dynamic scripts:

If you have any questions write them on the forum or in the comments below.

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