Bugfix for TSK mission 18

In the latest release (Scripting Demo r5503) campaign The Shattered Kingdom mission 18 was impossible to win because AI would send swarms of soldiers to players base. Finally the fix is ready and uploaded. The fix can be found in downloads section. To install the fix you need to unpack archive contents into your KaM Remake r5503 installation folder. Doinf so will replace KaM Remake\Campaigns\The Shattered Kingdom\TSK18\TSK18.dat script file. After that you can replay the mission and AI will behave normal.

Our new server

UPDATE 19 September 2013: The transfer of www.kamremake.com to the new host has been completed! If you have any issues with the site please let us know. The community TeamSpeak server kamts.eu is also available.

Since the project began the KaM Remake has grown beyond our expectations. The number of players online in multiplayer regularly peaks at over 120. In both July and August our website www.kamremake.com transferred about 2 terabytes of traffic (see graph to right), and it is only one of our download mirrors, the majority of downloads occur on other mirrors provided by fans. On the other hand, our multiplayer master server which maintains the list of game servers services nearly 2 million individual requests per month (average of 40 per minute) from about 20,000 unique IP addresses (see statistics below).
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Bug in TSK mission 18

We have received a number of bugreports since release about mission 18 being impossible to win because AI would send swarms of soldiers to players base. We have checked the mission and indeed there’s a bug. I’ve just sent everyone who has reported the bug in past month a fixed script, if the fix will be accepted we will upload it to the public.

Tech info for mapmakers:
The bug appeared since prior to r4179 AI attacks would copy missing properties from previous attack, but after r4179 the attacks are initialized with zeroes each time. This means that in order to be working properly the attacks need to have all fields listed explicitly. The most affected field is the attack delay – it will be set to 0 instead of copying previous attack value.

New release: r5503: Scripting Demo

Thank you for your patience, the KaM Remake Scripting Demo is finally ready!

UPDATE (30/06/2013): We have fixed a memory leak in the dedicated server and released updated server executables (r5047). You can get the new ZIP on the downloads page. Server operators please update!

You can find it on the downloads page. If you already have the previous version installed (r4179) you only need to download the update installer (42mb), otherwise you will need the full installer (258mb).
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Development blog

For a while we have discussed creating a blog to post articles about the development of the KaM Remake. Recently we followed through on this idea and created the blog, it can be viewed here:


Articles will discuss technical aspects of the project and reflect on lessons that we have learnt through the development of the KaM Remake.