Things to come in the next Demo

There has been no news on the homepage for a few months now. Let’s fix that! While the next big Demo release date is not yet planned, we have already coded some nice features that will be included. The list is not fancy, but is growing as we work on it.

  • Unicode support. We are finally adding proper support for Chinese characters (devblog article). This also means you can correctly see characters from other languages in chat regardless of your selected locale.
  • File transfer in multiplayer. So you won’t have to download savegames or new maps via 3rd-party sites. Transfers will be done within the game when the client clicks download.
  • Reworked units selection (devblog 1, devblog 2). Selecting units will become easier and more intuitive.
  • Even more dynamic scripts. With new script commands even more customization will be possible in missions.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements. As always we are fixing reported bugs and adding minor improvements.

The previous release has been received well. We have seen many new dynamic scripts being written by the community, including some from people who are learning to write code for the first time. We will make sure to include these new maps in the next release. We have also received feedback that the balance with ranged units is not quite right, bowmen are now significantly more economical than crossbowmen. We will continue to make small balance tweaks in order to address imbalances like this.

We hope to have the next release ready in the first quarter of 2014, but of course this depends on how much time we have available and what features we decide to implement. As usual before release we plan to run beta-testing phase for some 3-5 weeks, but dates for that are not scheduled yet either. Anyone is free to join our beta tester mailing list, just send us your email address.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the KaM Remake developers! 🙂

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