Parama ir ruošiasi išleisti

UPDATE 22/08/2012: Shadaoe padarė vaizdo rodo off naujų funkcijų.

Mes dabar priimti dovanas į KAM perdaryti projektą. Jie bus naudojami padengti dalykų, pavyzdžiui, serveriai, domeno vardo registracijos, programinės įrangos kūrimo licencijų, metalo ir kitų išlaidų. Ką mes praleisti jį priklauso nuo to, kiek pinigų paaukoti. Jei jums patinka žaisti KAM Remake ir norėtų padėti paremti jos vystymąsi, prašome apsvarstyti dovanojančios. Mes naudojame PayPal už dovanas, ir jūs galite pasirinkti valiutą, kurią norite paaukoti nuo tų, kurias remia PayPal. Aplankykite mūsų rėmėjų puslapyje daugiau informacijos:

Aukoti KAM Remake

Mes rekomenduojame jums dovanoti padėti paremti projektą, tačiau atminkite, kad donoras yra visiškai neprivalomas. Mod dar 100% nemokama ir nebus jokių specialių funkcijų ar nauda pateikti donorams, bet jūs turite gilią padėką už indėlį į būsimą plėtrą riteriai ir prekybininkų Remake.

Kalbėdamas apie būsimą plėtrą, mes rengiamės naują versiją! Ji turėtų būti pasirengusi rugsėjo pabaigoje, nors viskas priklauso nuo to, kiek laiko mes turime dirbti su juo ir jis gali būti taip vėlai, kaip spaliui, jeigu vėluojama. Mes jau pradėjo testavimą, jei norėtų padėti testą prašome Norėdami padėti, susisiekite su mumis! su savo elektroninio pašto adresą.

Štai kai kurių naujų funkcijų, mes jau dirbančių kibinimas:

Švyturys (kaip parodyta dešinėje) perkelia žymeklį ant žemėlapio ir minimap už 8 sekundes, kad tik jūs ir jūsų sąjungininkai gali pamatyti. Tai leidžia įspėti savo sąjungininkais į kažką, ar signalas jiems, kur jūs užpuls. Paveikslėlis dešinėje rodo, švyturys, žymeklį į vietą ir minimap ekranas.

Galite priskirti grupę ar namą klavišas paspausdami klavišus CTRL 1, panašus į kitų realaus laiko strategijos žaidimai. Tada, kai jūs paspauskite 1, kad grupė / namas bus pasirinktas. Paspaudus 1 kartus sutelks savo ekraną Grupės / namą. Visi numeriai raktai gali būti naudojamas kaip karštieji klavišai.

Kai esate puolama perspėjimas mirksės minimap (parodyta dešinėje) ir įspėjimo žinutė bus žaidžiamas leidžia jums greitai reaguoti.

Išplėstas žemėlapis sąrašas fojė su rūšiavimo:





Grafinės patobulinimai:

Sklandus namo šešėliai





Sklandžiai mirties animacija, mintis animacija, ir kaminas dūmai

We look forward to bringing you this new release 🙂
Krom ir Lewin.

52 Responses to "Parama ir ruošiasi išleisti"

  1. Keen as beans.

  2. Awesome.

    I donated immediately 🙂

  3. Nice additions! 🙂

    If we dontate, will we get the online speed-up option?

    • Maybe 😀 I think a speed selector in the lobby is something we can aim for in the release after this upcoming one. But don’t quote me on that, we can’t guarantee anything 😉

  4. How is it possible to accept donations when just few days ago I read your FAQ and there was written you are afraid to accept them because of copyright reasons? Don’t take me wrong, I considering to donate, but I am just curious why did you change your mind.

    • Good question. Previously we were concerned that Topware (the publishers and copyright owners of KaM) would not look kindly upon our project, and if we were accepting donations they might ask us to cease and desist.

      However, about a month ago somebody posted on the forum that Topware have made a “2012” edition of KaM TPR available in their store on CD and download, which includes our KaM Remake installer. From this we are assuming they have nothing against our project, and given that they are making money from us (we’re reviving the game and making people buy it before playing our “mod”), they should have no objections to us receiving a few voluntary donations. In fact, the continuation of the KaM Remake is probably in their best interests, since it means more sales of KaM and more recognition for their brand. I doubt we’ll ever make thousands of dollars (or should I say euros) from it.

  5. Czech translation is complete, as soon as the new version will be released, i will donate 🙂 – now i am out of money

  6. Hi Lewin

    new graphic is good, but it isn´t important for many players I think. Other things are useful-thx for them. And what about AI?

    Milan Molnár

    • I think it really improves the look of the game and makes it more “modern” in terms of graphics. I think these features do matter to a lot of people. Keep in mind that the changelog is much bigger than what we’ve listed here, but graphical improvements are the easiest thing to show in screenshots.

      The AI city building has improved a lot, but he still won’t train an army and attack/defend without a script. We’re hoping to get that implemented for the release after this one but it’s a huge amount of work (Krom has been working tirelessly on navmeshes and influence maps)

      • well, during graphics improvements I hope you also repaired that graphics bug with vertical lines between tiles when moving the screen 🙂

  7. Really Great!
    Nice features, e.g. the smoother animations from dead people/horses.

  8. I better see my money put to good use 😛 McDonald’s for lunch maybe? 😛

  9. Awsome guys! Time for me to continue on my co-op project and donate 🙂 Looking forward to the new version!

  10. Great update. Can’t wait to play it 😀

    There is a little problem with the current version. For some reason lan doesn’t work 🙁 i tryied connecting 2 pcs and play but it didn’t work. It didn’t find any server. I’ve tested on other games and everything worked so it’s not my pc fault.

    • It won’t detect LAN servers yet, you have to connect to the IP address of the host computer by typing it in on the second one. Let us know if you need any help.

      We plan to eventually make it scan for LAN servers but we haven’t found time yet.

  11. Lewin, I saw you moved Fog of war to ‘Distant future’, is this scheduled for the release after this one?

    • It’s not scheduled at all for now. KaM wasn’t really designed for fog of war and I’m not sure it would work. Just adding new features because they sound cool isn’t what we want to do, we want new features to be well considered. It will probably get tested eventually but not for a while, we have quite a lot of stuff we’re working on (AI is our big plan for the release after this one).

  12. Guys, you rock :)! Great news for the whole community!

  13. Guys, could you explain me what means “new audio briefings” in campaign menu? Could we write new briefings or…?

    Thanks in advance.

    • In previous KaM Remake versions the campaign story screens with the map and flags were silent, the story was shown as text. Now we have included the narrations from KaM TSK/TPR so the story is read to you, in languages that have voices available (which includes all the main ones, English, Polish, German, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Italian etc.)

  14. Thank you, Lewin, now it’s clear for me!

  15. Beautiful! Looks great, difference is really huge! I cannot wait!

  16. If i got some money (I’m broke on the moment (A)) ill donate to the kamremake devolpers =)

  17. Sure is hard works to do KAM remake , congratulations 🙂

    There will be new maps on this new version ?

  18. Okay, I’ve got to be that little prick that keeps saying: “Are we there yet?”. I’m visiting the site 5 times a day just to see if the release has been, well, released. Not that I’m rushing anything, but we’re on September 11th already, and I want it badly. Any previsions on when will it be coming out?

    Ps: Loved the “under attack” signal on the minimap. Sometimes it takes too much time to find where you are under attack, and it helped A LOT. This, along with the beacon, will definetly improve the gameplay.

    • Unfortunately us developers haven’t had as much free time as we’d hoped, I’ve had exams and family matters to attend to. There’s also been a few last minute issues that needed to be fixed. We’ll hopefully send out the final beta version to our testers within a few days and if there’s no major problems found we’ll release publicly within a week after that. We did say in this new post that we expected it to be ready “late September” so I think we’re still on schedule according to what we wrote here.
      Thanks for the compliments, the under attack signal is indeed very useful 🙂

  19. Looks really really good.

  20. Sorry guys for starting again topic of fog of war but i have maybe idea when put in game add new gametype option wich enables fog of war. As for the fog itself the radio of the buildings would be very big a little smaller for units but still fairly (good spelling?) big. I agree that KaM isn’t designed for fog of war but for eg. it would be exiting not to see the enemy base all the time (and scouting with fields – fields,wines et. these have 0 sight). Just maybe this new gametype would add some variety to game 🙂

    As for the update one word … Niiiiice 😀


    PS.What is the estimated date of relase?

    • That was our plan for fog of war if we do test it out one day, a large radius would be revealed through fog of war, larger than through blackness.

      As said in the news post above, the estimated date of release is late September to October.

  21. Guys, could you tell me what will be the number of the new version? Thanks in advance.

  22. uh, ok, thank you for you answer Lewin! 🙂

  23. Guys, I must say this one more time: your job is incredible. Donation made. Not the last I hope. Thank you!

  24. another idea …. maybe when enemy enters our discovered area new mini icon appears (eye) and the voice tells “ennemy spotted”

    • that will only work ONCE, because you will spy or will be spied(sorry for grammar). When you see a soldier once you have spied(second sorry) then the chance will be little that you wont spot the barracks. (if you do it good)

  25. Impatiently waiting for the release :))

  26. Turkish language pack, you can add the flag ?

    • Somebody has offered to make us a Turkish translation and we’re discussing it with them 🙂 Hopefully it will be in the next release if they are able to do it.

  27. buenas acabo de enterarme de tu pagina y la verdad es que me parece muy bueno no sabia de mas personas interesadas en estos temas, aqui tienes un nuevo lector que seguira visitandote a diario.

  28. Pozerám, že je tu viac čechov a slovákov ako zahraničiarov, tak mi je až divné, že sú všetky komenty v angličtine 🙂

  29. caute kde to muzu sehnat ten REMAKE Diky moc Ta hra je bozi

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