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Рыцары правінцыі - Alpha 8

Я рады паведаміць, што рыцары правінцыі Альфа 8 была выпушчаная сёння, і даступны для загрузкі з вэб-сайта гульні -

Альфа-8 Скрыншот

Рыцары правінцыі - Alpha 7

I’m happy to announce that Knights Province Alpha 7 was released today and is available for download from the games site –


Screenshot from the game

Аб'яву Рыцары правінцыя

So this is it – the big announcement of the secret project.


We discussed what kind of new game we could make, development, style, balance, new ideas. Ever since I was busy prototyping (remember those April Fools 3D renders), programming new 3D terrain and rendering engines, planning unit rigging and animations, 3D modelling, drawing sketches. I’ve had to hire freelance people to help with it too.

Here it is in all its current glory:

2016-02-15 another ai town

Official Knights Province devblog is now located at:
It was private for the past year, visible to only a few people. Now it’s public! You will find plenty of info about the project there, that I was posting during past year and a half. Check out the Media to see screens and artwork.

Alpha versions are available for download and play!

Preempting questions about KaM Remake’s fate – Knights Province has been in progress for the past 1,5 years, co-existing with KaM Remake development side-by-side. Some of the changes went from KMR to KP, some in other direction. Knowing that, that should give you good sense of how further KaM Remake development is going to co-exist with Knights Province.

У адказ на першыя Aprils паведамленні

Tonight is the 2nd of April and some things need to be explained.

First of all – we both (me and Lewin) wish to thank you everyone for the feedback. We have put a lot of effort into KaM Remake and it is really rewarding to see the community growth and support. The project would never be so advanced without the community around it. It really means a lot to us to have your support in our work.

As many of you have figured out, 1st Aprils post was a joke. We are not bored with 2D pixely graphics and KaM animations. We don’t drink pixely wine and like the recruits just the way they are, without additional facial hair. The images in the post were crafted in Lightwave 3D (3D Max alternative) in a couple of evenings.

However …

Працягнуць чытанне

Планы на будучыню

Вы ведаеце, як яна ідзе з хобі з цягам часу, яны мяняюцца. Гэта рымейк праект быў наша хобі на працягу доўгага часу, але, як змяніць усё ў гэтым свеце, гэтак жа гэта занадта ... Апошняя рэліз (r6720) было вельмі стомна. Я і Левін ўсё яшчэ на вакацыях ад сур'ёзных Кам Remake кадавання.

Тое, што я збіраюся сказаць, была ныццё нас на працягу доўгага часу. Некалькі месяцаў таму мы ўсвядомілі, што мы атрымалі так вельмі сумна няроўнай 2D-графікі, нервовы анімацыі і бясконцы паток выпраўленне памылак (і ніколі не сканчаецца фантан ідэй, каб дадаць новыя дамы і адзінак, якія нам не ўдалося дадаць), што мы вырашылі паставіць гэта да канца.

Некаторыя з вас, магчыма, не падабаецца, але тыя, хто моцныя на памяць варта зыходзіць:

Працягнуць чытанне