Followup on 1st Aprils post

Tonight is the 2nd of April and some things need to be explained.

First of all – we both (me and Lewin) wish to thank you everyone for the feedback. We have put a lot of effort into KaM Remake and it is really rewarding to see the community growth and support. The project would never be so advanced without the community around it. It really means a lot to us to have your support in our work.

As many of you have figured out, 1st Aprils post was a joke. We are not bored with 2D pixely graphics and KaM animations. We don’t drink pixely wine and like the recruits just the way they are, without additional facial hair. The images in the post were crafted in Lightwave 3D (3D Max alternative) in a couple of evenings.

However …

.. the joke has some serious truth to it.

Sadly we don’t have enough time to prepare the proper newspost about it. I have to go out of town for the next several days, no Wi-Fi. I am terribly sorry, the proper announcement will have to wait until around April 8th. But something tells that you will not regret this small delay.

Stay tuned!

Bonus pic – transition tiles

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