KaM Remake installeren met Steam

Onlangs heeft Knights and Merchants veel aandacht gekregen op Steam. KaM Remake is een must als je op zoek bent naar een echte HD-versie van Knights and Merchants. Om Steam-gebruikers te helpen hebben we een FAQ-artikel over dit onderwerp toegevoegd:

Vraag: Hoe installeer ik KaM Remake als ik de Steam-versie van KaM heb?
Je moet Knights and Merchants minstens één keer vanuit Steam starten voordat je het KaM Remake-installatieprogramma uitvoert, anders zal het installatieprogramma het niet detecteren. Afgezien daarvan downloadt u gewoon het volledige installatieprogramma van onze downloadpagina en voert u het uit. Als je de Steam-overlay wilt hebben tijdens het spelen, kun je KaM Remake aan je Steam-bibliotheek toevoegen door op te klikken Games -> Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library in het Steam-hoofdmenu.
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100 years

Today we reached a special milestone, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you some statistics about the project (it is also almost exactly 1 year since our last official release, so statistics on the past 12 months is easy to calculate).
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KaM Remake on Mac OSX

We often receive emails from players asking us if they can play KaM Remake on their Mac. We have some good news for those players!

PaulTheTall heeft een WineSkin-wrapper voor het uitvoeren van KaM Remake onder Mac OSX. Rutger from our fan community made a tutorial video explaining how to use it:

For more information and an alternative video tutorial, visit our Mac OSX and Linux page. Let us know in the comments if you get KaM Remake running on your Mac 🙂

Winter Tournament

Members of our community Sado and Mixons are organising a 2 vs 2 tournament. The tournament will be played in a special beta version of the KaM Remake that supports live multiplayer spectating. This will allow many of the tournament games to be live streamed and commentated so anybody can watch. Some of these streams will hopefully have guest commentators, including top KaM players and the KaM Remake developers.
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Things to come in the next Demo

There has been no news on the homepage for a few months now. Let’s fix that! While the next big Demo release date is not yet planned, we have already coded some nice features that will be included. The list is not fancy, but is growing as we work on it.

  • Unicode support. We are finally adding proper support for Chinese characters (devblog article). This also means you can correctly see characters from other languages in chat regardless of your selected locale.
  • File transfer in multiplayer. So you won’t have to download savegames or new maps via 3rd-party sites. Transfers will be done within the game when the client clicks download.
  • Reworked units selection (devblog 1devblog 2). Selecting units will become easier and more intuitive.
  • Even more dynamic scripts. With new script commands even more customization will be possible in missions.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements. As always we are fixing reported bugs and adding minor improvements.

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