Аб'ява рыцарскай правінцыі

So this is it – the big announcement of the secret project.


We discussed what kind of new game we could make, development, style, balance, new ideas. Ever since I was busy prototyping (remember those April Fools 3D renders), programming new 3D terrain and rendering engines, planning unit rigging and animations, 3D modelling, drawing sketches. I’ve had to hire freelance people to help with it too.

Вось ён ва ўсёй сваёй цяперашняй красе:

2016-02-15 яшчэ адзін горад ai

Official Knights Province devblog is now located at: https://www.knightsprovince.com/
It was private for the past year, visible to only a few people. Now it’s public! You will find plenty of info about the project there, that I was posting during past year and a half. Check out the Media to see screens and artwork.

Альфа-версіі даступныя для загрузкі і гульні!

Preempting questions about KaM Remake’s fate – Knights Province has been in progress for the past 1,5 years, co-existing with KaM Remake development side-by-side. Some of the changes went from KMR to KP, some in other direction. Knowing that, that should give you good sense of how further KaM Remake development is going to co-exist with Knights Province.

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